Halloween is one of the best times of the year. The smells, the cooler air, and all of the decorations just put you into a fantastic mood. Being parents, however, sometimes you spend so much time on your kids’ costumes that you don’t have enough time to put something together for yourself. And maybe you’re thinking, “But, Amber, I’m an adult! I don’t need a costume!!”

Uh, yes. Yes you do. 😉

If you’ve read my frugal halloween party post, you may already know this but we take Halloween VERY seriously in our household – family costumes and all:


Fear not though because we have a list of ten cheap, clever, and best of all punny costumes. Some can be assembled with very little notice, and some take a bit more effort, but they’re all sure to have your friends laughing (and probably groaning).

Pun Halloween Costume Ideas

Static Cling (Wo)man

What you’ll need: Sweatpants and a sweatshirt, ideally the same color, a needle and thread, and a handful of mismatched socks, wash cloths, and underwear.

Execution: It’s pretty simple – a couple of stitches will fasten the various articles of laundry all over your clothes. Suddenly you’ve become a superhero but without all of the responsibility of a useful super power!

Pig in a blanket

What you’ll need: Pig hat, blanket, method of tying the blanket

Execution: Put the pig hat on (we used this one from the Amazon), and either tie the blanket ends together like a cap, or you can use a safety pin. The extra bonus here is that you get a cool pig hat, for all those occasions where you might need a pig hat!



What you’ll need: A sturdy leaf, a hat, and a piece of tape. Also the ability to exhale from the lips.

Execution: Put the hat on, tape the leaf to the hat. When someone asks what you are, just blow air out of your mouth at the leaf. If they get it, they’ll probably smile. If they don’t, then it’s their loss!

Sugar Daddy (or Mama)

What you’ll need: A car seat, Baby Bjorn, some other kind of swaddler, or just a infant blanket and a bag of sugar

Execution: Swaddle the bag of sugar, or carry it in the car seat/Baby Bjorn. The best part of this costume is making cupcakes out of your baby afterwards.

Pun Couple Costumes


Freudian Slip

What you’ll need: A light-colored slip and a marker

Execution: Simply write some basic, easily identifiable Freud-related psychology terms all over the slip, i.e. id, ego, superego, oedipal complex, fixation, etc. This is a cool way to look drunk and smart at the same time, just like Freud!

Green with Envy

What you’ll need: One partner will need a green shirt, green pants/skirt, green accessories and the other partner really only needs some kind of label with the word “Envy” written on it.

Execution: Well, one partner dresses all in green and the other is “Envy”. It’s a cute costume for couples, and if you’re a lonely person, you can dress all in green and bring a stuffed animal or something and label it “Envy”. Bonus to this approach is that you already have a stuffed animal to cry into later when you’re still all alone!

When Life hands you lemons

What you’ll need: Quite a few lemons, and a shirt you can write “Life” across. Conversely you can spring for an actual Game of Life t-shirt, but this is about frugality.

Execution: Write “Life” across the t-shirt, wear it, and hand out lemons to everyone at the party. In a perfect universe, you can hook up with a person wearing the Sugar Mama/Daddy costume and make some awesome lemonade.

Easy Pun Halloween Costumes

Jack-in-the-Box Halloween Costume

What you’ll need: A box, with some string or yarn to hold it up, and a “hello my name is Jack” sticker on it. You can also simply write “Jack” on the box, or wear a name tag with “Jack” on it.

Execution: Remove the top and bottom of the box and use a hole punch or scissors to put two holes in the front and two in the back. Run the string through both sides to create a sort of makeshift pair of suspenders. Wear the box like a sandwich board and get used to responding to “Hey Jack” the rest of the night, cause that’s your new name.

Formal Apology

What you’ll need: A suit or some other very formal attire, and a name tag.

Execution: Dress to impress, then slap the name tag on with the words “I’m Sorry” written on it. Best part is you can go out and pretend to be important after whatever Halloween function you’re at, and not miss a beat! Do remember to take the name tag first, though!

Punny Hallowen Costume Ideas

Dr. Pepper

What you’ll need: A pair of scrubs and a stethoscope, and like all good things, a name tag.

Execution: This one is easy; wear the scrubs, put “Pepper, M.D.” on the name tag, and wear the stethoscope around your neck. This is a much better costume than a Mr. Pibb costume because this at least shows you’ve had enough discipline to get your degree.

It’s probably likely that you have the materials necessary for at least one of these at home right now and it doesn’t get much easier than that. Fun fact: you get bonus Halloween Points if you embarrass your family/friends with these costumes!

Spelling Bee Halloween Costume

And a baby flower of course! For this one I just took a yellow shirt, some black masking tape, and attached foam letters to black pipe cleaners for antenna. Buzz buzz!


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