Mothers Day is fast approaching and now is the time you need to be getting together a token of your appreciation for the mothers in your life. Being a mom is a tough job that goes 24/7 and she deserves so much more than stale chocolates and gas station roses.

Fortunately, you still have time to wow her, and you don’t need to break the bank to do so. We’ve curated a list of some of the best gifts for moms in tech, self-care, crafting, and more, including some DIY gifts she’ll appreciate tremendously.

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25 Mothers Day Gift Ideas

If you’ve got a mom that’s into the latest tech, these next few gifts are sure to please! Starting with this personalized song and photo nightlight. It allows you to customize a nightlight photo for the mothers in your life with a song that’s near and dear to your heart. It’s unique, beautiful, and combines functionality with sentimentality.

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Click and Grow Smart Herb Garden

Though I tend to shy away from “practical” gifts for mom – no kitchen gadgets or new vacuums – this is a really cool way to ensure she has fresh herbs available at all times. Even if she’s not the cook in the home, there are bound to be some plants she’d love – mint, chili peppers, or strawberries are just a few of the options that you can grow with this futuristic present.

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Cocinar GoPower Elite Personal Blender

Having a personal blender on hand is an absolute MUST for me as a busy mom. They honestly make staying healthy so much easier when I can blend up some fruits + spinach, add in protein powder, and I’m ready to go! I really love the GoPower Elite Personal Blender from Cocinar. It’s quick, blends well, and is super easy to clean! If the mom in your life doesn’t yet have a personal blender, this is the one to check out!

Naipo Shiatsu Neck Massager

Everyone is tense all the time and everyone wants a massage all the time. Since you can’t give her a massage every time she needs one (again, which is all the time), why not have a robot do it for her? This neck massager also provides gentle heat to ease away pain and tension.

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Ember Mug

It’s a fact that most mothers are simply too busy to enjoy their tea or coffee at the optimal temperature; there’s simply too much on their plate. The Ember Mug not only keeps her drink hot, but she can also program it to a specific temperature, meaning it’s always going to be the perfect sip.

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Kindle Paperwhite

Waterproof, tons of storage space, and super convenient, your mom can pack in book after book to read at her leisure. Depending on your preferences, you can buy it “ad-supported”, which means the lock screen will display ads and the device is about $20 cheaper. Otherwise, you can get one without ads for a bit more, and both come with 3 months of free Kindle Unlimited.


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Self-care gifts for Mom

Do you know a mother? Then you know someone who deserves daily self-care and pampering, and there’s no day that begs for this more than Mother Day. Self-care gifts are useful all year round so she can unwind and relax after a long day of being Mom.

Calm Strips

Anxiety can take many forms, but being able to disperse that nervous energy is essential to preventing it from overtaking your daily life. Calm Strips are textured adhesive pieces of fabric that attach to your phone or laptop. They give you the ability to rub or scratch as a fidgeting method to relieve tension.

Calm strips packets with affirmations

The non-damaging adhesive stays where you put it and comes off easily without leaving anything behind, so you can use them on your surfaces confidently. And they’re actually truly calming, not rough like an emery board (which is what I expected!)

If the mothers in your life need a small, easily accessible de-stressor, Calm Strips make a great gift. (Oh and yes – I *do* have an opossum mouse pad, thanks for asking ;-))

rainbow calm strips

Himalayan Salt Ionizer

Salt lamps are a beautiful way to light a room, and this lamp adds an air-purifying, ionizing benefit. Set on a sturdy wooden base and with color-changing bulbs, this Himalayan salt lamp will be at home on her desk, in her yoga room, or wherever she needs a boost of color and ambiance.


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Mud mask skincare set

Designed to pull impurities, blackheads, and other imperfections out of the skin, mud masks are a fun part of a skincare routine. This set comes with Dead Sea mud, bentonite clay, and charcoal masks.

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Alexander Del Rossa Ultra Plush Robes

Robes are fantastic, whether it’s a cold winter day or you’re just stepping out of the shower, and the best robes are the biggest. These robes are ultra-soft, luxurious, and hooded, so mom can be as comfortable as humanly possible.


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Essential Oil Diffusers

Scent is a great way to trigger potent feelings of relaxation and calm. Diffusers are wonderful because they’re compact and they’re designed to fill a room without overpowering it. These will make a great addition to any bathroom, office, or bedroom the moms in your life happen to frequent.


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Jewelry for mom

If she loves jewelry, there are few better times than Mothers Day to splurge on a new set of earrings, necklace, or bracelet. But don’t just stop at any ol’ jewelry – put thought into it and treat her like the special woman she is!

Pressed Flower Sterling Silver Earrings

This is a beautiful, unique gift that looks gorgeous and is probably unlike anything else in her jewelry box.

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Golden Honeybee Necklace

This is a cute necklace for any nature-loving mama. A cute gold bee sits delicately atop a honey-colored Czech glass drop. It’s cute, fun, and it’s sure to bee a delight.


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Personalized Jewelry Boxes

Everyone needs that perfect receptacle to hold their jewelry right? Why not make it extra special by engraving her name or a message of love?

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Personalized Bar and Birthstone Necklace

Whether it’s her birthstone and a special message or the name and stones of your children, it’s up to you to personalize these necklaces. Up to three bars of words and gems are at your disposal to make the perfect piece of jewelry.


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Wish Bead Bracelets

These gorgeous bracelets have a small cylinder to place a wish or intention, one that you carry around with you and reflect on every day. Focusing on your intention and goals by writing them down is the first step to manifesting them in your life. Wish Beads help you stay mindful of your desires and goals in a stylish, casually beautiful way.

amber wishbead bracelet on black velvet bag with wish paper

I also love that Wish Beads comes with Wishwork – a book to walk you through a 21-day journey toward turning your wish into reality. It’s a beautiful way to make manifestation a part of your daily life!

wishwork book

Crafting and creative gifts for mom

Creative gifts are a great way to introduce mom to a new pastime, or support one she’s already passionate about. You might even find that you can bond over a new hobby together.

Daily Gratitude Journal

Daily journaling can have an amazing effect on your focus and productivity. Gratitude journaling in particular helps focus your thoughts and actions to align with your goals and helps you stay focused on all the good things in your life. For the mother who has too many creative ideas and not enough bandwidth, daily journaling can help her track and start on her next big project.


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Coloring Books for Grown-ups

This might sound odd, but stick with me – coloring books are awesome. Kids love them because they give you a sense of artistic completion, they’re fun, and they’re a great way to relax. Coloring books for grown-ups are more intricate and they look incredible when they’re done, and they’re great to work on with your kids or during a binge-session of Grey’s Anatomy.


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Embroidery Starter Kits

Embroidery is a great hobby because anyone can get into it, and tailor the product to their style and personality. These kits are perfect for beginners and seasoned pros alike, as it comes with everything you need to make 4 different cross-stitch designs.


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Candle-Making Kits

You know the old saying – if you give a mom a candle, she’ll love it, but if you teach her how to make a candle, she’ll…also love that? That might not be a real saying, but candle-making is extremely fun and totally customizable. Colors, sizes, and scents are all a part of the process and she will love creating her own unique combinations.


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Candy Creation Inspiration

Has your mother become more interested in baking because of quarantine and/or TikTok? I know I have! Help sate her curiosity with this colorful and highly detailed book all about the art of confection. From cake pops to fondant, caramels to fudge, she’ll love creating the recipes in this book and you’ll love it because who else will taste test for her?


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DIY gifts for mom

You don’t have to break the bank to make mom feel special on Mother’s Day. These DIY presents are going to be well-received and make for easy presents for kids as well as adults.

Coupon books

For the spouses out there who want to show their appreciation for the exceptionally amazing mothers out there, a coupon book is a great present. You can use any paper you want, though blank white paper will give you more room to flex your artistic muscles.

Add in things like neck massages, foot rubs, breakfast in bed, taking over her share of the household duties for a day (or week if you’re feeling ambitious), cooking dinner – the sky is the limit. Whatever mom does that causes her stress, aches, and exhaustion, consider putting coupons in there to help take that off her plate for a day or week.

DIY Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are a delicious-smelling bath time luxuriant. Made by mixing coarse sugar with oil (like olive) to bind them together and aromatherapy, you end up with a quick yet wonderful addition to her skincare routine.


  • 1 cup of white sugar
  • 1/2 cup of olive oil
  • Essential oils in her favorite scents

Simply combine it all and at this point, you can get creative with the storage method. A mason jar is a nice container because it’s easy to decorate and has a rustic charm about it. You only need a tablespoon or two at a time to exfoliate the skin and leave it feeling soft and smelling amazing. Kept away from water, it will stay fresh for about 2-3 months.

Flower starts

With some soil, some seeds, and a bunch of cardboard egg cartons, you can create a starter garden of her favorite flowers. It’s a perfect way to kick start your garden on a budget and create an opportunity for more bonding time! Simply fill each little spot on your egg carton with potting soil and put one or two of her favorite flower seeds down. Keep them in a warm, well-lit area and mist them with a spray bottle of water daily.

Soon she’ll have a head-start on her favorite plants going into late spring/early summer. Bonus points if you do all the weeding, turning over dirt, and tedious landscaping work for her as well!

Mom’s favorite restaurant

Mothers Day is all about mom, so what better way to honor her than to make her favorite meals the whole day? Start with breakfast in bed (or a French Toast brunch – sleeping in is a nice additional gift) for an extra special treat. If you can’t cook, enlist the help of someone who can or order in; regardless, make the day all about what she loves to eat.

Family drawing collages

This is a perfect project for children to be involved with. Pick a theme – mom’s favorite animal, for instance – and everyone draws their own interpretation along with a message of love. Get a canvas or sturdy poster board and affix them all onto it, working together to fill in spaces between the drawings with more artistic additions. The result is a piece of art that everyone worked on together that she can use to decorate her space and remind her of all your love.

Mothers Day is the time to show moms how much we appreciate every single thing that they do. Whether you make the gifts yourself or buy something she’ll love, it’s about time you started working on that perfect present to wow the women that make our lives worth living.