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The Thrifty Family

We are a team of 30-somethings with busy lives, young children and demanding jobs!

The site was originally launched as a way to share frugal living tips and side hustle ideas. Fortunately, that snowballed into the amazing community that it is today!

We are always on the lookout for the best ways to make and save money, so stay tuned as we share top tips to living thrifty.

Editorial Team

Sarah Griffin

Managing Editor

Sarah leads our editorial team with precision and expertise, ensuring that each piece of content meets our high standards of quality and accuracy. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, she guides our writers to produce compelling and impactful articles.

Jennifer Garro

Content Editor

Jennifer plays a crucial role in shaping the content that our readers enjoy. As a meticulous editor, she fine-tunes each article for clarity, coherence, and relevance, ensuring that our audience receives engaging and informative content. Her dedication to perfection elevates the quality of every piece we publish.

Shannon Campbell


Shannon Campbell is a content and copywriter from New Zealand, with a background of writing on a diverse range of topics – everything from personal finance and politics to health and lifestyle – for small and medium-sized businesses. When she’s not writing for work and pleasure she enjoys international travel, reading, and perfecting her investing strategies.

Mark Garro


Mark Garro is an Aussie former CPA and corporate finance manager turned research writer. After more than two decades simplifying complex analyses for leading companies, including Goldman Sachs, Marks & Spencer, and Tabcorp, he packed up and moved to the Italian Riviera. Now he covers all things related to finance and equity research for a diverse range of publishers and syndicators around the world.


Keegan Leighty


Keegan Leighty is an experienced writer with a strong foundation in English from the College of William and Mary. After four years of studying literature and being a writing tutor in college, Keegan moved to Europe to experience life abroad. Keegan now researches and writes cutting-edge new stories while working part-time as a stand-up comedian and traveling Europe.


Joe Lysikatos


Joseph is a dedicated writer who brings passion and enthusiasm to every piece he creates. With a keen eye for detail and a love for storytelling, he captivates readers with his engaging content.


Haley White


Haley Whitmire White is a writer specializing in several topics, including personal finance, television, and issues affecting women and the LGBTQ+ community. After working for 12 years in residential mortgage lending, Haley turned her love for writing into a full-time career. She spends her free time catching up on her reading list and entertaining her toddler.