In a recent survey conducted by the Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll, former President Donald Trump has beaten President Joe Biden. Here’s the whole story.

Trump Leading Polls

The 2024 presidential race hypothetical matchup poll results revealed that Trump currently holds a six-point lead over Biden, with 45 percent of respondents indicating they would vote for the former president compared to 39 percent for Biden.

Comparing the current poll results to those from May, it becomes evident that Trump’s support has seen a minor decline.

In May, 47 percent of respondents backed Trump, while 40 percent favored Biden.

Falling Party Loyalty

Breaking down the figures by party affiliation, the poll found that 86 percent of Republicans would support Trump, while 77 percent of Democrats expressed support for Biden.

One intriguing aspect of the poll is its timing in relation to Trump’s indictment.

Despite facing legal challenges, the former president’s lead over Biden remains intact.

Mark Penn, co-director of the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll, noted that Trump’s indictment had “no impact on his lead against Biden.”

A Tighter Race With DeSantis

The survey also explored a hypothetical matchup between President Biden and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, revealing a much tighter race.

In this scenario, 41 percent of respondents backed DeSantis, while 40 percent supported Biden.

Trump’s strong position in the 2024 GOP field, coupled with DeSantis’s rising popularity, had presented a strong blow for President Biden.

A Snapshot of Opinion

The survey was conducted between June 14 and June 15, 2023, and involved 2,090 respondents.

As with any political poll, it provides a snapshot of public opinion at a particular moment in time.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the poll.

One Twitter user wrote, “Upcoming presidential election is very important. Trump will be elected and change everything.”

“We Are Leaving America”

Another user added, “What will this mean for the US economy? I wonder if Bidenomics’ failures will end and Trumpomics will save the US.”

A third user commented, “Polls will change closer to the date. Biden to get out more and demonstrate if he is still able to hold his own.”

A fourth user wrote, “If TRUMP, the dirty racist terrorist, becomes president over the only true noble and true American symbol that is Biden, then I speak for all of us American citizens when I say we are leaving America.”

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