When a mother resorts to calling the police over her five-year-old daughter’s uncooperative behavior, it sets off a chain of events that no one saw coming.

Unusual Emergency Call

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In a recent incident captured on video and widely shared on social media, a mother placed an emergency call to the police, expressing her frustration with her five-year-old daughter’s refusal to follow her instructions and her tantrum-like behavior.

Startling Threat to the Child

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What stood out as unusual in this call was the mother’s warning to her young daughter that if she persisted in her behavior, she would be “arrested for acting erratically.” 

The Police Officer Couldn’t Believe It

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This declaration left the responding police officer taken aback and set the tone for the unfolding events.

“So you called 911 because you don’t know how to parent,” he says. 

She Called the Cops on Her 5-Year-Old

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Upon arriving at the scene, the responding officer discovered the child’s age—only five years old. 

‘She’s Five…so You’re Gonna Call Us’

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This revelation prompted the officer to question the mother’s parenting approach, suggesting that she was causing unnecessary fear and anxiety in her daughter by involving the police.

“She’s five…so you’re gonna call us, and make her afraid of us because you don’t know how to parent.” 

Accusation of Ineffective Parenting

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The officer went further to suggest that the mother may lack the necessary parenting skills if her daughter was not heeding her instructions.

“I know how to parent, she just doesn’t know how to listen,” the woman says. 

Recording the Incident

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One particularly unusual aspect of this incident was the mother’s decision to record the interaction with the police. 

Recording to Play It Back to Her Daughter

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She explained that she intended to play the recording for her daughter at a later time.

This explanation raised eyebrows and seemed unusual to the responding officer.

Request for Identification

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The officer requested to see the mother’s identification during the interaction.

This standard procedure further fueled the unfolding drama.

Unwilling to Share Identification

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In a surprising twist, the mother claimed that she did not have her identification with her but provided her first name, which happened to be “Karen.”

However, she refused to disclose her last name or any other identifying details.

Mom Says to Ask for Daughter’s Identification

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Instead of sharing her own identification, the mother suggested that the officer inquire about her daughter’s last name since the child was the one at the center of the situation.

Officer’s Growing Frustration

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As the interaction unfolded, the responding officer became increasingly frustrated with the mother’s actions.

He mentioned that she had called the police multiple times, indicating her misuse of the emergency 9-1-1 system.

Legal Consequences of Misusing 9-1-1

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The officer informed the mother that misusing the 9-1-1 emergency line is illegal under Georgia law.

“Misuse of 9-1-1, by Georgia law, is illegal, do you understand that?” he says. 

Arrest Threat

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Even when threatened with arrest, the woman remained adamant about withholding her last name and personal information, leading to the next dramatic turn of events.

Handcuffed and Uncooperative

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Ultimately, the mother was handcuffed due to her uncooperative behavior.

This decision was made after her repeated refusal to comply with the officer’s requests.

Request to Contact Someone

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Despite her arrest, the mother continued to be uncooperative, even refusing to unlock her phone to contact someone who could look after her child while she was being arrested.

A Traumatic Experience for the Child

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The incident was widely shared on social media platforms, and viewers had varying reactions.

Some praised the officer for his patience, while others criticized the mother for her actions and expressed concerns about the potential trauma her actions could cause to her young daughter.

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