Making money online is easy…making a lot of money, though? Ehh…that gets a bit tricky. This is why you see so many entrepreneurs, such as myself, running multiple income streams. Personally, I have my e-courses on marketing, I offer 1:1 consultant work as a blog mentor, I sell digital products, and I obviously run a blog (this one!)

That said, back before a cat convinced me to quit my job to become a professional blogger, I was all about theside hustle” – eager to supplement my income and pay down debt any way I could.

I’ve written about my favorite ways to make money online before, but here are 65 more options I’ve considered when it comes to making money from home. Some require more “leg work” than others, but all are potential income sources!

Note: Some of the links below are of course affiliate links but that in no way impacts my recommendation of the products/services.

Ideas on How to Make Money Online

Work as a Proofreader

Do you mentally correct the newspaper as you read it? Consider becoming an online proofreader.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VAs) do the same clerical work as their real-life counterparts, but their efforts are entirely online. Experienced VAs can pull in big bucks, so don’t be shy about tossing your resume in the ring, especially if you’re well-versed in social media marketing! VAs can make anywhere from $20-$50/hr. Join my Facebook Group to start making connections today!

Sell Your Old Media

Check out Amazon and see what your old DVDs, CDs, or even VHS might be going for!

Review Videos + Music

This is a fun one! Slice The Pie will pay you to review short videos and music; it’s a great way to earn some extra cash while on your computer.

Use Your Phone to Make Money

Some companies will pay you to test their apps. It’s not a bad way to make a little extra cash and I average about $5/month with SlideJoy – and I literally do nothing for it! Check out this post on other ways you can earn money using just your cellphone!

Data Entry

Telecommuting is the new normal in the world of data entry. Take advantage of this cultural shift and start working from home via Freelancer BONUS $20 when you sign up! The best part about Freelancer is that it’s not just data entry anymore, but opportunities to ghost write, assistant in real life, and so much more!

Earn with Survey Sites

There’s a lot of survey sites that aren’t worth your time (like Swagbucks!) but there are a few that genuinely pay out in a consistent manner. Check out how make your first $50 with InboxDollars or how I’ve made over $700 with SurveySavvy!

Social Media Managing

Create, edit, update, design and stimulate activity for the social media accounts of companies, corporations, or even online bloggers like me! Similar to being a VA, managing someone’s social media for them can pay anywhere from $20-$100/hr.

Consultant Work

Again this is one that I still do as a blogging mentor and digital marketing strategist. People are willing to pay for expert knowledge in a variety of fields. Best of all, these exchanges can be done entirely online, so you can even work in your pajamas if you’d like.

Make Money Using Your Computer

Testing Websites

Do the links work? Do the images load? Become a guinea pig for web developers and test websites via UserTesting. This one is great because you can do it both on your desktop or on your mobile!

Become a Copywriter

Freelance copying can pull in big bucks for the dedicated. All you need are writing skills and a willingness to seek your own opportunities (or you can work through a “middle-man” using a site like Textbroker!)


If you really excelled in school you help someone improve themselves by virtually tutoring them in your favorite subject. Find a great opportunity on sites like Tutor Hub or Wyzant!

Make Money with Rakuten

Not only does Rakuten (what used to be Ebates) save you tons of money (now on in-store purchases as well!!) but you can refer your friends to join and make money, too. I’ve earned back over $700, there’s literally NO reason not to use Rakuten when you shop!! And if you’re still hesitant, read my guide on how exactly Rakuten works!

YouTube Videos

Do you have a bubbly personality? Do you love making up stories? Perhaps your children are great at playing pretend? There’s definitely money to be made on YouTube, provided you provide consistent and quality work.

Source Property

There’s great money to be found in property investments, but it’s hard to break into if you don’t yet have the cash to do so! If you can find properties selling at BMV (below market value), you can then recruit investors to help you buy the property for a percentage of the final sale after.

Making Money as a Creative

Design Websites

If you have a great eye for design and a decent grasp on website building, you could absolutely make a livable income by creating websites for other people! Personally I create my sites myself, but I’ve had clients pay upwards of $5,000 for someone to do their site for them – imagine the money you could make doing just one site every six weeks!

Design Landing Pages

This is similar to above, except far less time intensive. A landing page is what one uses to either A) sell a product/service or B) generate leads through e-mail sign-up. You can view an example of my landing page here: Blog Mentor Services

Work as a Graphic Designer

If you have an eye for design, consider becoming a web-based graphic designer. All you need to get started is Photoshop and you can start work through sites like Fiverr!

Create and Sell Video Series

If you have a talent to teach, create a short video series breaking down the different lessons and sell it online! Even if you put one together and only list it for $10, it can quickly add up and (depending on the niche) take little time to market on a regular basis.

Start a Blog

This is an obvious one, yeah? Domain names can be purchased for less than the price of a cup of coffee, so this is an investment that can be made quickly and painlessly for future gains. Blogging is what gave me MY freedom from my former career to then work from home full-time. Check out how to make money blogging.


Your homemade scarves could turn a nice profit on a crafting site. If you can create it, there’s a market for it, so get online and start selling your wares via a site like Etsy! Even if you only make $100/month, that’s a good start, no?


This site requires you to download a browser extension, but that’s it! They then track what it is you search for via sites like Google or Amazon and you’re rewarded for it. Join QMee now for free!

Write an Ebook

Do you have a genius idea you want to share? Or maybe a unique take on a subject? Or perhaps you want to share a fiction novel you’ve been working on? Regardless of the topic, you can easily create your e-book using a free site like Canva and off you go!

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a website or a decent online presence, you can make money by recommending products and services you love! Start with a platform like Share-A-Sale and check out this post on how to get started with affiliate marketing.

Sell Your Photos for Cash

You don’t need to be a professional photographer. There’s money to be made by staging and selling “stock” photos for websites that collect and re-sell them. Check out Shutterstock to get started!


You can always sell things you no longer need and if you’re a parent, you can be constantly reselling the clothes your children outgrow. Check out how to get kids clothes for free!

Customer Service

There are ample opportunities for call center representatives who want to work from home. These jobs are typically by phone or through virtual “live chats.” Thousands of opportunities are typically available on UpWork!

Save AND Earn

As I said above, Rakuten is always a great option to save AND make money, but there are so many more, like:

  • Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial ($3/referral – refer enough people and you can get Amazon Prime for FREE!)
  • Discover Card (The only credit card I recommend – $50 bonus for anyone who signs up through the link plus double your cash back at the end of your first year!)
  • The Grove Collaborative ($10/referral + $10 for those who sign-up!)

Review Products and Services

Some companies will pay you to review their goods and services online. Many provide free products, but often times they’ll pay, too! One company I absolutely love is Blogging For Books, though they don’t pay, they do provide free books and hey, if you were going to spend money on ’em anyway…


This is another great way to earn cash on money you’re spending anyway; hook your grocery reward cards up and it’s a ZERO EFFORT money maker. Sign up for Ibotta and you’ll earn an automatic $5 bonus!!

Get Paid to Translate

You can find a lot of translation work on the web. Since it doesn’t require face-to-face interaction to get it done, it’s becoming a brisk online business. Check out sites like Gengo to get started!


Lend your tech support skills to companies who are looking for people to fix their websites, databases and cloud networks. It’s a job that can be done just as easily online as in the real world.

Focus Groups

Online focus groups will ask your opinion on everything from products to politics. If you’re willing to share them, you can make this a steady side gig. Sites like SurveySavvy often have great opportunities for this!

Software Reviewer

Do you use any sort of software on a regular basis? Of course you do! Mailchimp, WordPress, Adobe, and hundreds of more options for you to review! Check out sites like G2Crowd to get paid for your feedback.


On ClickWorker, businesses advertise services they need completed quickly – easy tasks you can complete from your couch! You’re able to choose which jobs you wish to complete and you’ll be paid via PayPal – sign up today!

Investment Ideas

You don’t need to physically travel to Wall Street to try your luck on the stock market. Email a financial adviser and get started with stocks, bonds, franchises and natural commodities whenever you’d like.


The world of self-publishing is growing by the day. If you have a story idea, put it online and see if you can become the next E.L. James.

Web Browsing

If you don’t mind new and experimental search engines, you can pull in some money by testing them for their developers instead of automatically directing your queries to Google.

Search Engine Testing

Speaking of Google, they’re willing to pay people to test their algorithms and judge their search engine results pages (SERPs) for accuracy and relevancy. Turn it into a full-job time for maximum cash.

Design and Sell Your Own T-Shirts

If you’ve got an eye for design or a flair for fashion, perhaps you could create and sell t-shirts via a site like Hanes Ink!


Do you have an ear for dialogue? Become a transcriber and lend your services to blogs, businesses and closed-captioning companies. Personally, I’ve paid for one myself a time or two when I wanted to convert video to text and I loved it – such a time saver! Check out Rev for transcription and closed-captioning work!

Teach an online course

Are you an expert in something? Do you enjoy sharing that knowledge with others? With sites like Udemy, you can easily set up your own course and make money (it’s how I made enough money to quit my 9-5!)

Do laundry

Did you know you can get paid to do someone else’s laundry? Check out Laundry Care for more info!

Coupon Collecting

Are you tired of the piles of flyers, circulars and coupons that wind up in your mailbox? Start gathering and selling them on Ebay for extra cash.


Yep, you read that right – tweet! You need to have a decent following, but yes, it’s totally possible to get paid to tweet.

Get Paid to Lose Weight

Check out this man’s story on how he lost 50lbs and was paid nearly $700 to do so!

Watching Television

While it won’t buy you a house in the Bahamas, there are certain sites, like Viggle, that will give you cash, prizes, and gift cards for watching and reviewing their TV programs.

Direct Sales

In the 21st century, Avon ladies are digital. Direct sales might be a good fit for you if you enjoy challenges and self-made opportunities. There are so many options, from Norwex to BeachBody to the aforementioned Avon!

More Ways to Earn Cash


Companies are always looking for the next big thing. Sell your ideas to others for a portion of the proceeds.


Your spare bedroom can be used as a landing pad for travelers all around the world. Advertise the space online; book people’s appointments online; open your doors in the real world.


Take a step up from selling your cookies on a personal blog. Become a caterer and arrange full-scale meals for parties, weddings, conferences and sports events.

Mystery Shopping

This is another job that will require you to leave your house, but since you’ll book these engagements entirely online, it’s still considered a virtual career. Check out Best Mark for some amazing opportunities (including ones you can do with just your phone!)

Odd Jobs

If you like creativity and spontaneity, consider becoming an “odd jobs” specialist who builds a reputation for completing any digital task no matter how small or unusual it is (err on second thought, maybe set SOME limits…maybe…) Did you know Craigslist even has an “odd jobs” category? Easy peasy to get yourself on there!


It’s not just for teens! If you’re planning to spend your Friday/Saturday night at home with the kids anyway, why not offer up your services to watch someone else’s kid, too, and get paid for it? BONUS: Maybe all of the kids will place nicely together and you can actually enjoy an evening watching something other than Octonauts. A gal can dream, right…?


Create, design, sell, manage and flip apps for interested parties. It only takes one great idea to become a sensation.

Web Designing

Do you have knowledge of programming languages like C++ and SQL? Use them to become an online web designer.

My Favorite Ways to Earn Money Online

Of the 50 listed above, my top earners (and favorite to use!) are most definitely:

  • ShareASale for affiliate marketing
  • Rakuten – you get an automatic $10 when you sign up!
  • Ibotta – $5/referral + a $10 bonus to those who sign-up; I average $50 earned back each month!

What’s YOUR favorite way to make money from home?

Comment below and let me know!