About Thifty Guardian 

Today’s world feels so sped up, like someone pushed the fast-forward button on our lives, and we’re on the hunt to slow it down.

Between working hours, long commutes and kids’ bedtime, it’s understandable to think “There’s no way I can do [this] today, I’ll do it this weekend!”

[This] being writing a blog post, folding clothes, organizing the linen closet, whatever!

Then the weekend comes and we’re too swamped with laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, etc. to actually enjoy spending time with our family as planned. 

Many of us are working relentlessly yet struggling to make ends meet.

Something had to change.

Thus the Thrifty Guardian adventure began, launching in November of 2015.

Our mission? To reclaim weekends, save money and live the life we were meant for. 

We are here to share what we have learned about life hacks, money-saving and getting the best for your family.

By following our content, you too can learn to make more of your time and money, and to fully live out a life you’ve only yet dreamt of.

The Thrifty Family

We are a team of 30-somethings with busy lives, young children and demanding jobs!

The site was originally launched as a way to share frugal living tips and side hustle ideas. Fortunately, that snowballed into the amazing community that it is today!

We are always on the lookout for the best ways to make and save money, so stay tuned as we share top tips to living thrifty.