Maintaining strong bonds with people who aren’t right in front of you or you don’t naturally see every day can be difficult. When it’s family, however, it’s essential. If you love someone, you need to go out of your way to maintain a close connection by regularly calling, visiting, and even planning things with them. This can be hard for adult children in normal circumstances, but it can feel even more daunting when their parents relocate to a care home.

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It doesn’t need to. In fact, if your parents are in a care home, you don’t need to worry as much about things like caring for their health, making sure they stay active, or that they’re enjoying themselves properly. You’ll actually have more space emotionally to just enjoy quality time together!

It may feel difficult to maintain a regular routine when it comes to staying close when you have work, your own kids, and a million other issues to contend with on a day-to-day basis. That’s why these tips are designed to help make staying close feel easy.

Help Them Choose the Best Care Home Near You

Unless you want the stress of hearing about sub-par food, activities, and a host of other issues, you’re going to want to help your parents find, choose, and afford the best care home available in your budget near you. Doing your due diligence here and choosing an option like this Signature Care home at Highgate will give your parents access to hotel-like amenities and surroundings, multiple dining options, and a full roster of social activities, workshops, and exercises to keep them busy throughout the day. If you know they’re well cared for and they are enjoying themselves, then the pressure is taken off, and you can instead just enjoy talking to or hanging out with your family member or members. 

Call Them Regularly 

At a minimum, you should be calling your loved one as often as possible. This could be for just a few minutes every day, or it could be for an hour or two once a week. You two will need to work out a schedule that best fits you. For best results, video call or even video conference rather than just use the phone. Seeing a person and their expressions is massively important for bonding, so long as it’s accessible for you both to do so. Even texting is a great idea since it lets you chime in easily with off-hand thoughts and ideas without taking too much time out of either of your busy days.

Make Plans 

The best way to make sure you see your loved one on a regular basis is to make plans with them. Schedule a dinner over at yours, go out to see a movie, plan a family day, or even book a holiday. It is important to do these things in advance, especially holidays since you can typically inform the care home in advance and get a reduction in price for that week or so you’re away since you aren’t using the services. In general, however, planning in advance gives you both something to look forward to and lets you make new memories together, which are crucial for staying close. 

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