Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey faces a pressing challenge as family shelters in the state edge closer to full capacity amidst a surge in demand.

Shelter Crisis in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey acknowledges a growing crisis within the state’s family shelters as they approach full capacity.

The Right-To-Shelter Policy

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Despite the challenges, Governor Healey reaffirms her commitment to maintaining the right-to-shelter policy, ensuring newcomers have access to housing.

Overwhelming Demand

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The state’s emergency family shelter system faces an overwhelming surge in demand, driven by both homeless families and an influx of immigrants.

Projected Occupancy

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In October 2023, it is estimated that Massachusett’s shelters housed 7,500 families, comprising 24,000 individuals.

Strain on the Shelter System

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The strain on the shelter system is evident, as shelters struggle to accommodate the rising number of individuals in need of housing.

Expanding Shelter Capacity

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Authorities have expanded shelter capacity at an unsustainable rate over recent months to address the increasing demand.

The Collaborative Effort

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Governor Healey commends the heroic work of public officials, shelter providers, and the National Guard in addressing the crisis.

Need More From the Federal Government

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“We will continue to help families exit shelter and move into more permanent housing options, connect those who are eligible with work opportunities to support their families, and advocate for the federal government to step up and address this federal problem,” she stated.

Reaching the Limit

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Despite collective efforts, the shelter system has reached a point where further expansion may not be safe or responsible.

A Shift in Approach

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Massachusetts will transition to a prioritization system in November 2023, prioritizing “high-need” families for shelter placement.

New Programs

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The state introduced two new programs, one targeting individuals awaiting work authorization and the other assessing the skills and work readiness of those with authorization.

Job Skills Development

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The job skills program offers on-the-job training and skills development for individuals waiting for work authorization.

Evaluating Work Readiness

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The second program focuses on assessing the skills and work readiness of individuals who already have work authorization.

Access to Driver’s Licenses

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In July 2023, Massachusetts made it possible for immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses, anticipating a significant increase in road test bookings.

Limitations on Licenses

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The driver’s licenses issued in Massachusetts have specific limitations, such as not being valid for use out of state or for voting purposes.

Application Requirements

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Applicants for driver’s licenses must provide proof of identity, date of birth, proof of residence, and a Social Security number.

Those without a Social Security number can submit a form declaring that they were never issued one.

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