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My daughter is obsessed with sloths so for her 7th birthday, we of course had to throw a sloth themed birthday party! While sloths are absolutely adorable and seem to be trending, I found there wasn’t a lot in terms of sloth themed birthday party ideas. So if you’ve got a kid like me – or you are sloth obsessed yourself- check out these party ideas!

Throwing a Sloth Themed Birthday Party

Do you have a zoo or aquarium nearby? If you’re lucky, you might be able to set up a sloth encounter with a real life sloth! Now this isn’t one we were able to take advantage of ourselves, but I did do an opossum encounter for my 32nd birthday – Yes an opossum. Yes for my birthday. Zoo encounters are an absolutely wonderful way to celebrate a birthday! Fair warning – if you bring a sloth (or an opossum) to a birthday party, good luck ever throwing a better party. But it’ll certainly to be one to remember!

DIY Sloth Decorations

If you like to go the DIY route, DIY sloth decorations are easier than you might think.

If you have a cricket or silhouette machine, you could certainly do some screen printed napkins. Alas, I am not lucky enough to yet have a machine like this, but I did pick up a sloth stamp to add to the corner of our party napkins. It’s a sweet touch, that adds to the overall sloth theme.

Another idea is to print out sloths onto clear vinyl stickers to add to party cups or party hats. A pack of these is super affordable! And these usually work with most printers, no special machinery required. Click here to get your sloth sticker set for only $1!

Sloth Goody Bags

Naturally we had to go all out for the goody bags. There are these pre-made sloth goody bags if you don’t want to go the DIY route:

See on Amazon

But personally I didn’t want to spend the money on buying the pre-made ones, so I decided to take a chance at making them myself. I think they turned out pretty great! In fact, you can get the sloth template I made and used here for only $1!

Sloth goodie bag - DIY TemplateBuy My Template - $1

You can print the template on bright white cardstock, have the kids help color in the hats and bow tie/ bows or you can trace onto construction paper. I used this pack of construction paper for the goodie bags pictured above.

Sloth Trinkets + Treats

I try to be really intentional in picking candy alternatives for goodie bags, so I went with as many sloth-themed trinkets as I could find.

Target had some really great wind up sloth toys:

Sloth wind-up toys for goody bags

I also picked up these amazing vinyl sloth stickers:

See on Amazon

My daughter really enjoyed deciding what stickers would go in goodie bags versus which she would keep for her own collection, and goodness knows there were plenty left over! 

We also got sloth stamps and sloth pens. Oriental Trading often has some great sloth themed toys! I can’t lie, I was really tempted to pick up these hugging stuffed sloth slap bracelets, but I couldn’t bring myself to spend $5+ per goody bag.

While not always in stock, it’s worth checking out:

  • Sloth Bendables – so cute and so fun to play with!
  • Growing Sloths – stick ’em in water and watch them grow!
  • Sloth Bracelets realllllly wanted to buy these for myself if nothing else! I mean c’mon…look how cute!!

hugging sloth bracelet

Sloth Slime

I also toyed with the idea of doing some fun sloth slime. In the end, I decided against it, because I didn’t want the other parents to hate me. But if you don’t care, or perhaps want to get payback for someone sending slime home with your own kids, this is a fun add to a goodie bag.

Simply have your kids make a big batch of slime and then divvy it up into small 2oz containers. Use this sticker template for the tops of the jars:

sloth sticker circles printable

Download My Sloth Sticker Set!

You can also pick up the sticker template to have for just that – stickers! And let’s be honest, everyone loves stickers. Especially those parents who might otherwise hate you for the slime. 

You might also think about adding this sloth party coloring page to the goodie bags. You can pick up a bulk set of crayons and every kid is sure to enjoy this fun sloth activity. Click to download a free set of sloth coloring pages!

Target also has a super fun sloth mask activity. All you need is scissors, fabric, glue, felt, and ribbon or string. Each child can then have their own adorable sloth mask! Target even has a sloth mask template you can download for free!

sloth mask craft for kids

Of course we can’t forget the invitations! These are pretty simple to DIY yourself using Canva, but again, you can pick up my template to customize and print your own here for only a dollar!

Download Sloth Invites Template Now!

Another simple DIY idea for your sloth themed birthday party is to simply create branches out of brown craft paper. If your child is anything like mine, you probably already have a few sloth stuffed animals. Roll up the brown craft paper to make branches and simply hang the stuffies from there. Goodness knows your child will be extra excited to have these guests at her party! 

sloth craft using brown paper as branches

Sloth Birthday Party Decorations

I did end up purchasing a few different sloth themed decoration so that I didn’t have to DIY at all. I got these great sloth balloons:

See on Amazon

This fun cake topper:

See on Amazon

These sloths swirl decorations:

See on Amazon

I did decide to get extra cheesy in that our family decided to wear sloth T-shirts. While I was tempted to make us all match, I decided to mix it up. There are a surprising amount of sloth t-shirt styles available! 

I couldn’t get my daughter on board with a sloth pinata, but they do make them! And just like the t-shirts, there are quite a few options to choose from. I personally love this one:

See on Amazon

Don’t have the time to get crafty or simply just not your thing? Purchase pre-made leaves and scatter them on tables or hang them from the ceiling and walls. 

See on Amazon

Sloth Party Food Ideas

When it comes to the food and treats, there’s a number of sloth themed options.

I really love these Tootsie roll Rice Krispies. They’re fairly quick and easy to make, but look like you special ordered them.

rice krispy sloth treats with tootsie rolls

These Oreo cookies are also an absolute delight. Plus who doesn’t love chocolate covered Oreos!

sloth oreo cookies

And of course, for the main event, you can do a sloth cake:

Or these absolutely adorable sloth cupcakes:

Or if you really want to? Wow your guests, perhaps try your hand at these sloth cake pops:

I hope this has given you plenty of ideas for throwing your own sloth themed birthday party. From DIY decor to goodie bag fun, and so much more, I hope you have the best sloth party. Be sure to tag me on Instagram at @amber_temerity if you use any of these ideas at your next sloth party!

Throwing a Sloth Themed Birthday Party