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Can bubblewrap help insulate your windows? Keeping your gas bill low is always important, especially during the colder months. While there are many ways to prepare your house for the winter, there’s one great way that costs almost nothing and takes no time at all…provided you can keep your inner-child in check…

Bubblewrap Window Insulation

I had seen the “bubblewrap” method posted from time to time on Pinterest or Facebook, but never really bothered to look into whether or not it actually works. Well this year I decided to collect all the bubblewrap that came from online shopping over the holidays and put it to use.

diy bubblewrap window insulation

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To bubblewrap your windows you’ll need:

  • bubblewrap
  • a spray bottle filled with water
  • scissors
  • double-sided tape*

bubblewrap windows

*I only needed the tape for our bathroom windows as the condensation seemed to cause the bubblewrap to lose its grip on the windows. All other windows are still holding nicely with just water!

Cut your bubblewrap to fit, lightly spray the window down with water, and then place the bubblewrap so that the bubble-side is against the window. And you’re done!

An Easy Way to Insulate Your Windows

Crazy easy, right?

I put the bubblewrap up about a month ago and it’s held up nicely, but you can always use a couple pieces of double-sided tape should you have any issues. With just bubblewrap in our bathroom and foyer, I’ve noticed a huge difference in temperature. It’s wonderful!

With Illinois weather being what it is, it is so nice to not be cut off from opening my windows all season long because goodness knows we’ll have a 60-degree day in the middle of February (and we did!)

I must admit, I still used window shrink wrap in some of the draftier rooms.

We bought a heat gun this year and I had to try it out! It makes such a difference. Seriously, if you plan to shrink wrap your windows at all, spend the $20 and get a heat gun instead of using a blow dryer. The time you save is well worth the money (plus you can always use it for other projects, like a DIY Worm Farm!)

I would also recommend using Great Stuff to fill in any gaps or cracks that are letting air in or out. I love this stuff and it’s also great to use outside to make sure no visitors (mice) come your way.

can of gap filler


How do you prepare for winter?

Or are you one of the lucky ones who never sees a day below 60?

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