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Can you feel it? The magic stirring in the air?

There’s something about this time of year – whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or just “National Cookie Day” (it’s December 4th, if you’re wondering) – there’s a certain glow that comes with December.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I will earn a set commission should you click through and make a purchase. This in no way impacts the cost to you or my recommendation of this bundle, as it is one I’ve purchased myself!

Part of that glow may be the post-Black Friday/Cyber Weekend sales. Heh I’ll admit it, I *DO* love the sales that come with this time of year. And just because Cyber Weekend is over, doesn’t mean the sales are!!

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I recently came across this AMAZING deal from Ultimate Bundles and I just had to share it with you (after buying my own set, of course).

For just $15, you can get $180 in gift certificates. Um, YES PLEASE!!

This deal only lasts until Monday, Dec. 5th at 11:59pm EST so let me fill in you real quick before time runs out:

This bundle includes $15 gift certificates to the following companies:

  • Around the World Stories
  • Artsy Couture
  • Atlas Coffee Club
  • Bloom Naturals
  • Crunchy Balm
  • Ecocentric Mom
  • Healthy Moving
  • Hope Ink
  • Life Without Plastic
  • Porteen Gear
  • Strawesome
  • The Kombucha Shop

Let me save you some time and briefly fill you in on what each of these companies is about and why I love them.

Around the World Stories

If you have children, this one is a MUST to invest in. For only $9.99, you can start your subscription to this audio story series that will both delight and educate. Listen to adventure stories of children all around the world and dive into other cultures with your own children. This is a must if you’ve got a long commute or are traveling over the holidays!

Artsy Couture

If you’re a fan of sites like TinyPrints or Shutterfly, you’ll LOVE Artsy Couture. They have lots of products to choose from, but my personal favorite is the print wrap – a picture of your choice wrapped around a wooden block and perfect for decorating your home or office. Only $16.89 right now, which means only $1.89 after you put to use your $15 gift certificate!

Atlas Coffee Club

I don’t know about you, but I *LOVE* coffee. Now normally I only buy my coffee from Aldi, but I’m making an exception thanks to this amazing deal. With this company, you can try coffees from all around the world! My personal favorite is the Peru Cajamarca and wouldn’t you know it – less than $15!!

Bloom Naturals

Do you struggle with skin issues like I do? I’m 29 years old and still battle acne on a regular basis. Ugh! I’m all about using natural products to fight it, though, which is why I love Bloom Naturals. And even if you don’t have skin irritation issues, her hand lotion is AMAZING. And it’s only $3 after you apply that gift certificate!

Crunchy Balm

Speaking of companies that only use safe and natural ingredients, Crunchy Balm is my new favorite when it comes to battling winter dryness! You can seriously use this stuff on anything – from dry hands to stretch marks and even to battle diaper rash! She has many different options to choose from, but I recommend the Sweet Girl Balm (only $13.50, which means FREE after your gift certificate!!)

Ecocentric Mom

I’ve been thinking about subscribing to Ecocentric Mom for a while now, so I cannot tell you how EXCITED I am that they’re a part of this bundle. Whether you’re a mom yourself or needing a gift for one, this subscription box is a perfect holiday treat. I’m literally giddy for my first shipment to arrive!!

Healthy Moving

Need help staying healthy and keeping moving during the winter months? Healthy Moving can help! She has lots of different exercise programs to choose from, so no matter where you’re at activity-wise, you can jump in and get moving.

Hope Ink

Emily Hope from Hope Ink is a phenomenal illustrator and has dozens of gorgeous prints to choose from! Whether you’re in need of a bit more holiday decor or just something inspirational to hang in your home office, Emily has you covered.

Life Without Plastic

The company’s name make their mission pretty clear – to eliminate the use of plastic products whenever possible! From baby gear to laundry soap to serving utensils, this shop has SO many options to help reduce your plastic use (and lots of them are under $15!!)

Porteen Gear

I’ll admit it – I’m addicted to tote bags. I use them for shopping, traveling, and even as a regular purse! (Hey, I have kids, I’ve got a lot to carry around). The tote bags from Porteen Gear, though, take things to a whole new level. They are made of this amazingly durable water repellent canvas and are SUPER cute, too. If you’re a “tote addict” like me, you’ll love the gear from this company!


One of my favorite things about this bundle is that it includes a lot of healthy, green-friendly companies and Strawesome definitely fits the bill. Personally I love using straws (as do my kids!) but I always feel bad about the waste that comes with ’em. Enter: Strawesome! Glass straws that are durable and reusable. And they start out at less than $5!!

The Kombucha Shop

When I first met my husband, he really thought I was into some sort of witch craft. I eat garlic when I’m feeling sick, I don’t own a bottle of ibuprofen, and kombucha is a part of my daily life. Not familiar with this healthy brew? It’s a fermented tea that is available at most health food stores, but it’s ALWAYS best to make it yourself. And it’s SUPER easy to do so, especially with the products from this company. You can pick up an entire brewing kit for only $40, but if you already have a large glass jar and tea bags, you can get your kombucha starter for only $15 (which again means FREE after your gift certificate!!)


I know it seems unreal but seriously ALL of this for only $15!! Don’t wait, because this deal WILL be gone in less than a week and believe me, you will regret missing out. Get it today and you can even ensure you have a last-minute holiday gift for someone you “accidentally” forgot off your list (like the cousin that shows up unexpectedly!)


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