Top 10 Best Reasons to Shop Online

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In case you hadn’t yet guessed, I really love shopping online. Not because I enjoy spending money (obviously) but because there are SO many great reasons to do so, especially if you’re like me and have two little ones to cart around!

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  1. Ebates. While shopping for a digital camera today for the blog, I saved over $70 thanks to Ebates. Don’t make the same mistake I did by waiting – sign up today and start saving! It’s completely free, in fact THEY pay YOU $10 when you sign up. In the last 6 months, I’ve saved over $350 thanks to Ebates! (Check out my latest post on how I use Ebates to make over $1,000 last year!)
  2. It makes it easier to support local businesses. If I did all my shopping at brick-and-mortar shops, I’d have to go to big name conglomerates, simply out of a lack of time. By buying a lot of necessary stuff online (like toilet paper and dry groceries), I have more time to shop at local places for things like presents or produce.
  3. Free two day shipping. We’ve been Amazon Prime members for a while now and I absolutely love it. Since I’m still nursing my littlest one, I’m not able to run errands over my lunch hour. Being able to shop during the week and have it just two days later makes a huge difference in how I manage my weekend free time.
  4. You can use Honey to automatically pull up any applicable coupon codes. No searching, clipping, or sorting!
  5. You can read product reviews and instructional manuals before you purchase. There’s no buying something in-store only to get it home and realize it takes four people, a goat horn, and three speckled maypoles to put it together (looking at you, Ikea!)
  6. There’s a greater selection. So not only can you save money by having competitive products available, but you have more choices as far as colors, sizes, etc.
  7. You’re less likely to buy something you don’t need. How many times have you walked into Target for a pack of paper towels only to come out with three new outfits, a pair of sunglasses, two bags of frozen hamburgers, and no paper towels?
  8. All of your receipts are stored electronically. It’s easy to see what was bought when so you know when to next account for it in your budget. Do you need to buy cat litter every month? Every two months? Check out your electronic receipts and track it!
  9. You can use a company like Paribus to make sure you’re saving even more! If you buy something online and the price then drops shortly thereafter, Paribus will automatically file a claim on your behalf to have the difference refunded.
  10. There’s no driving in bad weather, hunting for parking spots, pulling kids in and out of carseats, or dealing with germ-covered shopping carts. Need I really say more?

Which do you prefer – shopping in-store or online? Sound off in the comments below!


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  1. Shopping online is a lifesaver! I’m gonna have to check out Honey. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I use ebates too..I do alot of shopping online

  3. Lots of good ideas, thanks. I have never heard of Honey either but I will check it out.
    Thanks, Gloria

  4. I love Amazon Prime too. It does help me not go to Target and cram tons of “cute” things I happen to find into my basket. I agree wholeheartedly. I so need to try Ebates and Honey!

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