Right now, everyone is looking for more work, but nobody really wants to go to work. Zoom and Skype have opened up plenty of work-from-home positions, and offices are looking beyond their city limits to find qualified employees. This is great news for people looking for a work from home job.

There are, however, many of these jobs that require an upfront investment. Multi-level marketing is often advertised as a “work-from-home” job but it’s really an expensive money sink in most cases. Other jobs require you to spend money for “training” without a definitive job offer afterward. Even if you get these types of jobs, they’re not a great investment of time or money.

We’ve put together a list of some great jobs you can actually do from your home. These range from customer service to editing and research. If you have time, a decent computer and internet access, these jobs can have you earning money within as little as a week.

Transcription services

Transcription is the work of taking video or phone calls and turning them into written text. You will need to be a good typist in terms of speed, but your accuracy has to be spot-on to work in this field. The only thing you really need is a computer, a place to concentrate, and speakers to hear what you’re transcribing.

AccuTran Global – One of the most respected names in the transcription industry, AccuTran is a global service that offers remote work opportunities constantly.

BabbleType  Another highly respected transcription service. As with most of these, the only real prerequisite is the ability to focus and type.

Freelance writing

There are tons of guides out there for freelance writing, and it can be as complex or simple as you want. If you’re good at writing and you want some cash quickly, you should check out some of these writing brokers. Though the pay isn’t always incredible, these jobs are fully remote and allow you to work on your schedule.

Textbroker – We’ve written about Textbroker before, but it’s one of the easiest writing brokers to get working right away. The pay is not great – 1.2 cents per word at the lowest – it’s often a lot easier to find work here than other companies.

Writer Access – This platform is fantastic for finding decently paying work, but it has stricter guidelines for their writers. You have to keep your samples updated, pass tests, and turn in your assignments quickly. They also penalize for bad customer feedback, but if you can put good work out quickly, you can make great money with Writer Access.

Constant Content – For this site, the process of creating and selling content is slightly different. You can either work with a team of writers for a client, as with other broker sites. Additionally, you can write articles on a specific topic and post it, and clients can buy the rights to that specific piece. If you find yourself with lots of extra pieces and you’d like to sell them, this is a great place to start.

Remote support

Now more than ever, companies don’t want huge call centers full of people. It’s unnecessary overhead for them, and the pandemic makes it against best practices to have huge rooms of employees. Many places are hiring remote customer support to answer questions via email or chat.

Support.com – Offering actual benefits and an actual salary, Support.com provides customer support for a variety of industries’ customers, via chat and email.

AlchemicDream – If you’re into video games and helping people, Alchemic Dream might be perfect for you. They offer a variety of remote jobs that range from chat and email assistance to in-game support for a variety of video games.

The Chat Shop – A fully remote position that provides chat services directly to clients and their customers, Chat Shop has mastered the art of remote work. The one potential hangup for these positions is that you must have a dual monitor setup.

Bonus Ideas

These are jobs that don’t necessarily fit into other categories. They might be part-time, full-time, or seasonal, but you might find one that fits your needs perfectly

Workew – Workew is a job board for many different types of remote work, including everything from short-term jobs to lifelong careers.

Robert Half – A one-stop-shop for searching up virtual jobs, Robert Half connects companies who need remote workers with people looking for remote work. This link takes you to an already-populated search for all remote jobs, but you can enter your personal specialization into the “job” field and “remote” into the location field to find a more specific list.

Stitch Fix – Stitch Fix helps bring fashion to people by making custom boxes of clothing each month, based on a style quiz and sizing information you provide. They are constantly hiring remote stylists who have an eye for fashion and a desire to help clients look their best.

Customer Service Review – You know when you’re on a call and the automated phone service says “call may be recorded for quality assurance”? Well, CSR is “quality assurance” and this job has you listening and evaluating how customer service reps are handling incoming clients.

Appen – This company evaluates social media accounts and search engine optimization with a series of pre-established markers. They have opportunities for quick, small jobs as well as full or part-time work.

Liveworld – This job is a social media agent position. The primary focus here is interacting with the client’s social media accounts and all of the people that post there on a daily basis. You would help address concerns, direct customer questions, and give them information. Like a concierge, but for a corporate Facebook or Twitter account.

Working from home is easier than ever before

Most of these jobs are done quite easily with a modest computer setup and good internet connection. The majority will train you and you’ll be working quickly, and all of them require no investment, other than the equipment you already have at home.

Have you found a perfect work-from-home gig you’d like to share with our readers? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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