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Is Swagbucks worth my time? My dear readers, if there’s one thing I can promise you, it’s that I will NEVER choose money over you.

Swagbucks Review

More than anything, I want to share you the ways to get out of debt, build your wealth, and spend more time with your loved ones. Yes, I do share affiliate and referral links, but they are all companies or products that I stand behind 100%.

That said, I want to warn you – SAY NO TO SWAG!


I recently tried out Swagbucks as recommended by a fellow finance blogger. Sad to say, I will no longer be following her blog.

Swagbucks Malware

Not only did it mess with my browser settings, but it came with a lot of hidden malware. Now it may have been a coincidence, but shortly after installing the Swagbucks pin, my Facebook was hacked. I like to think of myself as a savvy internet user, so I know I didn’t clink any suspicious links or visit unreliable sites; the only thing different about my day was Swagbucks. If you made the mistake of downloading Swagbucks, I highly recommend you pull it from your computer now and run a malware scan.

Legit Survey Sites

The only two survey sites I stand behind right now are InboxDollars and SurveySaavy. They don’t spam you, there’s no hidden junk that’ll mess with your computer, and you can actually make money.

Swagbucks claims that there’s no way the malware came from their site (this was in the same e-mail that they offered to pay me in the hopes that I’d “rewrite” this post and show them in a better light) but I’ve heard from multiple others that they experienced the same issues.

I can’t tell you what to do (obviously) nor can I say with 100% certainty (just 99.9999%) that Swagbucks caused the malware issues. Regardless, I feel it’s not worth the risk, particularly when you’re unlikely to make much money.

My advice is this – say no to Swagbucks and spend your time on something worthwhile!