Top 10 Time Saving Tips for Busy Parents

Top 10 Best Time-Saving Tips for Thrifty Parents!

This week, we’re looking at a few great time saving tips for busy parents.

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1. Dry Shampoo. Even if you manage to find the time to shower, goodness knows the 2 year old will be pulling the curtain aside before you’ve got time to wash, rinse, and repeat.

2. Shop online whenever possible.

3. Develop a cleaning cheat sheet of your own. Better to spend 10 minutes tidying up each evening than 4 hours each weekend.

4. Make use of your lunch hour. I know, it can be super tempting to spend 45 minutes playing Pet Rescue Saga while you enjoy your sandwich, but those 45 minutes can be better put to use paying bills, scheduling out the week, or making a meal plan.

5. Get the kids involved. Even my one year old helps clean up before bed time. Give them a clear, consistent task and you’ll see a difference in no time.

6. Make lists. We have a white board in our two biggest rooms that have “one minute tasks” on them – got a minute? Help tidy up! We also keep a board on our fridge to help us remember what’s going on each day so there’s no last minute rush to the door.

7. Just keep moving. If you have a seemingly insurmountable amount of dishes to do, just keep moving and you’ll get through them. Just tell yourself to keep moving (and maybe put a little music on to help).

8. Learn to say no. It’s much worse to force yourself to add yet another task to your list that you don’t enjoy versus the (possible) sting of telling someone no.

9. Prepare an entire week’s worth of breakfasts on Sunday so it’s one less meal you have to worry about during the week.

10. Pay off your debt! The more debt you have, the more stress you have. The more stress you have, the less energy you have. You see where I’m going here. Make sure you’ve got a well-detailed budget, build additional income streams when you can, and be on the lookout for an upcoming post about how I’ve paid off over $10,000 in debt so far this year!

What is your biggest battle when it comes to time management as a parent?

I’d love for you to comment below and let me know!

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  1. These are awesome tips, even for non-moms like myself! One that I love is unloading and reloading the dishwasher while I wait for things to cook on the stove… it kind of becomes a competition between me and boiling water… weird, maybe… effective, yes.

    1. Haha if it’s weird, then I’m right there with you!! I pretend I’m on a game show whenever I wash bottles – how many can I clean in the two minutes it takes to sanitize the others?! Have to make these things fun sometimes! 🙂

  2. Pinned & Tweeted! Great list – has some stuff I am already loving (like Dry Shampoo!!) and some stuff I need to implement (like making breakfast for the week!)

    1. I started the weekly breakfast thing after I had my daughter (2nd baby). She liked to nurse…a LOT…and if I didn’t prep, I didn’t eat, and it was bad news all around.

  3. Good ideas. For the longest time we prepped all of our meals on Sundays and it saved so much time during the week. At the time it was to help us break the habit of eating out or eating frozen pizzas, but I agree, nobody wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen after working all day!

    1. Thank you! I do my best to avoid the kitchen in general, but especially after working all day! Thank goodness I have a partner who enjoys cooking and doing a lot of the prep work each week 🙂

  4. I love the tips. Especially the idea that you can spend a minute picking up. This really does avoid a lot of cleanup later on. Just put a couple things away. Everyone has a minute or two to clean here and there.

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