What Happened to Ebates?

What Happened to Ebates?

If you have an Ebates account, you may have noticed something new in the banner area –

Ebates is now Rakuten

Ebates Is Becoming Rakuten banner

Why Did Ebates Change its Name?

According to the Ebates/Rakuten website, “taking the Rakuten name most accurately reflects who we are today: a company that gives you all the Cash Back you’re used to, with even more opportunities to save.”

Frankly, I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner!

Disclosure: This post contain a referral link, which means I’ll be receive a monetary bonus should you choose to sign up. For more information on my policies and disclosures, visit this page.

What is Rakuten?

Rakuten is a Japanese marketing company that acquired Ebates in 2014, but it wasn’t until the 2019 Superbowl that they began to really publicize the merge.

I’ve actually been a part of Rakuten for nearly as long, as it’s one of the ways I make money with affiliate marketing.

Rakuten itself was originally Buy.com (founded in 1997) but they were then bought out by the Japanese company in 2010 as an attempt to enter the American market. They actually became a very close competitor with Amazon before the buy out!

Not only that, but if you were someone who made money selling on Ebay around 2008, you may very well remember Buy.com. They formed a partnership with Ebay and quickly became their top seller, but were not charged listing fees – something that angered a lot of independent sellers.

Maybe this is my nerdy side coming out, but I find the growth of this company to be fascinating (all the more with their Ebates merge, too!)

How do You Pronounce Rakuten?

It’s certainly not as easy to say as Ebates, but it’s still just as easy to use!

Is Rakuten legit?

Rakuten is truly such a great way to make money!

If you’re new to Ebates (or Rakuten), it’s a site that allows you to earn cash back if you click through their links before shopping. Even better, they’ve recently added an “in-store” option!

The best part is that you don’t have to do anything special, you just click through and shop like you normally would.

How to Sign Up for Rakuten

First, create an account by clicking HERE! By signing up through this link, you’ll earn an automatic $10 after your first $25+ shopping trip – not bad for 30 seconds of work, yeah?

How Does Rakuten Work?

Rakuten incentivizes shoppers to go through their platform by offering a certain percentage back on their purchase. While this may seem nonsensical on the surface, it’s actually a win-win for everyone.

A customer may not be set on buying anything today, until they see that the shop is offering 8% back through Rakuten today only – a win for the shop as the buyer is now all the more eager to buy.

Then not only does the buyer earn that 8% back, but Rakuten will get a small commission from the shop as well.

Using Gift Cards with Rakuten

If you’re planning to do a lot of shopping, this is my top tip (it’s the best way to save during the holiday season!)

If you know ahead of time that you’ll be shopping at a certain retailer, be on the lookout for discounted gift cards through sites like Raise.com. Even if you don’t do a lot of online shopping, be sure to check out Raise.com – if you know you spend money on a regular basis somewhere (like a certain gas station!), why not buy gift cards for yourself and save even more?

For example, I recently purchased a $50 Kohl’s gift card for $41.90. Then I made a purchase through Rakuten for $53, using mainly that gift card and earning myself a nice $4.24 back. So instead of spending the full $53, I’m actually only looking at a total spent of $37.66.

More Rakuten Tips and Tricks

how to make money with rakuten

First, make sure you’ve got the Rakuten extension downloaded for your browser!

Just check out the bottom of the Rakuten homepage to download. This way you don’t even have to worry about going through the site first when you’re browsing your favorite shopping site – seriously, could it get any easier to make money with this?

Also, if you can behave when using credit cards, another “must do” with Rakuten is to have the Rakuten Cash Back Credit Card.

Just check out the footer on their homepage for more information, but basically it allows you to earn even MORE cash back (typically an additional 3%). So in my above gift card example, if I used my Rakuten card, I could’ve only spent $36.07 on a $53 purchase. LOVE IT!

Rakuten earnings

In-Store Shopping with Rakuten

Something else you can do to make even more money back is to choose to “pick up in-store” while still shopping online. This is especially great if you’re prone to impulse purchases at your favorite store or if you want to save time when running errands. Not only will you earn that cash back you wouldn’t otherwise, but you can run in, pick up your stuff, and get on your way!

Coupon Codes with Rakuten

Another great thing about Rakuten is that you can combine the cash back you’re earning with any coupons available. They even have coupon codes right there for you – no need to hunt down a mailer you got or sift through e-mails. It’s especially easy if you’re using the mobile app or the browser extension.

How to Refer Friends to Rakuten

Finally, you can of course refer your friends to Rakuten. By just referring THREE friends, you can earn $75! How awesome is that?

It Pays to Share Refer a Friend earn $25 at Rakuten

Rakuten Proof of Payment

Just in case you’re still not totally sold on Rakuten, check out just how much money I would have otherwise lost out on last quarter were it not for shopping with this cash back app:

Proof of payment rakuten ebates

So to re-cap:

  • Rakuten membership is free.
  • There’s no limit to how much Cash Back you can earn.
  • There are no rebate forms to mail in or points to count— they just send you your Cash Back, no strings attached.
  • Literally everyone should sign up!

Despite the new name, Rakuten is Ebates and there’s no catch here – so sign up today!

Five Ways to Start Working From Home Today

Five Ways to Start Working From Home Today

Every day more and more people begin the adventure that is working from home. While I’d never say it’s “easy money” getting started doesn’t have to be a huge investment (of time or money!) When I first got started as a blogger, I found all sorts of different ways to make money online so that I could eventually invest in the tools needed to launch an e-course and today we’ve got Alexe Chasanov to share with us a few of her favorite ways to work online and make extra income from home.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an easy job and a source of easy money. It said to be the art of promoting or advertising a companies’ product with the main goal of having a percent share in every product sold.

It is a stress-free job that you can look for online. Amazon is a site where you can find a job as an affiliate marketer. There are some guides on the internet how to sell products on Amazon. In selling a product on a network, remember that you have to be sure and settled about your choice of brand and after that join the affiliate network in order for you to sell more. Promote your ID and stay online, the affiliate gives you a link alongside your ID once you join the network. When they are checking through your link, then click and buy the product, and that’s it, you will automatically get a commission and earn.


One of the coolest ways to earn money online is by starting a blog. Be sure to keep on updating your blog site with interesting topics and latest happenings. If you are able to do it right, your blog will surely generate hundreds of viewers, and that will be the time you’ll start earning money out of it. If you are able to generate enough number of people, you can also incorporate affiliate marketing by using your own website instead of using Amazon or any other related sites.

In doing this, you will earn money easily plus you do not have to work under pressure with someone who bosses you around. But remember, it is not that easy as it sounds as problems may arise due to competitors and the customer’s method of payment. And there are so many things you have to learn if you just started as a blogger, you have to familiarize yourself with the systems and the things you can and you can’t. Blogging is indeed a cool way of making money online while being comfortable in your home.

Work From Home Ideas You Can Start Today

ideas to start working from home today

Content Writing

Content writing can be an easy task if you do it with passion and if it is a product of your pure fancy. You can write an article related to any topic as long as you clearly know how to present ideas and efficiently use your experiences in writing as a freelancer. This job is highly in demand especially for businesses around the web, and you are lucky because there are a lot of different clients who need your service for their business and brands.

Writing articles related to random topics can help you in making money online. Here, you will be paid based on the number of words you used or based on the level of your writing skills. Content writing only needs your focused attention, a good reading habit, and hard work. But another challenging part of this kind job is balancing your time, trying to ignore distractions, and meeting the deadlines. If you have a strong passion for writing and you are simply good at expressing ideas, content writing is the best cool way for you to make money online from the comfort of your home.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant must be good in managing time, making a schedule, preparing online meetings, and planning. One must have strong communication skills that can be used in customer service duties, answering calls, and responding to emails. A virtual assistant should help the business owner since he or she has many tasks to do and must be responsible for keeping the owner on track and updated of what is happening in the business. So as a virtual assistant, prepare yourself on doing calendar management, telephone inquiries, booking of appointments or tickets, client follow up, emails of your boss and clients, and lastly is the database and file management.

A virtual assistant earns an average of $10 up to $30 on an hourly basis but this may vary depending on your expert level. And if you are looking for a job as a secretary while enjoying your home, the virtual assistant job will be the coolest way for you to earn money online.


Freelance jobs are the best job for people who wish to enjoy home while earning money. Due to advancement and high technology, it is not possible to have an online job offered by the virtual world. Freelance jobs involve providing a different kind of services asked by random people online. This kind of jobs let you work either full time or part time and it depends on your decision.

Another privileged of being a freelancer is that you will be the one to set the terms of your work and you have the freedom to arrange it in a way that it can let you work on different projects at a time. There are so many services offered by freelancers and it includes web developer, web designer, search engine optimization, article writer, and social media marketing.

Making money while home-based cannot be easier than this that is why you need to get started as a freelancer immediately. And in choosing what service to offer, think of any skills you have that may fit the jobs mentioned above, you can also try looking on the freelance marketplace and apply there or jobs. Remember that in looking for the best freelance job, align it to your passion and interests so that you don’t have to worry procrastinating in finishing your project and meet the deadlines.

Author Bio:
Alexe Chasanov is an e-commerce community manager in California. She also works as a consultant for a start-up company to help them in their marketing and growth hacking efforts. She loves writing about fashion trends here and there, and on her free time, she loves outdoor sports and martial arts.
Making Money with Ultimate Bundles

Making Money with Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles is one that more and more bloggers are becoming familiar with – and for good reason! If you’ve read my post on affiliate marketing, you’re well aware that there are a number of options and routes to take when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing; that said, let me stop you right now and let you in on the one affiliate program you should join TODAY —

Ultimate Bundles Review

ultimate bundles review post

Now obviously I do want to throw a disclaimer in there that I am in fact an affiliate for them so should you sign up, I’ll earn commission, but this post was meant to be either way. They’re just that good.

(Don’t need anything more than my word? Aww, shucks, you sweet potato, you…sign up here to become an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles!)

Ultimate Bundles affiliate program - Click through to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing and Ultimate Bundles!

What is Ultimate Bundles?

Ultimate Bundles is a company that puts together HUGE bundles of e-books, courses, product discounts, and more – and they put them together in such a way that saves their customers literally THOUSANDS of dollars.

Now I first heard of Ultimate Bundles when the Genius Bloggers’ Toolkit was launched last year. This toolkit was a game changer for me and I absolutely fell in love with Ultimate Bundles. I knew I had to become an affiliate! And by the end of this post, I’m confident you’ll know you need to do the same. Why? Well…

Ultimate Bundles Payout

Affiliates for Ultimate Bundles typically earn 40% of each sale they make, with contributors earning 70%. That means that if you contribute one of your products to a bundle selling for $97, you stand to earn nearly $700 for every 10 people who purchase the bundle through your link! And that’s just ONE bundle! And even if you don’t have anything to contribute, you still stand to earn an average of about $40 per bundle you sell.

ultimate bundles proof of payment

This is only an example of potential earnings and should not be taken as typical results.

Ultimate Bundles Discounts

One of the downsides to most affiliate programs is that you can’t earn a commission on your own purchases (lookin’ at you, Amazon…) Well, I’m happy to announce this is NOT the case with Ultimate Bundles. Not only do you get an automatic 40% discount on a bundle because you’re an affiliate, but if you sell 5 of those bundles, they will refund your purchase and you get the bundle FOR FREE. Pretty nifty, eh?

The Quality

Since learning of Ultimate Bundles, I’ve purchased three bundles: Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, The Ultimate Work at Home Bundle, and A Very Merry Gift Certificate Bundle. And I can promise you that each one of them was worth WELL beyond what I actually paid for them. The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit contained programs and courses I’d been wanting to buy for months – programs and courses worth well over $3,000!! – and I got it all for $97. Then there was the Holiday Bundle – $180 worth of gift certificates for only $15 – which led to my buying all sorts of gifts (for both myself and friends/family) while only having to spend a few extra dollars on shipping. It was AMAZING.

The Variety

No matter who your target market is, chances are Ultimate Bundles has a bundle for them. And if they haven’t yet, they probably will. They’re even open to suggestions!

Past bundles include:

  • The Ultimate Work at Home Bundle
  • The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle
  • The Ultimate Photography Bundle
  • Genius Blogger’s Toolkit
  • The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle
  • Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle
  • Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle
  • Parenting Super Bundle

Affiliate Marketing Help

Ultimate Bundles doesn’t just toss an affiliate link at you and send you on your merry way, oooh no. Instead they offer up HOURS of free education for all of their affiliates.

Don’t know what sort of blog post to write to promote a bundle? They’ll walk you through it.

Don’t know how to go about e-mail marketing? They’ll walk you through it.

Don’t even know where to start with it all? Yep, that’s right…they’ll walk you through it!

And this information they give to you isn’t just applicable to Ultimate Bundle sales, but to your blog strategies overall! And again – it’s FREE!!

Ultimate Bundles affiliate program - Click through to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing and Ultimate Bundles!

The Catch

Look at you, readin’ all the way through and still not sold. 😉 Okay, okay so there is a catch…sorta. The bundles are only available at certain times throughout the year – meaning if you don’t take the time to plan out an action plan for these sales, you’ll be left scrambling and won’t make nearly as many sales as you’re capable of during the sale window. That said – see above. Ultimate Bundles is always there to help and they even have a Facebook community available should you have questions or need additional support!

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for be an Ultimate Bundles Affiliate today!

10 Ways to Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Parent

10 Ways to Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Parent

Making money as a stay-at-home parent can be tricky; just finding ideas that are worth your time can be tricky but uh speaking of – who has the time to make money from home when you’ve got kids in need of your attention??

Now unless you’re planning to run your own business (like I do, as a blog mentor!) I want to provide to you today my list of the top ten ways to make money as a stay at home parent without having to start up a website. These are ways I myself have made extra cash when needed, especially when I was desperate to quit my “9-5” job. That said, the following may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive commission should you click through to the product/service and invest or subscribe. This comes at no extra cost to you and in no way impacts my opinion of the company. Plus it helps fund my ever-growing coffee habit.

How to Make Money as a Stay-at-Home Mom

How to make money from home, ways that actually work! Great for a stay at home mom.

1. Get Crafty

Etsy is constantly growing as a platform and is a great way to make money if you’re a crafty sort of person. Think about what sort of things you make that you friends compliment or what sort of products you’d absolutely love to show off to the world. Set your kids up with their own craft station to keep them occupied and then get to work. The possibilities are limitless! Just make sure it’s something you love to do, because like any other task, if you go for money first, passion second, you’ll probably find yourself burnt out before you even give yourself the chance to make a solid income.

Another option here that I’ve recently fallen in love with is Zazzle. With Zazzle, you can sell your own products (just like Etsy), but if you’re an artistic soul, you can also publish your designs through Zazzle, set your royalty rates, and DONE! How awesome is that?

2. Watch Other People’s Kids

Okay, I know this probably doesn’t sound quite as fun as the tip above but it can be a great way to socialize your own kids while making a bit of extra money. Just make extra sure that your house is “baby proofed” and that you’re incredibly clear with the parent paying you in what sort of house rules you have, what sort of food you’ll be serving, basically anything you yourself would want to know were you leaving your own children with a sitter.

Kids are such angels…15% of the time…

3. Type!

If you have a way with words and know how to type quickly, there are a number of ways in which you can make money from home. You can do closed-caption work for websites like Rev.com, do freelance work via Freelancer, or ghost writer for bloggers like me via TextBroker (which I talk more about how to do HERE!)

4. Click on Ads

Speaking of freelance sites, have you heard of Upwork Click? Now this site isn’t going to necessarily make you a livable income from home like some of the other ideas I suggest, but it’s easy to do and can net you a nice chunk of change each month. You’re basically paid anywhere from $.001 to $.01 to click through to ads they present to you and you have to stay on the page for a set amount of time, typically about 30 seconds; now I know that doesn’t sound like much but it’s a mindless activity and if you spend 3 hours/day watching TV or browsing Facebook on your phone, you could do this congruently and earn nearly passive income – at least enough to fund your own coffee addiction!

They also have offers in which you can be paid for signing up – much like InboxDollars (read how I make $50+/month from them HERE) – but I can’t validate the worthiness of those as I’ve yet to find anyway that appealed to me.

5. Sell Your Photos

Do you have a way with pictures? Head on over to Shutterstock and upload your photos! You won’t get rich overnight but the revenue can quickly add up with little effort on your part. For example, I’ve made $8 with one shot I took of our state capitol building. It’s obviously not a lot of money, but hey – it all adds up eventually!

6. Affiliate Marketing

Okay I know I said this would be a list that wouldn’t require a website but I’d be remiss to not mention this one – affiliate marketing!!

Affiliate marketing is something I mentioned in the disclaimer at the beginning of this post and many of my other posts – it’s a way for me to collect revenue by recommending certain products or services I love. Notice I say: that I LOVE. No blogger should ever promote a product or service they themselves don’t believe in. That said, my personal favorite affiliate platform is ShareASale, but there are many out there and it really depends on what sort of products or services you’re looking to promote. The easiest way to get started is to make a list of the products/services you already rave about and Google “product + affiliate” and see what comes up!

I do dive much deeper into affiliate marketing as a part of my Pintessential Planning Course so if this is something you’re interested in, I highly recommend clicking HERE to check it out!

7. Create an Online Course

Next up – obviously you too could create your own course! Both Teachable and Udemy are great options in terms of creating an online course. I wrote more about how I create/sell my own courses HERE, but if you’ve got a great idea that you know you can teach to others, there’s no reason not to get it out there and starting sharing your knowledge! And once again, this can eventually become nearly passive income, which is an absolute must for those of working from home!

8. Sell Your Clothes

Whoa stop taking off your shirt, I didn’t mean ALL your clothes. But if you have clothes – yours or the kids’ – that are just sitting in the closet, making clutter and collecting dust, then perhaps it’s time to get rid of ’em! You can sell through your local resale groups on Facebook, of course, but I recommend checking out Swap.com. They make it SO easy to send your stuff to them and then once it sells on their site, you get the cash. I love it! Plus if you find great deals at local garage sales in the warmer months, you can snatch ’em up and re-sell them for a profit. Great way to keep yourself in a steady cash flow all year ’round!

9. Shop Online

Okay, so maybe this one is a bit of a stretch, but it doesn’t have to be! There are two ways to go about this:

  1. Use Ibotta when shopping in-store to earn cash back on things you’re already buying anyway: milk, bread, eggs, etc. The great part about this is that it will link to any store loyalty cards you have so you literally don’t have to do anything beyond “unlocking” the discount and it’ll automatically register once the purchase is made. I’ve been using Ibotta for about a month at the time of this posting and thus far have made $56. Not bad considering I spent all of maybe 5 extra minutes earning it! And if you use my referral link, you’ll AUTOMATICALLY earn $10 after your first purchase. Doesn’t get much easier than that!
  2. Use Ebates. You’ll see this being a reoccurring theme in many of my posts, not because they’re paying me boatloads of cash to push them, but because I really do love this site that much. In just the past year, I’ve earned nearly $1,000 back. This past Black Friday, because I used Ebates, I was able to get a crockpot, waffle iron, and griddle from Kohls and I actually MADE money doing so. How cool is that?

One other “trick” when it comes to Ebates: when you do have to go out to shop, use “pick up in store” whenever possible. I’m a big fan of Lowe’s but it can be SO easy to lose track of time (and money!) there, especially when my two toddlers are with me. So rather than risk spending extra money I shouldn’t or losing the littlest toddler among the lawn mowers, I simply go online, order what I need through Ebates, and pick it up at the service desk while I’m out running other errands.

10. Show Off Your Skills

Are you great at public speaking? Or perhaps you’re fluent in French? Maybe you know how to crochet really well? Or you’re the best muffin maker in all the land? Whatever your talents, there’s no reason not to put them to use by teaching them to someone else! And I don’t mean doing an e-course, as previously discussed, I mean doing 1:1 sessions, similar to tutoring but typically even more in-depth. For me, I work as an efficiency strategist and blog mentor, running a site called TheLunarWoman.com. I teach people all about social media management, affiliate marketing, sales funnels, content strategies, time management – all the things that go into running a highly profitable, but not super stressful, online business. And you can do the same!

You don’t have to get crazy with it, just start by outlining a program idea, use a free system like Calendly to allow people to book appointments, and go from there! You can hold these sessions via Google Hangouts or Skype, and it’s a great way to make money on YOUR schedule while still having the time to focus on your kids and enjoy life as a whole.

Now there are of course other options that I didn’t cover in this article – such as using the one survey site I recommend (click HERE to find out which one it is!) – but these ten should get you well on your way to making money from home.

Any other ideas I missed as far as making money from home?

Do you have any experience with these programs? Which is your favorite?

How I Sold Out My First Online Course

How I Sold Out My First Online Course

When I first launched my blog, I had no idea I’d eventually find success through the creation of my own e-course.

It was November of 2015 and I’d hit the wall – fed up with spending what felt like mere minutes with my children each weeknight, working a job I less-than-loved, and only making $2.67/hr after daycare was factored out. It was enough.

So I launched ThriftyGuardian.com, a website dedicated to helping other parents learn to find the joy of freedom that life has to offer. It began as a way to share with others how I save money, manage my time, and “side hustle” (i.e. use sites like InboxDollars to make a few dollars each month).

As the site grew, though, I began to hear from readers that they wanted more; more information on how to better manage their time and a stronger hold on how to budget their finances.

Thus the creation of my first e-course “Life on a Budget” began and today I’d like to share with you how I sold out all 25 spots in the first six days (and did so without Facebook Ads!)

Please note there are some affiliate links below that may provide me with a commission should you click through to make a purchase; this in no way impacts my opinion of said products or services.

Create an online course and make money working from home by teaching online using platforms like Teachable

Step One to Creating a Profitable E-Course: Research

Prior to creating an e-course, the most important step is always the first: know your audience and what they want. If you’re not specific in who you’re trying to help with your course, you’ll flounder and flop. Do your research and take the time to figure out EXACTLY what results you’ll be providing your students.

There are many different ways to conduct market research, such as emailing your list or posting within Facebook groups, but one of the best ways is to simply check out Amazon.

Think of the books you’ve read while developing your knowledge of this niche and check out the reviews on Amazon. Note what people found to be incredibly helpful, what frustrated them, and what more they wanted from the author. I’ve found that when asking someone directly “What do you need?” they often struggle, but by perusing these reviews, you’re able to flesh out your research without putting anyone on the spot. People don’t always know what they need, and that’s where you come in.

Step Two to Creating a Profitable E-Course: Facebook Groups

When I launched my first e-course, I didn’t yet run my own Facebook group, so I had to really optimize my time spent in others. I created a calendar in Google Docs that helped me track which groups I was in and which allowed promos when. I then trimmed up the calendar to ensure I was only posting in four groups each day – any more than that and I struggled to engage (and there’s really no point in posting links within a group if you’re not willing to engage with others! No one likes a link-dropper!)

I also kept my Facebook profile private save for one public post – the post through which people could sign up to learn more about my e-course.

Step Three to Creating a Profitable E-Course: My “Small” E-mail List

Generally I do not recommend creating an e-course in the early stages of your business. Not only will your reach probably be lower than desirable, but an e-course is a LOT of work and if you see little ROI on it, you might burn out or feel inclined to quit.

Heh with that said, I didn’t have anyone like me telling me this a year ago. So I went for it and it paid off!

At the time I had an e-mail list of 117 people, but my open rate was about 40% and overall I had a pretty well engaged audience. Had this not been the case, I probably would’ve flopped. So keep this in mind as you begin to develop your own e-course – engage, engage, engage, prior to even thinking about making any sort of sale!

Step Four to Creating a Profitable E-Course: Actually create it!

Before you begin even thinking about pricing or marketing, you need decide on which platform you’ll run your course.

Options include:

  • Running it through your e-mail platform itself and hosting any videos you create through a site like Vimeo.
  • Having it directly on your website under a password-protected page.
  • Using an e-course platform, like Udemy or Teachable.

Personally I use Teachable and I love it! But the most important part is to keep in mind what will work for you and YOUR audience.

When it comes to what tech you may need, I personally use Powerpoint to create my slides and then ScreenCastoMatic to do the actual recording.

Speaking of recording, it’s incredibly important to use a microphone that’s high quality – I very much recommend you look into getting a Blue Snowball mic, it’s affordable but great quality. It’s also worth the extra $10 to invest in a Dragonpad.

If you plan to do any on-screen presentations in which you’ll need a webcam, the Logitech C920 is the best route to go.

Step Five to Creating a Profitable E-Course: Offer free insight first

In the last year, I’ve since run four different e-courses! Any time I get ready for those launches, I do a number of things to first rouse my audience’s interest and get them excited about what’s to come.

  1. Facebook lives. I LIVE for Facebook lives. It’s such a great way to quickly connect and show my audience exactly who I am and what my teaching style is like.
  2. I e-mail my list a new freebie, something related to the course that’s immediately actionable and quickly consumable, like a checklist or template.
  3. I hold at least two free webinars. And if you’ve ever attended one of these, you know that these are ACTUAL trainings, not a long drawn out sales pitch. I fully believe in giving as much value as possible, knowing there is always more to share.
  4. I have the outline uploaded and ready to go, so that if anyone is interested in the course prior to my even launching it, then can see the exact modules and tutorials I’ll be offering.

And that’s it! Again, it is a LOT of work, more than any thousand-word article can cover, but it’s completely do-able and e-courses can be such an amazing way to make money. And if you ARE smart with your Pinterest strategy (as I cover in my latest course), you’ll be able to turn that course into nearly passive income by only having to spend about 30 minutes/week marketing via Pinterest to see income from your online course.

Have you started your e-course yet? Comment below with a link, I’d love to check it out!