Candy Free Trick-or-Treat Idea

Candy Free Trick-or-Treat Idea

Many children have food allergies so trick-or-treating can be…well, tricky.

So this year why not skip the candy altogether and make something super fun for the kiddos? This is also a great project if you have children in school who need to bring in goodies for their class.

Skip the candy this year and give away monster kits instead! DIY idea for trick-or-treaters that doesn't include food, great for The Teal Pumpkin Project! Candy-free trick-or-treat idea for Halloween, great for class or party favors. Fun Halloween project to do with your kids.

Last year we made these for my son’s preschool class and on the note at the top, I included a link to this website. Some may see this as shameless promotion but hey! There’s quality stuff here and why not use this as an opportunity to not just share a fun craft, but share more parenting and frugal living ideas.

So without further ado, I present to you…

The Candy-Free Trick-or-Treat Monster Kit

monster kit halloween trick or treat

What You’ll Need for the Monster Kit:

Note: Most of the components are linked to the exact products I bought for mine from Amazon. Clicking through to make a purchase may earn me a small commission, but this in no way impacts my recommendation of these products or the cost to you.

Total cost per kit: $.59

In each baggie, put a can of Play-Doh, 2-4 puff balls, a few googly eyes, and a pipecleaner (you can either fold and put in a whole one, or cut one in half to fit).

Staple the bag shut and then put the label over the staples – this helps people understand what exactly this goodie bag is while also keeping fingers safe from potentially pointy staples.

I then used packing tape to seal the label so that they wouldn’t tear when put in a bag with other trick-or-treat Halloween goodies.

Candy free trick or treat idea

You can even enlist the help your little ones as you assemble these, though I can’t promise they won’t get distracted and start making monsters themselves.

halloween monster making kit

While this may cost a bit more than your usual giant bag of candy, it’s a lot more and the leftovers won’t cause you to put on 5lbs!

And don’t forget to grab your free resources from The Teal Pumpkin Project! The Teal Pumpkin Project is a way for families to let trick-or-treaters know that they have non-food treats available. This is such a kind way to ensure those with food allergies or other conditions are included in the Halloween fun!

What was your favorite thing to get when trick-or-treating?

Comment below and let me know!


Punny Halloween Costume Ideas to Save You Money!

Punny Halloween Costume Ideas to Save You Money!

Halloween is one of the best times of the year. The smells, the cooler air, and all of the decorations just put you into a fantastic mood. Being parents, however, sometimes you spend so much time on your kids’ costumes that you don’t have enough time to put something together for yourself. And maybe you’re thinking, “But, Amber, I’m an adult! I don’t need a costume!!”

Uh, yes. Yes you do. 😉

If you’ve read my frugal halloween party post, you may already know this but we take Halloween VERY seriously in our household – family costumes and all:

Beetlejuice family Halloween costume

Fear not though because we have a list of ten cheap, clever, and best of all punny costumes. Some can be assembled with very little notice, and some take a bit more effort, but they’re all sure to have your friends laughing (and probably groaning).

Punny Halloween Costume Ideas

Static Cling (Wo)man

What you’ll need: Sweatpants and a sweatshirt, ideally the same color, a needle and thread, and a handful of mismatched socks, wash cloths, and underwear.

Execution: It’s pretty simple – a couple of stitches will fasten the various articles of laundry all over your clothes. Suddenly you’ve become a superhero but without all of the responsibility of a useful super power!

Pig in a blanket

What you’ll need: Pig hat, blanket, method of tying the blanket

Execution: Put the pig hat on (we used this one from the Amazon), and either tie the blanket ends together like a cap, or you can use a safety pin. The extra bonus here is that you get a cool pig hat, for all those occasions where you might need a pig hat!

pig in a blanket


What you’ll need: A sturdy leaf, a hat, and a piece of tape. Also the ability to exhale from the lips.

Execution: Put the hat on, tape the leaf to the hat. When someone asks what you are, just blow air out of your mouth at the leaf. If they get it, they’ll probably smile. If they don’t, then it’s their loss!

Sugar Daddy (or Mama)

What you’ll need: A car seat, Baby Bjorn, some other kind of swaddler, or just a infant blanket and a bag of sugar

Execution: Swaddle the bag of sugar, or carry it in the car seat/Baby Bjorn. The best part of this costume is making cupcakes out of your baby afterwards.


Freudian Slip

What you’ll need: A light-colored slip and a marker

Execution: Simply write some basic, easily identifiable Freud-related psychology terms all over the slip, i.e. id, ego, superego, oedipal complex, fixation, etc. This is a cool way to look drunk and smart at the same time, just like Freud!

Green with Envy

What you’ll need: One partner will need a green shirt, green pants/skirt, green accessories and the other partner really only needs some kind of label with the word “Envy” written on it.

Execution: Well, one partner dresses all in green and the other is “Envy”. It’s a cute costume for couples, and if you’re a lonely person, you can dress all in green and bring a stuffed animal or something and label it “Envy”. Bonus to this approach is that you already have a stuffed animal to cry into later when you’re still all alone!

When Life hands you lemons

What you’ll need: Quite a few lemons, and a shirt you can write “Life” across. Conversely you can spring for an actual Game of Life t-shirt, but this is about frugality.

Execution: Write “Life” across the t-shirt, wear it, and hand out lemons to everyone at the party. In a perfect universe, you can hook up with a person wearing the Sugar Mama/Daddy costume and make some awesome lemonade.



What you’ll need: A box, with some string or yarn to hold it up, and a “hello my name is Jack” sticker on it. You can also simply write “Jack” on the box, or wear a name tag with “Jack” on it.

Execution: Remove the top and bottom of the box and use a hole punch or scissors to put two holes in the front and two in the back. Run the string through both sides to create a sort of makeshift pair of suspenders. Wear the box like a sandwich board and get used to responding to “Hey Jack” the rest of the night, cause that’s your new name.

Formal Apology

What you’ll need: A suit or some other very formal attire, and a name tag.

Execution: Dress to impress, then slap the name tag on with the words “I’m Sorry” written on it. Best part is you can go out and pretend to be important after whatever Halloween function you’re at, and not miss a beat! Do remember to take the name tag first, though!

Punny Hallowen Costume Ideas

Dr. Pepper

What you’ll need: A pair of scrubs and a stethoscope, and like all good things, a name tag.

Execution: This one is easy; wear the scrubs, put “Pepper, M.D.” on the name tag, and wear the stethoscope around your neck. This is a much better costume than a Mr. Pibb costume because this at least shows you’ve had enough discipline to get your degree.

It’s probably likely that you have the materials necessary for at least one of these at home right now and it doesn’t get much easier than that. Fun fact: you get bonus Halloween Points if you embarrass your family/friends with these costumes!

Can you guess my punny Halloween costume from last year (hint: my daughter was a flower):

baby flower mommy bee costume

35 Uses for Vinegar

35 Uses for Vinegar

When not turning into wine, vinegar is my second favorite use for grapes (and getting that nasty gunk off ’em!) Vinegar also makes for a fantastic part of a salad dressing and it’s a nice way to marinate some meat, but it’s a high-performer elsewhere in the house as well. That said, please note that my suggestions below are just that – suggestions. Don’t use vinegar on something without spot-testing first as I am in no way liable should you use vinegar in a way that causes unfortunate results.

With that out of the way, we use so much vinegar in our house that we have to buy huge jugs of it from Aldi almost every week so we can use it on things such as…

Vinegar Uses – Home and furniture

De-decal your windows – If you like to put up window clings during the holidays, or your children love to put stickers on…everything, you can use vinegar to remove all traces! Simply apply undiluted vinegar to the grimy aftermath of the stickers or decals and let it sit for 5 minutes. A credit card or other thin piece of plastic will help you scrape off the bits and then a good scrubbing should remove the rest of the remnants.

Erase pen marks – Undiluted vinegar and some elbow grease can remove your children’s artwork from hard surfaces. It may take a few applications and some assurances to your kids that you still love their art, but it works!

Undustify your blinds – Venetian blinds are the worst to clean, but you can make it far less terrible with vinegar! Get a bucket of equal parts vinegar and water, wet the fingertips of a cloth glove or a rag, and use your index finger and thumb to glide along each slat. The vinegar helps get rid of the oil and dust incredibly well.

Spruce up wood (haha, “spruce”) – Wood ages like anything else, be it paneling or furniture. A mix of 1 cup warm water, 4 tablespoons of vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of olive oil will help bring it back to life. Mix it up and wipe it onto the wood with a cloth. Let it sit and soak for a few minutes, and then buff it up with another dry towel.

Hide scratches in wood – A mix of undiluted vinegar and iodine (small amounts) can conceal scratches in wood. Use more vinegar for lighter woods and more iodine for darker woods, and then apply with a small brush (a nail brush works well).

Keep your computer clean – Get rid of oil and dust buildup on your electronics with a mix of 1 part water to 1 part vinegar. Use the mixture to dampen a cloth and wipe down your electronics and accessories. Don’t use a spray bottle, and don’t overly saturate the cloth. Again, I’m not liable for bad results, so be smart here and use common sense!

Clean carpets – A mix of 1/2 cup vinegar with 2 tablespoons of salt will remove minor carpet stains. Simply mix the two together and rub into the stain with a cloth and then let it dry. Once it’s dried, vacuum it up.

Vinegar for the Kitchen

Pickle EVERYTHING – If you have a bumper crop of peppers, onions, or (of course) cucumbers from your garden on a budget, you can whip up a pickle in an instant. Mix 1 cup vinegar with 1 cups water, 2 tablespoons salt, and 1 tablespoon sugar, and bring it all to a boil. Chop your veggies and add them to jars (you ARE re-using jars from the store, right?), and pour the brine on top. Let them cool to room temperature and then store in the fridge. After about 3 days they’ll be delicious and pickley.

Perfectly poached eggs – Poached eggs are really delicious but it’s super easy to obliterate the egg on accident. Adding 2 tablespoons of vinegar to your water along with 2 teaspoons of salt, and adding your egg in just before the water reaches a boil will help keep the egg together. Cook for about 2 minutes for a nice soft poach, or 3-4 for if you like them a bit firmer.

Clean your garbage disposal – You can’t really scrub your disposal for at least several good reasons. Fortunately, lemons and vinegar will do it for you. Take an ice cube tray and put a wedge of lemon in each cube. Then, fill each cube up with undiluted vinegar, and freeze them. When they’re good and frozen, pour 1/2 cup of bakin soda into the offending garbage disposal, add 3-5 lemon cubes and run the disposal until they’ve stopped rattling. This will do a great job of deodorizing your garbage disposal.

Unclog your drains – 1/2 cup baking soda and 1 cup vinegar, poured directly into the clogged drain (you can use a funnel) will help unclog drains. Once the commotion and bubbling stops, run hot water from the tap. Wait about 10 minutes, and then run cold water. This is also a great way to deodorize your drains (particularly if they’ve been clogged for a while).

Fight that grease! – Getting rid of grease from your hard surfaces doesn’t require harsh cleaners. Simply wet a cloth with an equal mix of water and vinegar and wipe down the greasy surfaces. It may take some muscle, but it will work. It’s also a great idea to mix up a spray bottle of 1/2 cup vinegar, 2 cups water, and 3 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. Use this daily on surfaces to keep them clean and repel grease.

Clean your nasty microwave – If microwaved food explosions have you in the pits, place a bowl with 1/4 cup vinegar and 1 cup water into the microwave, and then turn it on for 5 minutes (on high). The steam it creates should loosen any food or stains and they should easily wipe away with a damp towel or sponge.

Disinfect all the things – Undiluted vinegar is a very potent antimicrobial. If you read my post on interesting ways to save money, you know that we use vinegar as a cleaning solution every day! Wipe down surfaces you cut raw meat on, especially counters and cutting boards, with undiluted vinegar. Creating a spray bottle full of undiluted vinegar for optimal disinfecting is another way to help kill nasties like staph, e.coli, and salmonella. A solution of 1 part water to 1 part vinegar is also very good for disinfecting kids’ cups or sippies that can harbor mold growth. Just let them soak and wipe them down.

Make metal magnificent – Silver soaked for a few hours in 1/2 cup white vinegar with a tablespoon of baking soda will regain it’s luster. Be sure to wash it off in cold water and dry with a soft washcloth. A paste of vinegar and baking soda (equal parts) can be applied to copper and brass to remove tarnish. Again, this might take some elbow grease but it’s very effective.

Sanitize water bottles – If you use BPA-free, reusable water bottles day-to-day, you really need to keep them sanitary. Every few days, fill it 75% full with equal parts vinegar and warm, soapy water. Shake it up well to get into all the crevices and then let it sit for half an hour. Rinse it thoroughly with warm water and let it air dry.

Clean kitchen shears – Don’t use water to clean your scissors or kitchen shears – it will rust them. A better idea is to use undiluted vinegar and wipe down the blades and then wipe them dry. This will also disinfect them. You can use this for regular scissors as well, as rusting is not good for them, either.

Ungunk your can openers – Can opener blades are disgusting, let’s just admit to that. You can make them reasonably not-disgusting again by using a toothbrush and undiluted vinegar to scrub in all the nooks and crannies. You may need to scrub a lot, but a douse in cold water should remove all that gunk afterwards.

Get rid of gnats (fruit flies) – Whatever you call them, those tiny little bugs are the bane of kitchens everywhere (especially if your husband forgets to leave a dry piece of cardboard over the top of your DIY worm farm…) Make a vinegar trap to catch and eliminate those little buggers! Take a jar with a lid, poke some holes in it, and fill it about halfway with apple cider vinegar, and place it where they’re the worst. If your kids eat yogurt a lot, you can also re-use those cups before they hit recycling – pour about a 1/4 inch of ACV into a coffee mug, poke two or three holes into the bottom of a cleaned yogurt cup, and then put the cup into the mug. It should do a fantastic job of getting rid of them, no matter what you call them.

Clear the air – If you burn food or simply cook something smelly, you can boil 1/2 cup vinegar with 1 cup water until it’s evaporated (or very nearly). It will get that smell right out of the air and remove all traces of that sardine-and-cabbage casserole your husband burned yesterday.

Clear away mineral deposits in a teakettle or coffee pot – Boil 2 cups of undiluted vinegar in your tea kettle or in a pan to then pour into your coffee pot. Let it sit for a minimum of 4 hours but overnight works well, too. Rinse it out the next day and it should be sparkling clean.

Naturally non-stick – Boil a cup of water until it evaporates in a frying pan to give it a natural non-stick coating that lasts on average about a month.

Homemade cottage cheese – Bring 1 gallon of whole milk to a near-boil (around 190 degrees Fahrenheit), then pour in 1/2 cup of vinegar. Once the mixture is cool, it will be separated into curds and whey. Pour it through a strainer and add the curds to a bowl, mixing in salt and whatever other spices you want. A smidge of cream here makes it smoother, but it’s not necessary, and it’s read to eat!

Clean Your Car with Vinegar!

Prevent frost in the winter – At night, spray your windows down with a solution of 3 parts vinegar to 1 part water. This will help prevent frost from forming and it will help reduce the impact of ice buildup. It’s not going to stop snow from building up, but at least you won’t likely have a hard layer of ice to deal with after clearing snow away.

Windshield wipers – Dirty wipers will streak your windows and that’s pretty much the exact opposite of their intended use. A cloth soaked in undiluted vinegar, wiped up and down the blades a few times will get rid of the grimy buildup and get your wipers back to fully functioning fabulousness.

Remove old bumper stickers – If you’ve got the ghost of an old bumper sticker sticking around, undiluted vinegar applied directly on top and to the sides will help get it off. Use a thin piece of plastic like an ice scraper to remove the paper parts, and then reapply the vinegar to get the sticky icky glue-bits off, too.

De-grime wheel wells – If you’re prone to muddy driving, chances are good your wheel wells are less than sparkling. That’s okay, because a solution of 1:1 vinegar to water will help clean them off and also aid in repelling dirt!

Laundry Room + Vinegar

Deodorize that washer – So it’s not doubt that washers can get stinky. You could use bleach but vinegar is far safer and not likely to ruin clothes if it doesn’t get washed out completely. Run an empty small, hot wash cycle and add 1 cup of undiluted vinegar. If you can, add a second rinse cycle to make sure it’s all gone.

Pre-treater for stains – Mix 1 cup water, 1 cup vinegar, and 1/3 cup borax in a spray bottle, directly apply to stains, and then let it sit for at least an hour before throwing in the washer.

Deep-cleaning towels – Mildew buildup can still leave towels smelling awful, even after being washed. To remedy this, toss your towels by themselves into the wash. Turn the water on hot, and use 1 cup undiluted vinegar and 1/2 cup baking soda to wash them 1 full cycle. This will banish your mildew and get them smelling like things you’d want on your body again.

Destinky stinky shoes – Spray the insides of the offending footwear with 1:1 vinegar to water solution and let it sit overnight. Then, add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice to a cotton ball and put it in the shoes and let THAT sit overnight. The vinegar solution should kill odor-causing bacteria and the cotton ball should give your shoes a much more pleasant scent.

Miscellaneous Uses for Vinegar

Remove dry skin from your feet – This one is weird and I know it’s going to sound weird, but bear with us. 1 cup of Listerine and 1 cup vinegar with 2 cups of warm water makes a foot soak you’ll soak in for about 15 minutes. Then, apply a pumice stone or foot file and the dry, dead, gross skin should come right off.

Non-toxic weed killer – Fill a spray bottle with undiluted vinegar and then add 1-2 teaspoons of dish soap, and apply to weeds and the ground around them. The acetic acid in the vinegar will burn the weeds and alter the pH of the soil, killing the root, too. This solution is non-toxic, but it will murder any plant it touches, so be careful what you spray it on. Dish soap helps it stick to the plant, and the pH imbalance will wash out after a good rain, making the ground suitable for planting again.

Disinfect your mops – If you have mops with removable heads, you can use vinegar to disinfect and deodorize them. Simply toss them in your washer, add a cup of vinegar and wash on “hot”. They’ll be whiter, brighter, and actually CLEAN.

Everyday scented spray cleaner – Take an empty spray bottle and fill it with 2 parts water to 1 part vinegar, 1 tablespoon of dish detergent, and the peels of lemons, oranges, or other assorted citrus. Let that soak for a few days before using and you’ll have a great, all-purpose cleaner that smells divine.


How to Turn $5 Into an Hour of Peace & Quiet

How to Turn $5 Into an Hour of Peace & Quiet

With the school year drawing to a close, it also means my children will be home with me more…a lot more.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my little ones (97% of the time), but I’m a work-at-home mom with no nanny, no daycare, and no family help.

To be frank – it sucks.

There are a lot of ways to survive as a WAHM, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. I truly love that I had the ability to quit my job and become a professional blogger/online business owner, but trying to work when my children are around 24/7 is exhausting. And doing so after my husband gets home at 6pm? Ooph. I love client calls, those are always energizing, but sitting down to write a blog post or create some social media graphics just doesn’t happen after spending 12 hours chasing around two little ones.

So lately I’ve been combing through my Pinterest trying to find ideas on how to keep my kids entertained without A) spending a lot of money B) having them watch 6 hours of TV every day or C) having to invest a ton of my own energy to do so.

Well one thing I kept coming across was setting up a “washing station” for kids to wash their toys – KIDS. LOVE. BUBBLES. This much I know.

Summer Activity Idea for Kids

summer fun diy idea

I decided to take things one step further, though. I went online to the Dollar Store – yes, I shop online at the Dollar store, have I mentioned I’m usually short on time? – and was browsing around when I found these AMAZING Crayola Bath Tub Paints. So I picked up a few of those, a couple cute plastic tubs, some bubble bath, and a pack of sponges.

summer fun kid car wash

I decided I wouldn’t just set up a “car wash” but would in fact encourage they make a mess before then washing everything.

car wash fun

You can always tell when he’s concentrating when his tongue pops out…

car wash kid fun

I don’t know what was more fun – painting or washing!

It took me all of two minutes to get them set up and they then played for NEARLY AN HOUR!! An hour in which they were too busy to pick on each other, whine about the sunshine, or beg for yet another cup of juice. It was heaven. Plus I didn’t have to give them a bath that night! 😉

What’s your go-to summer activity to keep kids busy?

I’d love to know in the comments below!

Homeless Kits: How Helping Others Helps You, Too

Homeless Kits: How Helping Others Helps You, Too

Making kits for the homeless might not seem all that thrifty, but it’s such a beautiful way to give back to your community. In fact, one of our core values as a family is volunteering and teaching our children to volunteer.

That said, part of a thrifty lifestyle is saving and making money in efficient and sometimes unique ways. This might mean shaving $10 off your grocery bill, renegotiating your cable (or cutting the cord all together), or starting up a side hustle walking dogs.

These are all great things that will improve your bottom line, but at a certain point, you need to reevaluate what is important to you if you truly want to become debt-free once and for all. If you live for your morning Starbucks routine, do you realize that dropping that $5/day coffee habit will save you $1,825 a year? Are you a smoker, because if so, that $7 a day is $2,555 a year up in smoke (literally!)

Evaluate the Essentials

Being aware of what we consider “essential” to our lives and what is ACTUALLY essential to our grandest dreams and fullest life is the first step towards really achieving those dreams. One great way to refocus yourself is to stop and look around you at those who may have significantly less than you.

Chances are good that if you live in a larger city, you have a fair amount of homelessness around you. While I’m not suggesting you compare your level of suffering to theirs, I will ask that you consider the concept of “essential” in light of their way of living versus your own. What do you throw out daily that could be of huge benefit to them? What do you refuse to give up weekly – like dinner out or that daily coffee run – that could drastically improve their life?

How Much Will It Cost?

I am not suggesting you completely alter your lifestyle for someone else, but just stop and think for a moment where that $5 coffee or breakfast or random goofy app on the Google Play store could go if you focused where you spent it. If you were spending $5/day on non-essentials, but cut 2 days a week out, you’d save $520 a year.

Would you significantly feel the loss of that “wasted” $10/week? Probably not – in fact, missing 2 of your 7 indulgences per week would make those other 5 more significant! In addition, you’d have another $520 to throw at a credit card or student loan or car payment. That’s a great deal!

But imagine for a moment that you socked away $5 a week and the other $5 you put towards improving the lives of those around you who are in poor circumstances. You’d still have a decent amount to pay off debt, you’d still NOT feel the sting of deprivation, and you’d be setting an example for your children and possibly DRASTICALLY helping someone else.

DIY Blessing Bags for the Homeless

During the winter, I like to create care packages for the homeless, but they are just as important during the summer. So I took my $5 to my local Aldi and looked at what I could get. A box of granola bars was $1.20 for 8, and a 24 pack of bottled water was $1.99. Add in a box of bandages and we’re at $5. This isn’t a lot, but hydration, some food, and some first aid can be a major deal when you’re living on the street.


blessing bags for the homeless

If you prefer to watch instead of read, check out my livestream below for this next part! —

If you were to get together with some friends/family and assign them each a $5-$10 grouping of items you could contribute a small amount but maximize the impact of each package.

Things to Include in a Homeless Kit

Some things we included were:

  • Hygiene products
  • Lip balm
  • Other non-perishable food items, like cereal bars, peanuts, dried fruit, trail mix, etc
  • T-shirts that would otherwise have been donated to Goodwill or thrown away. In addition, old ball caps or other hats are great during summer months.
  • Sunscreen
  • “Hot Hands”
  • We also printed out information on shelters, cooling centers, food banks, breadlines, and other places that help the homeless with day-to-day needs.

You can include a LOT in a gallon freezer bag, so turn to those for these kits. Again, Aldi or other cheaper grocers have those cheap. Pack each bag with essentials, and keep them in your car to give out as you come across someone in need.

Did you know you can change someone's life for less than $7?Click to Tweet

The Power of Giving

The power of a bunch of small sacrifices lumped together for a good cause can be dramatic, and not just in a dollars-and-cents sense. The impact of this giving can help alter your perception of what is necessary for you to be happy. It cultivates kindness and empathy in your children (and in yourself). It creates a sense of community and fosters responsibility. Thinking outside yourself creates perspective that is invaluable, and on top of everything else, you’re helping another person.

So trust me; the small self-denial it will take to give up some indulgence, even if it’s only scaling it back, is 100% worth it in the long run. You won’t miss it and you’ll be better in the long run for it.

Have you ever created a homeless kit before?

I’d love to hear other ideas/suggestions of what to include, post ’em in the comments below!

DIY Stretchmark Cream

DIY Stretchmark Cream

Stretchmarks are one of the most unpleasant side effects from a pregnancy, or any type of rapid weight gain. And they are very hard to eliminate, if not impossible. Stretchmarks are even tougher than cellulite! But still there is hope! And before you jump into buying the next expensive hyped cosmetic product, try my natural toxin-free suggestions. They might put all the commercial creams in their pockets with regards to effectiveness and price!

But first let’s talk a little bit about the benefits of making your own cosmetic formulas:

  1. Homemade cosmetics do not contain artificial chemicals, which are proven to damage our health. Substances like parabens, petroleum derivatives, synthetic aromas and preservatives, are proven to cause allergies, eczema, dermatitis, and some even claim they can cause some types of cancer! So, having full control over the ingredients is a big plus.
  2. We help the planet as well. Pollution coming from the above mentioned chemicals is a huge problem right now. By choosing natural cosmetics, we decrease the detrimental effects of the commercial products. And also, we weaken the power of companies that use animal testing for their goods.
  3. DIY cosmetics are totally adjustable. You can devise your own formulas and use the oils and butters you like best. We are all different and our skin’s needs may vary. So, at the end of the day, you can change the recipes and experiment to find which ingredients fit best for you.
  4. Last, but not least – making your own beauty products is a wonderful hobby, which can occupy your free time and give you some positive emotions. After all, dealing with natural aromatic substances is a very pleasant and therapeutic activity!

But let’s get to the recipes!

Here are my favorite natural stretchmark creams and ointments suitable for anyone who wants to improve their skin elasticity and texture —

(Please note this post contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission should you make a purchase. This comes at no additional cost to you and in no way impacts my recommendation of any products or services.)

Stretchmark Lotion DIY


1/4 cup Shea butter

1/4 cup Coconut butter

3 Tbsps. Apricot oil

1 Tbsp. Calendula blossoms

1/4 Tbsp. Ginger powder

A few drops Essential oil of choice (except the citrus ones)



Place the apricot oil, the calendula and the ginger powder in a double boiler. Heat the mixture on low temperature and stir for about 30 minutes. Do not let the water boil and burn the oil. Strain the infusion.

Place the infused oil back in the double boiler and add the coconut butter and the shea butter.

Melt the oils and blend them completely. Take the mixture off the heat and let it cool off a little. Add the essential oils and stir well.

Pour the lotion in a glass jar with a lid.

It is best to start applying this lotion during pregnancy before the stretchmarks appear. Remember to choose a suitable essential oil which is safe to use during pregnancy. Consult with your doctor beforehand!

The cream is also applicable for people who quickly build muscles (bodybuilders) and those who gain weight rapidly.

Stretchmark Body Oil DIY


1 Tbsp. Cocoa butter

1 1/2 Tbsp. Shea butter

2 tsps. Sesame oil

1 tsp. Tamanu oil

8 drops Lavender essential oil

7 drops Neroli essential oil


Melt the cocoa and the shea butter in a double boiler. Add the sesame and the tamanu oil and stir well.

Take the oil blend off the heat and leave it to lower its temperature for a couple of minutes. Next, simply mix all the ingredients well and blend them completely.

Apply on the problem areas daily. If you are currently pregnant, massage your thighs, belly, lower back, and upper arms to prevent form stretchmarks formation.

Store the oil in a glass bottle in a dark and cool place.

Stretchmark Cream


1/2 cup Cocoa butter

1 Tbsp. Wheat germ oil

1 Tbsp. Apricot kernel oil

1 Tbsp. Vitamin E oil

2 Tbsps. Grated beeswax or beeswax pastilles



Mix the ingredients in a double boiler until well melted.

Pour the mixture in a container and store in the refrigerator.

Apply the cream every day after bath/shower and let it stay for 20 min before you put your clothes on (so the cream won’t be absorbed in the fabric).

You can use the cream until full recovery of the skin.


Apply these natural remedies daily during the pregnancy (or during the period of muscle/weight gain) to prevent from stretchmarks. If you already have them, do not despair – keep massaging the skin with these ointments and combine them with regular dry brushing and skin exfoliation. In time, the scar tissue will fade away and the marks won’t be so visible or they might completely vanish!


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