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There are so many places that incentivize kids getting good grades, especially once school has ended. I don’t know about how summer is going at your place, but wow — did the days just get longer? Well, why not make the most of it by rewarding all their hard work this last school year?

There are probably plenty of hometown places that will reward kids for doing well in school and you should check them out! We’ve compiled a list of national chains that will reward your offspring for their reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic skills this summer.

While we have tried to make this list based on nationwide chains, you should still call before you go to ensure that your local chains are participating in these programs. Also, don’t forget the report cards!

Oh, and don’t forget the kids. Kids, report card, call ahead – that’s the list!

Places That Offer Report Card Rewards

report card rewards

Sweet treats for Straight As

Baskin Robbins

Anyone who doesn’t like ice cream – assuming they can eat it of course – might be a spy or robot. Double your suspicions if they don’t like free ice cream. Participating Baskin Robbins stores will give your little scholar a little scoop for doing great in school. Check this website to find your local BR and give them a call to ensure they’re participating.

Krispy Kreme

Bring in your kids and get a free glazed donut for every A (up to 6). You can check their website for a location near you.

Bob Evans

Breakfast is literally always delicious, and it’s even better when it’s free! Well, in this case, it’s a free kids meal, but it’s still delicious. Find your local Robert Evans here.


If your kids are like mine, nuggets are a food group. If you have a Chick-fil-A in your town, report card As can mean a free order of nuggets, which is a reasonable return on investment if you ask me.


Look up two spots and you’ll see that we really love breakfast. Bring your kids (and their report card) to your local IHOP and get a free kids meal. Nothing says “good job, buddy!” like a bread circle covered in sugar.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has been bribing us to get good grades for decades and they’re not stopping yet. In addition to the Book-It program we were delighted to find out still exists, if your child has 3 As or more on their report card, they can get a personal pan pizza and a drink for free. Find your Pizza Hut and make sure they’re participating and then go eat pizza!

Applebees (sort of)

This one requires a little bit of work. The “A” is for Applebee’s program is one where your child’s teacher must apply to get these reward coupons to give out to students who excel. The nice thing is that they’re not necessarily just for good grades; the teacher can choose the criteria, so it can be improving social skills, artistic abilities, or really anything where the student has shown improvement. Still, it’s a great way to snag a free kids meal while mommy has a well-deserved margarita.


Wendy’s has offered a report card reward program in the past, and our local one still does, but it’s worth checking ahead. A little research online suggests some are offering kids meals and some don’t do the program at all. Always check first!


For little ones in kindergarten through 5th grade, a straight-A report card will nab them a free Happy Meal. Older kids (6-12th) get a value meal, so that’s pretty awesome. Call your local McDonald’s and see if you can McCashin on your kids’ McGoodGrades!

Ugh, that was awful.

Marco’s Pizza

A free one-topping pizza is your reward for solid school work at Marco’s Pizza. Check and see if yours is participating. If you live in an area where Marco’s is attached to Family Video, read on to see how you can get some free rentals while you’re there.

Coldstone Creamery

Obviously kids K-5th love ice cream because as established before, everyone but spies and robots love ice cream. Coldstone is offering free ice cream for good grades so now you don’t have any excuse; go get Coldstone right now and bring your kids!


Get a free kids meal with a good report card at participating Qdobas. While you’re there, have your little scholar teach them how to spell words.

Good Grades Score Activities

Six Flags

While not exactly a report card scenario in the strictest sense, the Read to Succeed program rewards students who complete 6 hours of recreational reading with free admission. Check it out here.

Family Video

If you recall from our segment on Marco’s Pizza, you were promised potentially free movies if you have a nearby Family Video. Fam Vid is offering up to 5 free rental vouchers for each A in a core subject (math, language, reading, history, geography, science, and spelling). They’ve had this program for years; I remember participating when I was a kid and it’s a great little reward.

Chuck E Cheese

Login to the Chuck E Cheese More Cheese rewards program here and you can get a coupon for your little scholar to get 10 free game tokens with a food purchase. The coolest part of Chuck’s programs here is that you can give these “rewards” to your kids for virtually anything. It’s a great way to praise their efforts and improvement in any category.

While you’re at, if your little one has a summer birthday, check out this Chuck E Cheese birthday party review!

Justice Stores

While not strictly something to do per se, if you have a child who likes to shop at Justice, they can get $5 off their purchase with a good report card.

Limited Too

The same thing as with Justice, a $5 off discount can be yours if you bring in your report card. Please note that this one appears to be limited to the first 30 days after your grades go out, so keep that in mind.

Rewards for bigger kids

Most of these types of report card rewards are great for little kids and a nice end-of-year treat. If you have a high school or college student, there are some pretty impressive incentives for keeping their grades up out there, too.


If your driving-aged student maintains a B average, they you can save 5-10% off your insurance bill. That’s a big deal.


Geico seems to want to save us money in a ton of different ways. One such way is to reward your responsible student with a potentially steep discount on auto insurance. Check it out to see if you can save as well.

State Farm

Like with Geico, this reward program extends into your student’s 25th birthday, and can save you up to 25% off their insurance bill.


Progressive has a good student discount, but only if you add your kid to your own insurance. If they’re insured on their own policy, it won’t apply, but let’s be real; you’re paying, why not reap the benefit of the responsible person you’ve created?

Liberty Mutual

Like the other programs, Liberty Mutual offers better rates for kids who do better in school. Find your provider and check to see what your kid’s good grades can save you each month.

Honestly, these are just a few of the different programs offered by various insurers for good students. The logic is that a kid getting good grades is probably more responsible, and so rates can be lowered. If you don’t have one of these companies, check with your insurance agent to see if your company offers a good student discount. Chances are good they probably do, and it really could save you a bundle.

Banks and credit unions

Getting an exhaustive list of participating financial institutions would be nearly impossible, but you can and should call yours to see if they have good student reward programs. What they amount to typically is:

  • You open a student savings or checking account with your child.
  • Over the academic year they will be rewarded with deposits from the bank for their good report card.
  • Sometimes it’s a dollar a semester for each A, and sometimes it’s a lump sum when report cards go out. Check with your institution to see what they offer.

Opening a bank account is a big responsibility step itself, and coupling it with incentives can be a big help for kids to see how being responsible in one area of their life can affect others as well. A student getting good grades is probably a safer driver, and might become a fiscally responsible person in general. It’s all connected and these programs can help make your children understand that.

Again, this list isn’t exhaustive and you should definitely check with local businesses to see what kinds of rewards they offer for your kids’ good grades.

Do you know of any big chains we missed that reward kids for good grades?

Let us know in the comments!

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