Governor Gavin Newsom allocated $300 million for Encampment Resolution Grants to address homelessness in California.

Homelessness Under Newsom

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Despite Newsom’s administration, homelessness in California has increased, leading to ongoing challenges for the governor.

Funding Approach

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Newsom employs a dual strategy of increased funding and stricter measures to tackle homelessness.

Hybrid Approach

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The Encampment Resolution Grants combine financial support with a commitment to address the root causes of homelessness.

Funding Purpose

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Newsom clarifies that the funds are not solely for clearing encampments but also for providing shelter and addressing underlying issues.


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Cities seeking grants must demonstrate plans for housing solutions and meet specific criteria set by the state.

Newsom’s Perspective

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Governor Newsom emphasizes the importance of displacing people, resolving the root issues, and supporting individuals to achieve self-sufficiency.

Blowback From Advocates

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Despite the funding announcement, advocates for the homeless express concerns that Newsom focuses more on encampment sweeps than on permanent solutions.

Unrealistic Expectations

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Criticism surfaces over the impracticality of housing 10.5k people in San Francisco’s modest one-bedroom apartments for a year, given the widespread homelessness across various cities.

Statewide Impact

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Acknowledgment that the grants will be distributed statewide, recognizing that homelessness is not limited to specific regions.

Grant Application Requirements

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Cities applying for grants must meet specific conditions, including providing maps of targeted encampments, detailing the number of affected individuals, and presenting housing plans.

Funding Scrutiny

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Half of the allocated funds go to Caltrans, a state transportation agency involved in encampment clearance, which raised concerns about the primary focus on clearing rather than housing.

Encampment Clearances

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Recent encampment sweeps by APEC and an ongoing lawsuit challenging the legality of such actions add complexity to Newsom’s approach.

Specific Goals and Standards

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Newsom emphasized that the grants have specific numeric goals, minimum expectations, and standards to ensure accountability.

Caltrans’ Role

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Despite Caltrans’ involvement in encampment clearance, questions arose about its capacity to contribute significantly to housing solutions.

Application Deadline

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Cities have until June 2024 to apply for the grant money, marking a timeline for local authorities to present viable plans to address homelessness in their jurisdictions.

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