A medical team in New York has made history by performing the world’s first successful human eyeball transplant. Here’s the full story.

Groundbreaking Medical Achievement

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In a groundbreaking medical achievement, surgeons at NYU Langone Health in New York have conducted the world’s first transplant of an entire human eye. 

High-Voltage Accident

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The remarkable procedure, considered an addition to face transplants, aimed to address the severe facial injuries suffered by Aaron James, who had lost most of his face and one eye in a high-voltage power line accident. 

Too Soon to Tell

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While it is too early to determine if James will regain vision in his new left eye, the surgery has shown promising initial results. 

Replacing Missing Eye

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The operation involved replacing the missing eye to enhance the cosmetic outcome of James’s new face by providing support to the transplanted eye socket and lid. 

“Help the Next Person”

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Speaking about his recovery, James shared, “It feels good. I still don’t have any movement in it yet. My eyelid, I can’t blink yet. But I’m getting sensation now. You got to start somewhere, there’s got to be a first person somewhere. Maybe you’ll learn something from it that will help the next person.” 

Quest to Cure Blindness

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Dr. Eduardo Rodriguez, NYU’s plastic surgery chief, who led the groundbreaking transplant, emphasized that the surgery does not claim to restore sight but is a significant step forward in the quest to cure blindness. 

Ambitious Endeavor 

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The transplantation of the entire eye, including the eyeball, its blood supply, and the crucial optic nerve connecting it to the brain, is a highly ambitious endeavor. 


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Although cornea transplants, addressing certain types of vision loss, are commonplace today, the full eye transplant represents a unique challenge and is often considered a moonshot in the field of vision restoration. 

Good Progress

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Contrary to concerns that the transplanted eye might quickly deteriorate, the hazel-colored eye donated to James appeared healthy and full of fluid during recent examinations. The medical team observed good blood flow and no signs of rejection, providing valuable insights into the healing process of the human eye. 

One Step Closer

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While the surgical team does not claim to have restored sight, they believe that the procedure brings them one step closer to achieving this challenging goal. 

Groundbreaking Transplant

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Dr. Jeffrey Goldberg, chair of ophthalmology at Stanford University, commended the audacity of the NYU team in pursuing optic nerve repair, expressing hope that the groundbreaking transplant will stimulate further research in the field. 

Life Threatening Injuries

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James’s journey began in June 2021 when a work-related accident resulted in a severe electric shock. The injuries were life-threatening, leading to the loss of his left arm and extensive facial damage, including the removal of his damaged left eye. 

Challenges to Recovery

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Despite multiple reconstructive surgeries, James faced challenges in his recovery, including the use of a prosthetic arm and the desire to regain a sense of smell, taste, and the ability to eat solid food. 

“It’s Him”

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His wife, Meagan James, reflected on the impact of the surgeries, stating, “In his mind and his heart, it’s him – so I didn’t care that, you know, he didn’t have a nose. But I did care that it bothered him.” 

Rare Procedure

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Face transplants, including James’s case, remain rare and pose inherent risks. His surgery marks only the 19th face transplant conducted in the United States, underlining the complexity and pioneering nature of such medical interventions.

“Truly Amazing”

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Online there was an outpouring of support for James and this new groundbreaking procedure. One commenter posted “Truly amazing. What a gift the family of the donor made, their tragedy and heartbreak making this and the other transplants possible.”

“What a Breakthrough!”

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Another commenter stated “I have chills, this is so beautiful. The surgical teams deserve some kind of award or something, their work is phenomenal. What a breakthrough!” Another said simply “Shows what America can do when focusing on progress.”

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