In a time when everyone is looking for their first or even next successful ‘side hustle,’ good ideas are at a premium. Modern technology has made starting a profitable and sustainable business accessible to millions worldwide. The opportunity to launch a plan from your mind to reality is just a few clicks away. But which idea is the best for a side hustle?

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E-commerce continues to be a safe bet, with sellers profiting from online transactions. Authors can create and publish a novel; followers of the crypto markets can invest using only their smartphones, while others use their sporting knowledge to make the next fast-selling piece of gym equipment. 

Do you have your plans in place? Perhaps you are over-complicating things. Yes, having a passion for technology or investing is excellent, but there’s an easier way to boost your wages. This approach offers 100% remote working; you can be your boss and enjoy exciting perks. But what is the secret? Reviewing the best online sportsbooks for affiliate apps is a popular option, and we have the information needed to succeed.

Writing content for cash

What is online content writing? To keep things simple at this stage, you must think of any published website to win customers, sell a product and make a profit. Visit those sites, and regardless of the goods sold, you’ll notice they all have one thing in common; an excellent copy.

The pages of every major website or smartphone betting app have specialized content. Some articles aim to introduce the company to its customers, while others inform and explain the business model. There are contact pages, how-to, previews, reviews, and promotions. Whatever the content, it has the same two goals for the webmaster, to push sales and for that all-important search engine optimization.

But who writes the mountains of content on these pages? Have you ever wondered? The answer to that burning question is; people like you. Content writers come in all shapes and sizes, from different backgrounds, and have varied ambitions. 

Unlike print journalism, where you require a journalism degree, industry experience, and a contact on the inside, online content writing is accessible. Whether you’re looking for paid or unpaid work on a full-time or part-time basis or if you’re a talented copywriter, online content could be your side hustle.

Getting started is easy

Are you a talented writer with ambition and a reliable connection to the internet and laptop? Then you have everything you need to be a fully functioning and potentially high-earning writer. Getting started is easy; we’ll tell you how in this section.

Start a blog and fill the pages with your style of writing. The blog doesn’t need to be too popular, as most future employers won’t be bothered about the numbers. You can use your blog as a live CV, showing your writing skills to the world. 

Being a blog owner also proves you can edit, stick to deadlines, stay active, and cover the big topics of your area. When an editor recruits, they’d rather see examples of your work than your CV full of dated information from previous jobs.

Winning contracts

When your blog is complete and as good as you had imagined before launching, it’s time to target the most appealing part of being a digital journalist or online copywriter; the cash. There’s money to be made if you’re willing to look for positions and work hard once you’ve filled the vacancy.

Apply for full-time roles at significant sites and apps or opt for freelance writing. The former offers added security and a long-term position, while the latter allows you to earn more and control your work schedule. Freelance writers can be high-earners, but remember you’re in charge of keeping on top of accounts and paying your taxes self-employed.

The best way to win contacts is to contact editors and sub-editors. In most cases, they’ll be happy to read your work related to sports, travel, technology, or another niche. Don’t wait for vacancies posted on job sites.

Pitfalls to avoid

As any experienced freelancer knows, you can never rest on your success. It’s healthy to take a few minutes to appreciate how far you’ve come and dream of what’s next, but don’t waste too much time with your head in the clouds. 

The planning stage doesn’t pay. To earn cash from writing, you must work as often as possible. Keep busy and stay active.