Five Ways to Make $500 This Month

Five Ways to Make $500 This Month

Looking for ways to earn quick money this month? I’ve got you covered!

When I first launched this blog in November 2015, I didn’t think I’d become a professional blogger and therefore knew I couldn’t add any blog-related expenses into our budget, especially since I was only earning $2.67/hour after paying for daycare. So I decided to look into how I could earn some “extra” cash without sacrificing too much of my time – i.e. no survey sites that are a waste of time!

While I now earn my living as a blogging mentor, these five opportunities are a great way to help pad your budget or earn some bonus spending cash!

Make Money Quick in a Month

how to make money quick this month

Take Stock Photos

With cellphone cameras getting better and better, there’s no doubt you already have the tools necessary to take stock photos that you can then turn into cash. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to make money from this, simply check out Shutterstock to get started!


Spend & Earn

I remember one time when I was around eleven years old, I’d gone shopping at Kohl’s with my allowance money.

When my dad picked me up, I gleefully exclaimed “I save $57 today!!”

“Yeah, well you would have saved even more had you not spent anything,” he replied.

What a sourpuss, right??

It might seem obvious to say you can earn by spending, but so many people think it takes too much time, that the money they save won’t be worth the time they spend, but that’s SO far from the truth!

For example, if you’re not yet signed up for Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates), you really NEED to be. It’s quite literally free money, beyond the effort it takes to click the mouse a couple extra times. Oh not to mention, you get a bonus $10 for signing up!

Don’t shop online all that often? You can still use Rakuten and do in-store pick-up! It’s a great way to save time and money (plus you avoid impulse purchases!)

>> Click to read my Rakuten Review! <<

Another great way to spend and earn is by using a credit card with a quality cashback program. Personally, the only credit card I recommend is Discover Card. Sign up through my referral link and you’ll earn $50 PLUS double your cash back for the first year – potentially earning yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars!

iBotta is also a seriously great way to make money, especially if you’re not quite as big an Aldi addict as I am. iBotta is a great way to earn cash back on purchases you make, such as groceries and alcohol. Just like with Ebates, it’s totally free to sign up and there’s no catch. Connect your cards with this app and you’ll have to do NOTHING extra to earn money back. I average around $50/month with this app!

Freelance Online

Freelancer is an amazing site through which you can easily work from home and find jobs suited to your skills and expertise. Whether you’re looking for data entry work, graphic design, virtual assistance, or other, Freelancer can help you find high paying jobs that you can do on your time. They’re also currently offering a $20 sign on bonus, so don’t wait – sign up today!

Drive for Uber

This one seems like a no-brainer, but I’ve found that a lot of people don’t realize just how much money you can make by driving with Uber, even if it’s just for a few hours during the weekend! In fact, did you know that they offer a GUARANTEE as to how much money you’ll make within a certain number of drives? This depends on your city, but it’s certainly worth looking into, as you could.


You know you’ve been meaning to declutter anyway, why not do it now and earn yourself some extra cash? Holding a successful garage sale isn’t as tricky as you might think! No time or desire to go through all that work? Check out your local Facebook re-sale groups! Clothes, furniture, art work, toys…all of these things taking up space in your home could be turned into cold hard cash!

Win money for losing weight

So while I can’t guarantee each of these ways will earn you $500+/month, they’re certainly tried-and-true opportunities to get you started.

And if you’re like I was a few years ago, hoping to work from home as a blogger or online business owner, be sure to check out the many opportunities I have to help you grow as an entrepreneur!


Building Additional Income Streams: How I Made $2,168.47 Working From Home

Building Additional Income Streams: How I Made $2,168.47 Working From Home

Look for “passive income” or “make money from home” and you’ll be inundated with get rich quick schemes and work from home scams. Don’t fall for it! There are ways to build additional income streams and none of them should cost you money upfront.

As someone who has to spend over 60% of her take home pay on daycare, finding ways to make extra money from home is extremely important.

(Update: I’ve since quit my job to run my blog from home full time!!!!)

Disclosures: The links in this post may contain referral links through which I may receive some sort of compensation. This in no way affects your use of the company. This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards. I believe in honesty of relationship, opinion, and identity. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. I only endorse products or services that I believe are worthy of such an endorsement.

Building Additional Income Streams

If you’re like me, you have no time waste. Literally. You brush your teeth while combing your son’s hair and you pack lunches while putting on your pants. Thank goodness for automated coffee pots. With not a second to spare, you want to make sure that whatever additional income you bring in is actually worth your time.

First, you need to evaluate when and how you’ll be working to build this extra income. If you want something to do while you’re just watching TV for a couple hours each night, then earning $4/hour from Amazon MTurk will leave you with $8 more than you’d have if you’d only watched TV.

$8 is great. $8 is hopefully more than you spend on TV each month. But $8 is still only $8.

As someone who is constantly multitasking (I swear, I even do it in my dreams!) I need to make more than $8 to consider something worth my time.

extra income ideas

Survey Sites That Actually Pay

There are many different sites available through which you can earn money by completing surveys but I’ll be honest – 95% of them are a huge waste of your time. SurveySavvy is by far the best survey site, making me on average over $15/hour, and I love it so much I wrote a whole separate article about them – check out the SurveySavvy review! (Oct. 2016 Update: My latest check was for over $200!!)

InboxDollars is also great because they offer you a multitude of ways to make money online that don’t necessarily require a lot of time or effort. If you’ve read my InboxDollars Review, you know you can make at least $50 in less than one hour. Beyond that, you can also make money by clipping and using their coupons, doing online searches, completing surveys, and more!

Write for Textbroker

If you can write fairly well, you need to apply for Textbroker. You will fill out some basic information and then provide a short writing sample. Do not make the same mistake I did – give them your best work! Within a few days, you will receive a grade of 2-5 stars on your sample; the real money begins at the 4 star mark, though there is still some earning potential at the 3 star level. If you receive less than a 4, you will be reevaluated after 5 submissions and your rating will be adjusted accordingly. I typically average about $15-$20 per article and have made nearly $800 in the last three months. You can read more about how I’ve made over $1,400 from Textbroker in this Textbroker review..


Whether you’re looking to turn freelancing into your full-time gig or you just need a little extra spending money, sign up for Upwork. Not only can you search for jobs that fit what you’re looking for, you may also be offered random opportunities that fit your schedule. I once made $25 in 20 minutes by doing some voice work. I have zero experience in it, but was offered the opportunity by a company doing vocal research.

Do you have a unique talent to showcase? Fiverr is another great site to market your skills and/or products. Whether it’s graphic design, social media marketing, or a physical product, Fiverr is definitely a great way to make money and is also a great platform to buy from

Write for Infobarrel

Do you like to write but don’t necessarily want to start your own blog? Check out Infobarrel! Unlike many other article sites, Infobarrel gives you 75% of the revenue generated by the ads on your page. I’ve done 8 articles thus far and had only earned about $10, but last month one of my articles went viral and I managed to make $28. Not bad considering I did nothing last month to earn it!

Get Paid to Lose Weight

Are you planning to lose a few pounds any time soon? Check out DietBet! DietBet provides amazing motivation by holding you accountable for your weight loss. There are three different ways to play, depending on where you’re at with your weight loss goals. Thus far I’ve done lose 4% in 4 weeks, but I plan to try for a bigger goal (10% in 6 months) very soon!

I’ve only won $34 from the two games I’ve played but still – $34 for something I wanted/needed to do anyway! Not too shabby!

I’ve also heard good things about but I have not yet personally tried it out.

*Update* – I’ve since tried out HealthyWage and I won $1,600 in December after losing 70lbs, and I’ve already got a guest post up from someone who won nearly $700 after dropping 50lbs!! Check out this HealthyWage review!

Do Closed Captioning Work is an online transcription and captioning company. If you can type quickly, I recommend applying. You won’t make a ton of money unless you’re a professional transcriptionist who uses a stenotype. I can type about 98 wpm and I’ve never made more than $7 per working hour with Rev. With that said, though, I very much enjoy the work and that can make all the difference. Thus far I’ve made enough to pay for my Netflix/Hulu subscriptions for the year!

Save Money Shopping Online

If you  have not yet signed up for Rakuten, please do so now. Like right this second. Not that I want you to stop reading but I can’t tell you how much I regret having not done so myself sooner, especially with how much shopping I do online. Since August of 2015, I have earned $2,608.12 just from my shopping trips.

If you’re unfamiliar, Rakuten is now the new name for Ebates.

Insiders tip: You can use Rakuten even for things you need TODAY! How? By going through Rakuten to purchase things for in-store pickup. We do this a lot when we need things from Lowes – not only do we get a percentage back from our Lowes purchase but the shopping trip went from an hour long ordeal to a five minute stop!

Check out how to earn even more with Rakuten for more insight into how I’ve made over $1,000!

Proof of payment rakuten ebates


Hold a garage sale or sell via Facebook Resale Groups! After I spent a couple days thoroughly decluttering my house, I was able to list and resell a lot of my stuff for a whopping $680 and I still have more to sell! I plan to hold a garage sale this summer to sell whatever is left. My garage sales are typically fairly successful and I often make upwards of $500.


What is your favorite way to make extra money?

Are you a saver or a spender?