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It’s time to toss off the blankets, shake off the dust, and throw open those windows – SPRING IS HERE!! And with Spring comes the spring cleaning tradition. Spring cleaning, though, doesn’t have to be an arduous chore that you dread. Oh no! Spring cleaning can in fact be fun and DOESN’T have to take all day!

Spring Cleaning Tips

Save time with your spring cleaning fun by…

Not Multitasking

For many people, the thought of spring cleaning sounds daunting. Because it seems like so much to handle, many people prefer to take the position of a frantic person who tackles the entire house at once. Truthfully, this is a very hard feat to accomplish. As you begin the task of spring cleaning, it’s best to make a list and figure out what tasks you’ll need to accomplish and in what order. Then, take it one room at a time.

Take It By Room

Some people take the method of doing one step for each room in the house. For example, some people might think it’s wise to dust the entire house at one time and vacuum the entire house at one time. When it comes to spring cleaning, it’s best to take it room by room. When you focus on one room and complete it, it’ll give you more motivation to continue on the other rooms. Once you focus, it’s also easier to get the job done in a shorter period of time. It’s also good to take the size of your home into consideration.

Use All Purpose Items

Using all-purpose items will help you focus on covering more area at a quicker pace. And when I say “all-purpose”, I don’t mean you have to go the chemical route! There are many DIY ideas to make spring cleaning easier. Personally, I mix a 1:1 ratio of white vinegar:water with the juice from half a lemon and a few drops of tea tree oil in a spray bottle and go to town. Just make sure you spot test your surfaces first! There are many uses for vinegar, but my favorite is definitely the way you can clean with it.

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Be realistic about the time you’ll need to clean

Take an honest look at each of the rooms in your home. Consider the decluttering benefits and then the deep cleaning process. Once you factor all of those things in, create a timeline. If you really want to save time and still get your home clean, you might have to do it all in increments. Those dust bunnies aren’t going to go without a fight!
Your home didn’t become cluttered and messy overnight. Please keep this in mind as you progress through your cleaning adventure and don’t let the length of the process deter you from getting it done! Things piled up in your home during the fall and winter months, it happens to the best of us. It may take a few weeks during the spring season to get everything as clean as you’d really like it to be. Take a look at your schedule and carve out some time to really focus on one room at a time, even if it means only getting one room done every few days! If you just spend twenty minutes each day for seven days, you can fully deep clean at least one room in your house.

Open the windows

When the temperature drops during the cooler months, it makes sense to seal the windows (or use bubblewrap!) When you seal the windows, the heat stays in the home and keeps the cold air from seeping through. During the warmer months, it’s time for fresh air. Your home needs a good amount of circulation on a daily basis. Get into the habit of opening the windows for 15 minutes a day. Not only will this practice allow proper air circulation to happen, it’ll also make the home seem fresher and cleaner without much work.

In a lot of cases, people have more things than they really need. If you were to get rid of all of the things you really don’t use, your home might end up spic and span. A thorough decluttering job can make a major difference. Before you start to dust, mop and sweep — declutter. Once you declutter each room, you’ll find that you don’t have to spend as much time with the cleaning process. You can give things away to the local thrift store or donate items to charities. You could even get the kids to help declutter!

You could host a garage sale and sell your old, unused items, You might even want to give items away to family members and friends. Otherwise, dump the things you don’t use and give your home some breathing room.

Get the family involved

Many hands make work light. When you have a few people working on one job, things will get done faster. If you have a few children, don’t shy away from getting them involved in some way. They could do something as simple as pulling out the toys they no longer play with.If your spouse has a ton of clothes, ask them to go through the pile and get clear about what they don’t need anymore.

If you live by yourself, consider asking a friend to come over and help you for a the afternoon. Not only will this method help you save time, it’ll also help you save energy. Besides, spring cleaning might be a cool time to create new memories with those you’re cleaning with!

The annual ritual of spring cleaning might feel arduous and long. However, by using these tips, you’ll position yourself to really enjoy the fruit of your labor. Once you start a project, do your best to complete. Your home will be healthier and more beautiful place to live when you clean it well.

Are you ready to dive into spring cleaning? Let’s get excited!!