Whether it’s the holidays, a birthday, or just “thinking of you”, getting a personalized greeting card in the mail is wonderful. I remember as a kid the cards my parents and grandparents would get, particularly around the holidays. To see the physical representation that all these people were thinking about our family was enchanting. Especially now that mail correspondence is rarer, sending and getting cards and letters is particularly wonderful.

If you’re wanting to stay connected with friends or send out family holiday greetings, personalized cards are the way to go. Sending them feels wonderful because you’re truly taking the time to connect to someone you care about. For the recipient, it’s a reminder that someone is thinking of them and took the time to express that love.

Why sending personalized greeting cards matters

With the advent of email and cell phones, we’re more connected than ever before. Because of this, the idea of sending letters or cards just to say “hi” has simply started to vanish. I had a few pen pals as a kid, but now the idea is almost completely foreign to my children. Even the number of holiday cards we get is tiny compared to what my parents or grandparents received each year.

Personalized greeting cards for your family and friends

When you have a big family as we do, there are a lot of birthdays for cousins, siblings, aunts, and uncles to remember. Each person deserves to have their day brightened by a personalized card. My kids especially love decorating and writing their names on cards for people’s birthdays – it gives them a feeling of being a grown-up.

The act of intentionally sending out cards to friends and family is a powerful way to underline the importance of staying connected. For kids, they see this effort as something truly special, and that’s a valuable experience for young minds.

Personalized greeting cards for customers

If you’re running a small business, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is the ability to truly connect with your customers. Your business can afford to think of your customers on their birthdays in a meaningful way, and you’d be surprised at how powerfully a personalized greeting card can connect with them.

Making personalized greeting cards easier

Whether it’s for friends and family or a customer base, however, remembering important dates can be extremely difficult. Additionally, just the act of sending out dozens if not hundreds of cards per year can be overwhelming.

You can enlist your kids to help make a lot of cards for friends and family during holidays. The old-fashioned touch of kid’s drawings and misspelled words are a delight to receive in the mail. Plus, children love helping, especially with a task like this, and around the holidays, it will become a cherished family tradition.

If you have a large number of cards to send, an automated greeting card service will help you create a personalized touch that doesn’t stress you out. Being able to send automatic, thoughtfully presented greeting cards saves time but still allows you to connect with friends and family in a meaningful way. You can even personalize your cards with your own handwriting!

Embrace the tradition of personalized greeting cards

It’s easy to send an email or text, but often people don’t even do that anymore. Connecting with people is so easy that we take it for granted, but getting physical mail from another person is a wonderful feeling. Involving your children in the process shows them the importance of connecting, but also the fun of getting and receiving mail.

Sending personalized greeting cards is a hugely powerful tool for business as well. Especially for small businesses, being able to connect with your customers through physical mail makes them think of your company more favorably. Enlisting the help of an automated greeting card service can help make this process easier and more reliable.

Before you send your next email to a friend or family member, consider the impact that a personalized greeting card would make instead. Your connections will be delighted that you took the time to think of them and the effort to send your thoughts.