From Busy Mom to Freelance Writer in 9 Easy Steps

From Busy Mom to Freelance Writer in 9 Easy Steps

Being a stay-at-home-mom is a rewarding job, but the pay is garbage!

So what do you do when you want to remain at home with your children, but…

the money is tight…

the budget is s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d to the limit…

couponing is getting you nowhere fast…

and you just don’t have enough to go around…?

You start a business.

Today’s post is brought to you by Tiffany A. Ingle of Taingled Web – 

I know what you’re thinking: “Me, start a business? I don’t have a degree! My kids need too much attention! I’ve been out of the workforce too long. I don’t have time!”

Listen, Mama – I understand how you feel. I’ve been there! But excuses don’t pay the bills.  And I can assure you that, yes, even you can start a business.

To be clear – when I say business, I’m definitely not talking about joining some slimy MLM and selling to your warm market (a.k.a. harassing your family and close friends to spend their hard earned cash on overpriced makeup, oils, wraps, and shakes). Those businesses are founded upon an unsustainable model that is designed to enrich a tiny percentage of folks at the top while everyone else loses money more often than not.

What if I were to tell you there’s a skill you already possess that could earn your family an additional 4 or 5 figures every single month? Not only that, you already do it every day…for free.

If you guessed writing, you deserve a gold star.

The time you currently spend keeping boredom at bay at social media watering holes could be used to begin a satisfying and profitable business as a freelance writer.

Best of all, this is a business you can start with very little money. All it requires is the ability to string a decent sentence together, perseverance, the ability to research, and creativity.

The following is a basic guide to getting your freelance writing business up and running. If you put these steps into practice, you will be headed on the right path toward a brighter financial future.

1) Set your mind to it

Attitude is everything. Treat your business seriously from the get-go. You’ve got to make some mental adjustments in order to step into your new reality as a work from home mom.

First, audit your schedule! Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. While it is true there are some who can afford to buy more time in the form of hired help, even a mompreneur (that’s you!) can carve out time by trading non-essential activities for business building habits.

That reality show you use to escape the realities of never-ending housework? Out the window. Your favorite, addictive social media game? Kiss it goodbye.

Remember why you’re doing this. How would it change your life if you had an extra $1,000-5,000 or more each month? With hard work, this is how much you could be making with freelance writing.

2) Pick a specialty (niche)

Writers who are very knowledgeable about certain topics or writing styles make more money and find more work than general writers. The best specialties are those which pay high rates, draw upon skills you have, that you would be interested in learning about.

Were you a programmer before leaving the workforce? You could make a killing as a tech writer. Spent 5 years as a financial advisor? Ka-ching! That’s the sound of you cashing in as a freelance finance writer.

There are various writing niches you could explore, but I am focusing on business blogging in this post. Learn how to write in more technical styles and you can really cash in!

3) Develop your craft

You do not have to have a degree in English or Communications (or a degree at all) to be a successful freelance writer, but you do need to know how to write reasonably well.

Brush up on your grammar with The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation (available 100% FREE online) and hunt down a copy of The Elements of Style by Strunk & White.

Select a few top blogs in your niche to read daily so you will become familiar with the type of style you should use. Studying good copy will make you a stronger writer.

4) Re-purpose social media

Social media can be very powerful tools for business. Make sure you have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and anywhere else your potential customers are likely to hang out.

Most importantly, set up a Linkedin profile. A Linkedin account is a must-have for freelance writers to connect with bloggers and business owners who will pay for your services. You could even find a mentor in the form of a more experienced writer who has been in your shoes.

5) Create samples

Once you have picked your specialty (or niche), it’s time to brainstorm various topics that relate to your field. Try to come up with at least 30 ideas for possible posts.

If you get stuck, try doing a Google search for blogs in the same field. Pay attention to the types of posts and other content being shared most frequently.

Whatever you do, don’t plagiarize! Take notes about what appears to work and try to incorporate those elements into your own writing.

Produce three samples that are 750-1000 words in length (the longer, the better). Does that number make you pause? I’m willing to bet you write more than that on social media or via text on a daily basis.

A word on how to format your samples:

Research how to write for the web. Make your pieces easy to scan. Use lots of white space, bullet points, section headers, and ellipses. Stick with simpler language and short paragraphs with no more than 2-4 sentences each.

Use tools like Grammarly and Hemingway to check the spelling, grammar, and readability of your pieces.

After you’ve written your sample, take a break from it for 24 hours. Re-read it out loud and listen to how the words flow. If anything sounds awkward while you’re saying it, it’ll be awkward for others to read it.

Get a second pair of eyes on your copy to catch anything you may have missed (your spouse is a good candidate).

6) Create your website

You’ve got to market your services in order to begin making money. Your own website is the best way to introduce the world to your amazing skills.

This is where you will end up having to spend some cash on your business. You can get away with a free option in the beginning but plan to save some money to have a proper website built for you or to purchase the tools you need to do it yourself (no coding required, unless you like that sort of thing). A professional website is not that expensive and it can go a long way towards getting you high paying writing jobs.

To start, a free portfolio on Contently or on will work. If you have a little money to spend each month, you may want to look into Squarespace.

7) Guest Post

Remember that list you made of blogs in your industry (see step 3)? Get it out again and check to see whether they are accepting guest posters. You are going to use your samples to showcase your abilities and land the writing opportunities you need to beef up your portfolio.

Aim for 3-5 solid guest posts on established blogs. When the posts are live, be sure to share your work on social media.

Include 3-4 images to go with the piece you’ve written. You can find free pictures on,, and

Warning: Artists provide their work for free on these sites, but some do require to be credited if their work is used. Don’t get into legal trouble here.

Support the points you make in your post by linking to reputable sources. Notice I have done that throughout this post. Not only is linking out a good way to support what you are saying, it is also a good way to optimize your content for search engines.

8) Cold Pitch

Now that you’ve got a nice portfolio with live, bylined posts, it’s time to pitch for paid opportunities. Set a goal to send 5-10 cold pitches daily during nap time. Make sure to include links to your best pieces and propose a piece you think would be great for the blog for which you’d like to write.


Important-make sure you’ve researched whether someone has already written about your proposed topic. Do a search on google for “[proposed topic]” site:[]to find out. If someone has covered your topic, think of something else to write.


Keep track of where you are pitching and remember to follow up. Editors and business owners are busy people. Remember, today’s “no” could be tomorrow’s “yes”. Check in periodically with blogs that have turned you down in the past to see if there are current opportunities that are a better fit.

Become a freelance writer


9) Improve Continuously

Good writers keep improving their abilities. You don’t need a degree, but you do need to develop yourself with ongoing training.

Get a library card and check out books on writing.Use that same library card to get a free account on to learn skills you need to run a business.

Udemy has regular sales of courses for as low as $10. Subscribe to their mailing list so you can catch the next one. Try to pick up some (or all) of Shani Raja’s courses when they are discounted. Thank me later.

Some of the best writing courses for first-time freelancers also have pretty affordable payment plan options:

Write to 1k

Killer Cold Emailing

Earn More Writing

Subscribe to the newsletters from the following blogs and put what you read into practice:


Writers in Charge

Freelancer FAQs

Feeling overwhelmed?

Take a deep breath. The journey to build a business is a marathon, not a sprint. Take your time and do it the right way.

Every business requires hard work and investment to grow. Ultimately, you will get out of this experience what you put into it.

The ball’s in your court! What changes are you going to make in your schedule to make financial freedom a reality? I want to hear from you in the comments!



Tiffany A Ingle is a content marketing strategist and B2B blogger for hire running the one woman show known as Taingled Web. She’s also a wife and homeschooling mother of two. She’d love it if you would say hi on Twitter@taingledweb.

Making Money Through EBay

Making Money Through EBay

eBay is the most searched platform for buyers looking to buy items be it new, old or vintage. It’s easier to shop on, you get what you want delivered to your door step and you don’t have to dress up, go out to multiple stores to find what you are looking for. You must be wondering why I’m giving you all this information? That’s because, you too can make money with eBay by selling to other consumers if you really try.

(Today’s post is brought to you by Garima Talreja, the hearts and brains behind Curious Babe)

One of the easiest ways to make money on eBay is to sell items you don’t use anymore, your old clothes, that corner table gathering dust or your old shoes. Why let old stuff lay around the house, occupy more space when you can sell them on eBay, make money and buy new things?

On my trip to India a few months back, I saw a television ad which was promoting a “6 month break up” challenge. They were encouraging people to get rid of anything they haven’t used in last 6 months because statistically if you haven’t used them for 6 months, it’s likely that you won’t use them in future as well. So why not declutter your house and wardrobe and make some money?

Let’s talk about selling clothes on eBay —

More than anything, what keeps accumulating in our closet are clothes. Some are impulse purchases, others don’t fit us any more or may be out of season now. The best way to decide what to throw and what to keep is to ask yourself – if you had to shop right now, and saw this item on shelf would you buy it? If the answer is no, the item goes out!

Start small, pick one drawer and find out clothes to discard, once you have them, follow the following steps –

Step 1 – Research on eBay to evaluate the market for your garment. You can do so by checking on completed or sold listings to see what keywords are being used in association to it and how much are sellers selling them for.

Step 2 – Dry clean / wash and iron your garments. You can replace the missing buttons if you have extras lying around in the house, get any stains off it and ensure that it is in the best possible condition. This would help you get the price you’ll demand for.

Step 3 – Take clear and quality pictures of your garments. This is one of the most important steps to make a sale online. Since your customer can’t feel or touch your clothes, your pictures are going to attract them to open your listing and check it out.

When taking pictures, laying them down on a table or a floor with a white background. If you don’t have one, you can use a white sheet or board as base. Then, take pics from all angles – front, back, neck and prints / patches or anything you feel is worth highlighting. Also take pictures of any defects in the item. This way you don’t have anything to hide and the buyer would not return the item or do a case on you for false or misleading information.

Always take pictures in daylight, this will enhance the natural colors of your clothing. If you still feel there’s not enough light and your pictures have come out dark, clean them by using editing software. I always prefer to use Picasa, it’s a free editing software and you can download it online.

*Note – When editing, make sure that the image size is 500 x 500 px or more as required by eBay.

Step 4 – Once you’ve taken the pictures, your next task is to write down the measurements and other details like color, cloth material, size, pockets etc. Include anything and everything you feel is relevant to your clothes and the buyer should know about. Remember, buyers don’t necessarily like surprises therefore, it’s better to provide them with all the information to avoid returns and refunds.

Step 5 – Now that you have the pictures and the details of your garment, it’s time to list your item on eBay.

Make sure your title is clear and contains all the necessary keywords like brand name, size, color etc. E.g. – Blue Cotton On Jeans For Women Size 30 High Waist

Add the item specifics and describe the condition of your garment. You can also add the reason for sale in the condition description, thereby making an emotional connection with your buyer. In the description box, write all the information you jotted down in step 4.

Use the information from research in step 1 to figure out if you want to sell your item at Buy It Now or Auction it. Looking at similar items will also help you decide how much you can / should sell it for. Don’t forget to add eBay (10%) and PayPal fees (2.9% + $0.3) to your final price to avoid paying for it from your pocket.

For shipping with used products, it’s best to keep it domestic. My advice would be to add the cost of shipping to your selling price and offer Free Shipping. Statistics has shown that 46% of customers cancel their orders if there is no free shipping, whereas, 75% of the customers will purchase more when there is free shipping included. Select the standard shipping option and handling time for up to 2 days.

Voila! You’ve made your eBay first listing and ready to make some money!

Answer any queries that come your way from consumers and when the item is sold, secure it in nicely, add a “Thank You” note to your buyer, put it in a box and ship it. Once you do so, add the tracking number in your listing and leave a feedback.

Repeat the steps to sell out old items lying around in the house and make more space for new ones while making more money.

Have you ever sold anything on eBay before? Comment below and let me know!



My name is Garima Talreja and I’m the hearts and brains behind Curious Babe. It’s an online community for emerging women entrepreneurs who want to start their own online business. I got started selling on eBay when I moved to Melbourne in summer of 2014. It’s been a long and interesting journey from selling old items to now dropshipping new products from multiple suppliers online. My mission is to help other women who want to start their own e-commerce business and make money whilst spending time with their family. Find me on Facebook, follow me on Instagram, and let’s connect on Pinterest!



Making Money with Ultimate Bundles

Making Money with Ultimate Bundles

Ultimate Bundles is one that more and more bloggers are becoming familiar with – and for good reason! If you’ve read my post on affiliate marketing, you’re well aware that there are a number of options and routes to take when it comes to making money with affiliate marketing; that said, let me stop you right now and let you in on the one affiliate program you should join TODAY —

Ultimate Bundles Review

ultimate bundles review post

Now obviously I do want to throw a disclaimer in there that I am in fact an affiliate for them so should you sign up, I’ll earn commission, but this post was meant to be either way. They’re just that good.

(Don’t need anything more than my word? Aww, shucks, you sweet potato, you…sign up here to become an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles!)

Ultimate Bundles affiliate program - Click through to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing and Ultimate Bundles!

What is Ultimate Bundles?

Ultimate Bundles is a company that puts together HUGE bundles of e-books, courses, product discounts, and more – and they put them together in such a way that saves their customers literally THOUSANDS of dollars.

Now I first heard of Ultimate Bundles when the Genius Bloggers’ Toolkit was launched last year. This toolkit was a game changer for me and I absolutely fell in love with Ultimate Bundles. I knew I had to become an affiliate! And by the end of this post, I’m confident you’ll know you need to do the same. Why? Well…

Ultimate Bundles Payout

Affiliates for Ultimate Bundles typically earn 40% of each sale they make, with contributors earning 70%. That means that if you contribute one of your products to a bundle selling for $97, you stand to earn nearly $700 for every 10 people who purchase the bundle through your link! And that’s just ONE bundle! And even if you don’t have anything to contribute, you still stand to earn an average of about $40 per bundle you sell.

ultimate bundles proof of payment

This is only an example of potential earnings and should not be taken as typical results.

Ultimate Bundles Discounts

One of the downsides to most affiliate programs is that you can’t earn a commission on your own purchases (lookin’ at you, Amazon…) Well, I’m happy to announce this is NOT the case with Ultimate Bundles. Not only do you get an automatic 40% discount on a bundle because you’re an affiliate, but if you sell 5 of those bundles, they will refund your purchase and you get the bundle FOR FREE. Pretty nifty, eh?

The Quality

Since learning of Ultimate Bundles, I’ve purchased three bundles: Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, The Ultimate Work at Home Bundle, and A Very Merry Gift Certificate Bundle. And I can promise you that each one of them was worth WELL beyond what I actually paid for them. The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit contained programs and courses I’d been wanting to buy for months – programs and courses worth well over $3,000!! – and I got it all for $97. Then there was the Holiday Bundle – $180 worth of gift certificates for only $15 – which led to my buying all sorts of gifts (for both myself and friends/family) while only having to spend a few extra dollars on shipping. It was AMAZING.

The Variety

No matter who your target market is, chances are Ultimate Bundles has a bundle for them. And if they haven’t yet, they probably will. They’re even open to suggestions!

Past bundles include:

  • The Ultimate Work at Home Bundle
  • The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle
  • The Ultimate Photography Bundle
  • Genius Blogger’s Toolkit
  • The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle
  • Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle
  • Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle
  • Parenting Super Bundle

Affiliate Marketing Help

Ultimate Bundles doesn’t just toss an affiliate link at you and send you on your merry way, oooh no. Instead they offer up HOURS of free education for all of their affiliates.

Don’t know what sort of blog post to write to promote a bundle? They’ll walk you through it.

Don’t know how to go about e-mail marketing? They’ll walk you through it.

Don’t even know where to start with it all? Yep, that’s right…they’ll walk you through it!

And this information they give to you isn’t just applicable to Ultimate Bundle sales, but to your blog strategies overall! And again – it’s FREE!!

Ultimate Bundles affiliate program - Click through to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing and Ultimate Bundles!

The Catch

Look at you, readin’ all the way through and still not sold. 😉 Okay, okay so there is a catch…sorta. The bundles are only available at certain times throughout the year – meaning if you don’t take the time to plan out an action plan for these sales, you’ll be left scrambling and won’t make nearly as many sales as you’re capable of during the sale window. That said – see above. Ultimate Bundles is always there to help and they even have a Facebook community available should you have questions or need additional support!

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up for be an Ultimate Bundles Affiliate today!

How to Earn $2,200 This Month in Your Spare Time!

How to Earn $2,200 This Month in Your Spare Time!

Are you hoping to earn some extra cash online but you’re not sure where to start? These days, it seems like you need some sort of “side hustle” just to get by, especially if you’re starting out on your own adventure working from home. If you could use a little cash to help make ends meet (or if you just want a little extra to pay for the ‘little extras’), I’ve got nine money-making apps that you should know about.

Without much effort at all (beyond a trip to the Play Store, of course), you can start on the road to a fun part-time money-making gig, all the way to a full-on supplemental income. Just so you know – there are some affiliate links below, but only because I 100% support the companies I choose to endorse (this in no way impacts your investment and often times actually HELPS you with a bonus!)

Money-Making Apps: My Top 4 Choices

While all of the apps in this article are great, these were the money-making apps that got the highest overall ratings from when it came to the following categories:

  • Ease of Use
  • Rate of Purchases (or Activity) vs. Rewards
  • Frequency of Rewards (As well as how quickly they are issued by each app)

Without further ado, let’s take a look at these bank account boosting apps…


ShopTracker is an easy-to-use money-making app where you simply allow them access to non-personal information about your online shopping history in exchange for points. It’s operated by The Harris Poll, so believe me – it’s totally legit! It takes all of 30 seconds to install and once it’s done – you’re good to go! You’ll earn $3/month, starting RIGHT NOW if you sign up today. And that’s it – $36+/year for a minute of work!


With more people choosing to enable ad-blocking technology every year, simply choosing to view advertisements can make you money. How cool is that?? With SlideJoy, you allow the app access to your phone’s lock screen. Each time you check or unlock your phone, you’ll see a targeted ad, and each time you do, you’ll get points. You can later cash these in for rewards, or even cash them out through PayPal. I earn an average of $10 every 2 months. $60/year for doing nothing I’m not already doing? Yes please!
Make money online with these ten amazing money-making apps!


If you’ve been here before, you know that if you only join one of these programs – EBATES. IS. IT! Ebates gives you rewards for online purchases you’d make at over 2,000 stores you’re already shopping at anyway. In addition, Ebates can help save you a lot of money with coupon codes, special promotions, and more. It’s compatible with every device, so you’ve got no excuse not to give Ebates a try. You can read more about how I’ve earned thousands with Ebates by clicking here, or simply sign up here and get an extra $10 in your account now! Sign up and you too can earn $1,000+ year by doing nothing!
Make money online with these ten amazing money-making apps!


Imagine getting paid money for the things you would normally do on the web anyhow–that’s just what InboxDollars offers; they are an online loyalty club that rewards members who take surveys, try out new apps, purchase Groupons, and more. You can read more about how I’ve earned money with InboxDollars here or go ahead and sign up now by clicking here!
Review of InboxDollars, InboxDollars payment

More Money-Making Apps: Honorable Mentions

The following are also all great money-making apps; some are just a little more specifically tailored so they don’t have quite as broad of an appeal. Don’t let that deter you, though – these are all apps I personally use to supplement my income!


If you love coupons, get ready for something even better with Ibotta, the app that offers cash-back rewards for the products that you buy the most. All you need to do is buy the specific featured product from one of many different locations, take a picture of your receipt, and you’re on your way to cash! My one hang-up with Ibotta is that they don’t really fit well with all the shopping I do at Aldi. Still, I’ve managed to make $50+ this year thus far, so I can’t complain too much!
Make money online with these ten amazing money-making apps!


Do you have a closet, garage, or storage unit that’s packed to the gills? It’s time to download LetGo, an app that lets you simply snap a picture of the item you want to sell, type in a description, and puts it up for sale so you can find an interested buyer in your area. It’s like classified ads or Craigslist, but much better, because you can rate and review sellers and you can communicate directly through the app so no personal information is exchanged. It’s a great way to make some money decluttering your own life while also (hopefully) finding some much-needed stuff for yourself at a discount!


Achievement is based around a fascinating concept: it is an app for people who want to commit to healthier lifestyle choices, such as eating healthier and exercising more. Users can answer survey questions and track their fitness, and will then receive points they can redeem for cash! Sign up for Achievement now (it’s FREE!)


In the same vein as our previous entry, StepBet is a walking-oriented app that communicates with FitBit, S Health, or Google Fit technology. By setting goals for yourself, you can win cash rewards when you meet or exceed progressively harder challenges. I’ve lost weight using similar apps before (like HealthyWage!) I mean seriously – is there anything better than being PAID to LOSE WEIGHT?? I did a StepBet last month and I “only” won like $13 but it definitely motivated me to stay active and goodness knows staying active is key to avoiding pricey medical bills! And if I did that consistently, I’d be looking at $100+/year!
Make money online with these ten amazing money-making apps!


What if there was a reliable, steady second job that you could qualify for within days? Becoming an Uber driver is one of the simplest career choices you can make, but it’s also surprisingly fun and lucrative. If you’ve got a driving record and a car that meet’s Uber’s requirements, it’s easy to get started and you could be well on your way to making $50 today!

Most Important Takeaways

A few years ago, the idea of making money online might have seemed a little far-fetched; thankfully, it’s now a reality. No matter the level of time commitment you’re able to put in or how your schedule may vary, you can still get great cash rewards for your opinions, a willingness to check out different websites and advertisements, or even your ability to drive a car!

By shopping a little smarter (and saving certain purchases until they can earn you a maximized rebate), you can start using your smartphone to your advantage. These nine apps are simple enough for anyone to sign up with and start making some cash ASAP! Try any of them out, and we know you’ll be surprised how quickly you can start earning some pretty impressive cash rewards.

What’s YOUR favorite way to make money online?

Comment below and let me know!

Affiliate Marketing – How to Make $1,000+ Every Month

Affiliate Marketing – How to Make $1,000+ Every Month

Every month, I make money with affiliate marketing and since quitting my 9-5 to be a work-at-home mom, it’s become an even more important part of my overall business plan. If you have a blog, you too should be using affiliate marketing as a way to bolster your overall profits.

You’ve probably noticed many of my posts include a disclaimer regarding affiliate marketing and today’s post is no different – the links within may be affiliate links, which means if you click through to make an investment, I receive commission at no additional cost to you.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is exactly as it appears within my disclaimer – it’s an opportunity for you to promote products or services in exchange for commission or part of the sale. You can promote these products or services through sponsored posts, ad images directly on your site, or links within content of your own creation.

When you join an affiliate program, you get a tracking link that’s completely unique to you which you’ll then put on your website. When a reader clicks through to make a purchase, you’ll earn money!

Now it of course sounds a lot easier than it actually is, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today – exactly how to make it easier on yourself to get those readers to click through and to generate nearly-passive income.

Affiliate Marketing Program Options

First, there’s the pay per lead option (PPL). Certain affiliate programs will pay you for a referred visitor, whether or not they make a monetary investment. An example here would be Share-A-Sale, an affiliate platform which pays should I refer people to use it, regardless of whether or not they actually end up using the affiliate links.

Then there’s the pay per sale option (PPS), which is of course much more common. This is when someone makes a purchase through your link and you then receive commission or part of the sale in return. An example here would be referring people to sign up for Amazon Prime.

Read the ToS

Speaking of Amazon and any other affiliate company you work with, you really want to make sure you read over their Terms of Service prior to beginning any sort of promotion. I say “speaking of Amazon” because they are understandably one of the more strict companies in terms of how you can promote. For example, with Amazon, you cannot promote directly via Pinterest or any social media platforms, for that matter. If they shut down your account for a violation, you’ll lose any and all profits.

Along those same lines, you also want to make sure you stay compliant with the Federal Trade Commission’s law on disclosure; basically you cannot put out an affiliate link without first making sure your readers know it’s an affiliate link. Hence my disclaimers being obvious and always before any links.

Mind Your Links

Lastly, in terms of rules and guidelines, make sure your affiliate links are “no-follow” so that you keep Google happy.

“Follow” links are ones often used within things like guest posts to benefit the site to which you’re linking and help them in terms of SEO. It’s essentially you supporting them on your website and saying they’re a trustworthy domain worthy of showing up in search results, which will then result in the “Google bot” following that link to that next site. So “no-follow” links are links within your post that do not directly benefit that which you’re linking to and will prevent a site crawler from leaving your page to go to theirs.

Google doesn’t like it if you’re getting paid, or potentially getting paid, and also benefiting the site that pays you. That would basically be like getting paid to say a site is trustworthy and that could get real icky, real quick.

Get Started with Affiliate Marketing

How do I decide who to become an affiliate for?

First, think about the products and services you’re always telling your friends and family about. Even if they don’t necessarily seem like they’d relate to your blog, make note of them.

Then take a look at which of your posts see the most traffic – are there already products or services in there that could be affiliate links? If not, could there be?

As you grow in your affiliate marketing journey, you’ll find it becomes easier to come up with products and services you love that you in turn want to share with your audience.

Stay Honest

Along those lines, when working in affiliate marketing, whether you’ve been doing it for years or didn’t even know what it was prior to this article, you’ll only want to recommend products and services that you genuinely stand behind. For example, I actually had a hosting site reach out to me a few months, asking me to be an affiliate for them. Now I don’t host with them nor had I heard good things about them, but they DO pay really well and I can see how that’s a draw for some. Don’t be a part of that some. Don’t let the potential profits outweigh your morals; it’ll only damage you and your reputation in the long run.

And if you’re trying to figure out where to find companies to be affiliates for, check out ShareASale – they’re my go-to resource for almost every affiliate I’m a part of!

Another great company to check out (especially for bloggers) is Ultimate Bundles. If you’ve never heard of them, definitely take a peak at my Ultimate Bundles Review!

I’m an affiliate – Now What?

Download this free worksheet and keep a list of the affiliate programs you participate in. You’ll want to track the company name, the products/services offered, unique links given to you, and any extra special rules (i.e. no social media posts)

Get your links placed –

The first step is to post links within already-created posts. As I mentioned earlier, take a look at your most popular posts and see if you’re already recommending products or services that you could be an affiliate marketer for. Not sure how to find out? Simply go to Google and type in “(product/service) affiliate” – 90% of the programs I’m a part of were found by doing that.

Next, create a gift guide. Now maybe you think that wouldn’t be applicable for your niche, but you’d be surprised! Pick out a quality of your readers (or you yourself) and create a holiday-related gift guide based on that. Examples would be “Top 10 Perfect Christmas Gifts for the Graphic Designer in Your Life” or “5 Unique Gift Ideas for Bloggers” or “8 Fun Gifts for Dog-Lovers!” Check out my Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Dad for an example!

Affiliate Posting Ideas

Use social media! Don’t put out affiliate links every single day, but if you’re sharing an article that contains an affiliate link, it would be wise of you to first post the article and then a few hours later, share the direct affiliate link. Stand behind the products and services you love, just don’t overdo it!

You can also write a tutorial or list. For example, I wrote this post on Overrated Baby Items and Their Thrifty Replacements. It’s a post I know benefits my readers, but it’s also one in which I can plug affiliate links where applicable.

Lastly, write a review of what happened before/after using the product or service. Personally, I *LOVE* Tailwind as a blogger – like seriously not sure how I’d function without it. So of course I wrote a review of it and shared not only how it shaved 10 hours/week off my marketing time, but I included my referral link, which gives my readers a free month but also benefits me in terms of commission.

As I wrote earlier, I know it’s one of those “simple but not easy” sort of things. Affiliate marketing is NOT a get rich quick scheme nor does it work for everyone in terms of generating a decent return on (time) invested, but it can net you some extra cash, particularly if you’re seeking financial freedom or simply want to work from home.

Have you tried out affiliate marketing yet?

Comment below, I’d love to know!