I do 75% of my shopping online and I’m always on the lookout for coupon codes. But did you know there’s an extension you can add to Chrome that will do the hunting for you?

It’s called Honey and it will find the coupon codes and sales FOR YOU.

Uh…yes, please!

What is the Honey Extension?

Honey is a free browser extension that works with internet browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Explorer, and Firefox. It helps you save money by automatically searching for coupon codes when you’re shopping online.

Although Honey doesn’t always find you coupon codes every time, it’s a free extension that is certainly worth downloading, provided you do any kind of online shopping.

Google Coupon Codes VS Honey

If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried to Google for coupon codes when looking to save more on a purchase. Sadly it rarely works and can be a bit time consuming – neither of which are true if you’re using Honey!

Use Honey to Buy On Sale

When you go to the online retailer’s site, you’ll notice Honey notifies you as to possible coupon deals – a nice feature if you’re only looking to buy what’s on sale.

How to save money with Honey!

How to save money with Honey!

How to Use Honey When Shopping

First, don’t forget to download Honey to your favorite browser!

Then once you’ve add all that you want to your cart, you then click and let Honey do its thing!

How to save money with Honey!

How to save money with Honey!

After that, you’re set! It’ll find the best code for you to use and apply it.

How to save money with Honey!

How to save money with Honey!

*Please note I wasn’t actually purchasing $100+ boots or $80 dress pants. I’m all about treatin’ yo self but I gotta be thrifty, right? 😉

Honey Gold Points

Another great perk of Honey is that whenever you’re shopping online, you can earn Honey Gold Points. Honey Gold Points can be redeemed for gift cards.

100 Honey Gold points equal $1 and you need at least 1000 points to turn them into a gift card.

Beyond that, though, there’s also one more great way to save –

Use Discounted Gift Cards

If you know you’re going to be shopping at a specific retailer, visit Raise first! Then not only will you be saving money through Honey, but you’ll save even more using gift cards that you got for less than you’d spend with cash! I’m all about stacking deals and this one is a no-brainer.

Do you use Chrome?

What other extensions would you recommend we check out?

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