New York’s reputation as America’s financial powerhouse is under threat. High taxes and a less-than-friendly business environment have driven away high-earning residents, putting the state’s financial industry—and by extension, its economy—at risk.

The Empire State’s Decline

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New York is seeing a drop in its financial prowess. A recent study shows that the state’s status as a hub for finance is in jeopardy.

Money Migrating to Other States

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The top states attracting new, high-paying financial jobs are Texas, Florida, North Carolina, and Georgia. New York ranks a low 36th in job growth in this sector.

Job Loss Impact

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Losing finance sector jobs isn’t just an industry problem. Each job lost in finance can lead to almost three more lost in other sectors, affecting the broader economy.

A Call to Action

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Experts say this situation needs immediate attention. It’s a wake-up call for New York to improve its competitive edge in the finance industry.

Sky-High Salaries

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Workers in New York’s financial services have the highest average pay package in the country. It stands at $309,000 annually.

People Are Leaving New York

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Population decline is becoming a serious issue. New York saw a 2.7% decrease from 2019 to 2022, the worst among all states during the pandemic.

Exodus of Wealthy Residents

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The decline in population isn’t uniform. New York City and its suburbs, home to the state’s wealthiest residents, have been the hardest hit.

Manhattan’s $11 Billion Loss

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Manhattan alone saw a flight of nearly $11 billion in gross income, confirming that the wealthiest are indeed leaving the area.

Florida Gains at New York’s Expense

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In 2021, New York saw a net income loss of $9.8 billion that migrated to Florida. Taxes are the likely reason for this shift.

The Tax Situation

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New York has the highest combined state and local tax rate on residents. In contrast, Florida has the lowest, making it a more attractive option for high-earners.

The Death Tax

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New York is among the few states that tax estates, commonly called the “death tax.” High-wealth individuals consider this when choosing a state to reside in.

Action Is Necessary

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The situation is dire. If New York doesn’t address these issues, it risks losing its finance industry, one of its most crucial economic pillars.

What’s at Stake

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The financial health of New York is in peril. If the finance and insurance industry declines, it could have a cascading effect on other sectors and the state’s economy as a whole.

The State’s Path Forward

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New York needs to focus on lowering taxes, improving its business climate, and making the cost of living more manageable to retain its financial dominance.

Why Locals Should Care

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The declining financial industry isn’t just a Wall Street issue. The ripple effect could lead to job losses and a reduced quality of life for all New Yorkers.

Time for a Turnaround

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New York is at a critical point. A focused and forceful strategy is required to ensure the Empire State remains a financial leader, not just nationally but globally. This isn’t just a state problem; it’s an issue that impacts us all.

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