What if I told you that there was a website where you could get goods from Amazon for huge discounts or even free? If it seems too good to be true, it’s not – it’s Snagshout! When I stumbled on this website a few years ago, I was floored at the concept.

Snagshout Review

Every day, Snagshout offers a variety of products from Amazon at incredible discounts. While the discounts vary, they’re usually between 50-90% off, and in some cases completely free. It’s fun to browse and it’s even better if you have a Prime account with Amazon because the shipping is free.

But even though it sounds amazing, is Snagshout for real? Here’s everything you need to know about Snagshout, and how you can get in on the sweet deals yourself.

Snagshout free products

How does Snagshout work?

The first thing you’ll need to do is sign up for an account here. You need to have a valid email address and an active Amazon account.

Do I need Amazon Prime to use Snagshout?

You don’t have to be subscribed to Prime, but free shipping makes the deals even better. You’ll need to link to your Amazon account as well and be able to leave reviews.

What Snagshout does is link new products with consumers. Retailers and manufacturers pay Snagshout to show their products to members like you, offering huge discounts. In turn, Snagshout requests that you leave an unbiased review – you don’t have to but it’s a good thing to do. After all, you’re getting these products extremely cheap or free.

How do I use Snagshout?

Because Snagshout can only offer products from companies they partner with, the items they offer change daily. There are usually between 500-600 items on any given day. For instance, today I see solar-powered LED windchimes, a heating pad, and some BPA-free reusable storage bags for snacks. These are all things I would use and they’re all 70-90% off.

So let’s take the food bags as an example:

  1. I click on the item on Snagshout and it takes me to a checkout page.
  2. This item is normally $19.99, but they are offering $10 cash back after 30 days.
  3. I pay the $19.99 today, and in a month, I will get $10 back into my Paypal account.
  4. Amazon ships the item to me as they would with any other item I buy.
  5. Once I get the item, I leave an honest review.

Not all of the items are set up like this, where you get cash back – some are simply discounted with a coupon code Snagshout provides. Others give you 100% of your cash back after a few weeks; each product varies.

It’s also worth noting that if you return the items you buy like this after you get your cash back, Snagshout will terminate your account. Be careful!

Is Snagshout Legit?

In my experience, everything I’ve gotten over the last 5 years from Snagshout has been totally worth it. In many cases – like our solar lights outside – the product is still working and it was something I was looking for anyway. Other items weren’t something I was actively seeking but caught my eye as I browsed through the products. They will also send you a curated list of weekly snags, based on your activity.

They currently offers items in the following categories:

  • Beauty and health (we’ve gotten a lot of protein powder and supplements through here)
  • Cars
  • Clothing, shoes, and jewelry
  • Electronics and computers (solar lights!)
  • Grocery
  • Home, garden, and tools
  • Kids and baby
  • Media (they offer streaming videos on Prime for free in return for reviews now)
  • Office
  • Pets
  • Sports and outdoors
  • Toys
  • Vitamins

Snagshout Categories and interests to select from

One particular brand of collagen peptides I use in smoothies came from a Snag a few years ago. I loved the brand so much that I continue to use them even now. You’re not just getting great items at a fantastic price; sometimes the brand connections work in your favor. We picked up a lot of kids’ toys from Snagshout over the last few years as well.

One thing worth noting is you start with around 3 snags per week. The more you snag and review items, the more snags you will have available. Basically, the more you actively participate, the better your experience will be.

How many items can I get from Snagshout

What are Snagshout Badges?

When you sign up for Snagshout, you can earn badges for various actions taken. The badges include taking videos, photos, doing surveys, etc. These actions are reviewed by the Snagshout quality team and you’re given a grade. Good grades mean you earn cashback and keep your badges! The more actions you submit, the more badges you earn. All that said, are the badges anything more than a nice little “yay you” virtual sticker? Yes, but only when it comes to Pro Deals.

What are Pro Deals?

Snagshout Pro Deals are the ones that get you the 100% cashback and sometimes even additional money! That means you can literally be paid to try new products from Snagshout. These Snagshout Pro Deals are reserved for the top tier Snagshout shoppers. To get these Pro Deals, you need Pro Badges – and they can vary based on the different action types mentioned above.

Is Snagshout worth it?

There is no cost associated with signing up for Snagshout and you only need an Amazon account and email address to get started. There’s no way to predict what they’ll be offering day-to-day, but when you find something you want, it’s a great feeling.

As I said, we still use a lot of the items we’ve bought from Snagshout and some of them are 5+ years old. The deals aren’t just random junk items – these are usually quality products from companies just trying to get started. Not only are you getting sweet discounts, but you’re also helping businesses grow and your honest reviews help other Amazon users make informed buying decisions.

The only thing that’s not great about Snagshout is how hit-or-miss it can be. Sometimes various categories won’t have anything listed under them and other times the deals get picked up extremely fast. For instance, protein powder, fitness equipment, and health supplements sell out quickly. Snagshout also can’t do anything if you don’t get your item or if it’s broken; you have to take that up with Amazon.

At the end of the day, Snagshout is totally worth it. It’s a fun time-killer to browse their items and if you find something you love, that’s even better. It’s free to sign up and there’s no penalty if you don’t use it. As far as sites to get free Amazon products go, it’s the best I’ve found so far.

Have you used Snagshout or a similar site? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!


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