How To Manage Your Bankroll During Triple Crown

How To Manage Your Bankroll During Triple Crown

There is few more exciting horse racing events on the international calendar than the Triple Crown. The series begins with the Kentucky Derby in early May, before the Preakness Stakes takes place two weeks later. The Triple Crown then comes to an end in early June, with the Belmont Stakes.

Betting on all three Triple Crown races is exceptionally popular across the world, with millions dreaming of finding the winners in each of the races that are staged. But, what are some of the key tips that should be following to ensure that you manage your bankroll over the exciting period?

Stick To Your Budget

Before making your first bet on the Triple Crown races, you should first determine what your budget will be. It is a very basic step to maintaining your bankroll, but it is one that should be followed regardless of your wins and losses. 

For example, if you put aside for $100 worth of bets for the three races, then you shouldn’t spend a penny more. This can be furthered by setting yourself a $50 budget for the Kentucky Derby, and $25 budgets for the Preakness and Belmont Stakes. 

Sticking to your budget is one of the key factors that must be followed to ensure long-term success with betting. So, even if you guess the next name to headline the Preakness winners list, don’t spend all your earnings on Belmont three weeks later.

Set Your Stake

After assigning the budget that you wish to spend on bets throughout the Triple Crown series, you should then examine the amount that you wish to spend on each selection that you make. This will be different depending on the bettor, as some will be happier to put higher stakes on their selections. 

You should also ensure that the stake doesn’t see your budget exceeded, which may mean that you will have to limit your selections in each race. Like the budget, you should never exceed the stake that you wish to bet on horses as this would be a poor long-term strategy. 

Don’t Bet On Every Race

While each of the Triple Crown races are the standout contests on the days that they are run, there is also a stacked undercard of high-quality action. There could be potentially seven races before the Triple Crown race on the card, and therefore it could be a poor tactic to bet on every race to try and build a purse for the race that you wish to bet on.

This could see you exceeding your budget before the Triple Crown race even starts. It doesn’t hurt to watch a few races on the undercard, as you can learn more about how the track plays, and study whether the track bias could play a part in the big race. 

Welcome Bonuses

One of the best ways to get ahead from your first day as a bettor online is by taking advantage of a welcome bonus. All the sportsbooks in this modern era boast a welcome bonus, and it is encouraged that all bettors take advantage after signing up for a new account. All welcome bonuses offer something slightly different, with some offering a free bet, while others may give bettors a risk-free wager on their first bet online.

Taking advantage of a welcome bonus is an important factor for those looking to manage their bankroll, as it would offer players an immediate opportunity to boost the amount of money that they have to play with. It could also present an educational experience for newcomers, as they could wager a small amount of money on a new market. This would be the perfect way to learn more about the betting markets available when betting on horse racing.

How to Use Your Time Wisely on the Internet

How to Use Your Time Wisely on the Internet

We live in the age of the internet, and we all use it daily. As a result, we have access to plenty of information than has ever been possible before in history. It is indeed true that we have access to many sites, and we stay connected through this digitalized portal. However, this accessibility is also an easy way for people to get distracted and waste their precious time on useless applications and websites where they do not learn nor earn anything. If this is your situation and you want to make better use of the time you spend on the internet and earn, then keep reading because today we’ll show you real money opportunities that you can take on immediately starting now!

Online Contests and Giveaways

Online contests and giveaways are a great opportunity that are always running in many brands and companies’ social media platforms. These contests and giveaways may be offering and requiring anything – from simple prizes that are simply drawn for commentators under a post to more demanding ones that might require you give something in return for the prize, such as taking part with a photograph that you have taken, a video you have created from scratch, or some creative work of your own. In such cases, it is highly important that you read the rules carefully and see what is required and what to expect, but also make sure that you enter contests and giveaways from sites which have a good reputation and are not a scam. 


Surveys are offered by many companies and the majority of them give out something upon completion. The prize could be anything from receiving a symbolic gift card to monetary compensations the amount of which is based on how many surveys you participate in. In this instance, you would of course have to invest your time and energy into completing the surveys, which also requires focus on reading and answering the questions. However, deciding how many surveys you want to take part in during the day or week is totally up to you and you can arrange everything that fits to your schedule. At the end of the day, this can be a considered a great opportunity to earn extra money from home

Skill-Based Games

Another useful option that you could consider are skill-based games. Let’s say you are skilled at something or have knowledge on a particular topic or topics, you can always make use of this and take part in what we call skill-based games. For instance, trivia games, card games and sports games are all examples of skill-based games which are offered on the internet. It is nevertheless clear that to succeed in such competitions you need to have knowledge or skill pertaining to the game you are playing. Skill-based games can be explained through the game of chess, where whether you win or not depends on your strategic thinking and knowledge of defensive and offensive maneuvers

Becoming an Influencer

Becoming an influencer is a common career path that more and more people take on every year. If you have a talent for coming up with creative content that can make its way through the online world, then you should definitely consider doing this. It goes without saying that we all start somewhere, and we start small in the bottom in order to reach the top. Thus, you should not expect to win big quickly with this job, but it is for sure that once you build up an audience, companies and brands will reach out to you for collaboration. These collaborations are then expanded day by day and once you build up a reputation and a larger audience within the online world, you could also charge higher for cooperation with brands. The app which is a hot topic at the moment for sharing compelling content and benefiting from it is TikTok, however Instagram remains an OG for posting sponsored pictures or videos from brands. 


The internet offers a wide range of opportunities that you can make use of, and it is on your hands if you want to utilize them maximally to your benefit. Since we are spending unreasonable amounts of time on our screens, we might as well do something that can benefit us in numerous ways, including financially. Some of the opportunities for making money online which are trending at the moment are participating in contests and giveaways, giving your opinion in online surveys, taking part in skill-based games, and becoming influencers, to name a few. Nevertheless, there are multiple ways on how you can make money online from home and it is up to you if you want to discover these opportunities and make use of them. Lastly, remember to use these options cautiously and make sure you are safe online but also ensure to read terms and conditions for any collaboration or submission offered by legitimate and trustworthy websites.

How Breaks Can Help Boost Productivity and Allow for Better Earnings

How Breaks Can Help Boost Productivity and Allow for Better Earnings

It is a scientific fact that strategic breaks can help us become more productive, and yet, we often forget about it. Then again, it’s only natural to not focus on breaks when you are trying to boost your productivity and improve your income in the process. As it turns out, there are some methods you can use to help maximize your breaks for better efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

Take Several Small Breaks

As per all known and established time management techniques, taking several small breaks throughout a workday generally leads to better productive output than just taking one or two large ones in an entire workday. Depending on your schedule, the breaks can last for as little as 3-5 minutes after every 30 minutes, or slightly longer at 10-15 minutes after every 1.5-2 hours.

Feel free to customize the schedule in accordance with your own speed and work requirements, or you can follow any of the more established techniques such as the Pomodoro Clock, the 52/17 Rule, and the GTD Method.

Energize and Hydrate

Take a few sips of water every time 30 minutes or so, preferably while you are taking one of your small breaks. Take a small meal to feed your body and brain with energy every two hours or so. Small meals supply just enough energy to keep you at peak performance, without letting all your energy be wasted in breaking down a heavy meal. Hydration, on the other hand, is essential if you wish to see a remarkable improvement in your work capacity and speed.

Stretch Your Mind with Simple Games

When you are on one of your long breaks, play a relaxing game on your phone to stretch it out a bit, which works in much the same way as it does when we stretch our tired muscles. However, do not play anything too complex or don’t start something new that you have no idea about. That might become more distracting than relaxing.

For example, slot games are simple, and if you are lucky, you might also be able to land a few wins and add more to your tally of earnings for the day with online casino fast withdrawal options. Alternatively, you can try an infinite running game like subway surfer or Temple Run to just let your mind float away for a while.

Holidays Work as Well

Not many of us have the luxury of taking too many days off work, especially if you are a temp. However, even a weekend at the local beach can do wonders for your state of mind. Sometimes, we tend to burn out and do not wish to admit that fact to ourselves. All it may take is perhaps one good weekend to rejuvenate and boost your work capacity.

You may not be able to return to 100% of your former efficiency right away, but if you manage to implement all of what was discussed here, a change for the better is almost assured. Note that even if you lose the pay for three days, it might be well worth it in the long run.

Best Ways to Earn Money As a Medical Student

Best Ways to Earn Money As a Medical Student

Medicine is one of the most challenging areas of study young learners can choose. The reason is that students are expected to compose countless academic papers, learn loads of critical medical data, and successfully pass numerous exams. As a result, many students face significant difficulties in earning money. However, you might still get excellent jobs as a medical student.