In a recent episode of his podcast “The Poetry of Reality,” renowned atheist Richard Dawkins delves into the realm of transgender thought, expressing his skepticism and raising thought-provoking questions. 

He Finds It ‘Distinctly Weird’

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As an evolutionary biologist, Dawkins finds it “distinctly weird” and an “odd distortion of reality” to believe in the existence of more than two sexes, asserting that “Sex really is binary… You’re either male or female. And it’s absolutely clear.” 

He Talked About the Biological Perspective

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He further emphasizes this biological perspective by mentioning gamete size and chromosomes, describing the concept of self-identifying one’s sex differently as “distinctly weird.”

Dawkins discusses this matter with journalist Helen Joyce.

Questions Are Brushed Off as Hate

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In agreement with Dawkins, Joyce addresses the protected nature of discussions surrounding transgenderism, where asking fundamental questions is often brushed aside as hate speech. 

Raising Concerns Comes With Accusations

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She notes how raising concerns about allowing self-identification of sex, which might impact areas like women’s sports and incarceration facilities, can be met with accusations of bigotry. 

Argues It’s a Linguistic Distinction

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Joyce adds her support to Dawkins’ perspective, arguing that the identification of men as women or vice versa is a linguistic distinction rather than a scientifically rooted transformation. 

She Says Surgeries Don’t Alter Biological Sex

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She maintains that surgeries and medications don’t alter one’s biological sex, highlighting the crucial difference between gender identity and biological reality.

They Referred to J.K. Rowling

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This viewpoint is not isolated. Notably, J.K. Rowling, the author of the beloved “Harry Potter” series, has also shared similar sentiments in the past.

Rowling, in 2020, emphasized that speaking the truth about biology and acknowledging the existence of only two sexes—male and female—should not be considered hate speech. 

Hindering Discussions

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She argued that erasing the concept of sex hinders meaningful discussions about individuals’ lives.

Rowling Said There Were Inconsistencies

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Rowling has additionally highlighted the intellectual inconsistencies inherent in transgender ideology. 

She pointedly questions how two conflicting ideas from leftist perspectives can coexist: the denial of a sex and gender binary and the assertion that someone can be born into the wrong sex. 

He Supported Rowling’s Stance

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The acclaimed author found these contradictions perplexing and logically incompatible.

Dawkins also expressed support for Rowling’s stance, noting the aggressive backlash she faced for expressing her views. 

A Minority Is Dominating Discussions

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He lamented that a small minority had managed to dominate the discourse with what he referred to as “errant nonsense.”

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