Is instaGC as Instant as Implied?

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Is InstaGC worth my time or just another lame survey site? Let’s discuss…

As you hopefully already know, I wrote about how to make money via InboxDollars. In just about an hour, I made over $50 with minimal effort. $50 might not be much, but to me it’s this month’s internet bill. Recently, though, I came across a site promising instant money. INSTANT money? I have to see it to believe it…

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I decided to try out instaGC today, this site that will supposedly provide instant money in the form of gift cards. I originally signed up through CouponClipinista but never did anything beyond that initial sign-up as it seemed intimidating and I wasn’t sure it’d be worth it.


Here’s the breakdown of my first actual experience with it:

InstaGC Review Step one: Make partner sign-up for it, too.

If I do find this to be worthwhile, he might as well do it on his lunch break, too, and make us both some extra change (10 points for each initial sign-up plus 10% of their earnings). This is a great way to add to the growing pot of pennies without any extra work on your part.

InstaGC Review Step two: Earn – Recommended – InstaGC – Surveys

A review of InstaGC, a survey site review

I do enjoy the fact that these surveys seem to at least give you a preview into what they’re looking for. Little annoys me more than spending 15 minutes on a “pre-survey” only to find out I don’t qualify and have wasted my time. After just under 15 minutes, I made $7. Okay so maybe it’s not INSTANT money, but that’s a pretty nice figure for just 15 minutes. Of the four surveys I attempted, I only failed to qualify for one. Compared to other survey companies I’ve dealt with, this is fantastic. I’m usually lucky to qualify for one out of four, not the other way around!

InstaGC Review Step three: Note which projects are NOT worth my time

Watching the videos definitely isn’t worth it (looking at maybe 1 cent/minute) but if you’re bored and just surfing around anyway, then checking these out might work for you.

I also checked out the Facebook subcategory and completed 6 offers for a total of .08 cents in about 30 seconds. That doesn’t sound like much but if I could do that consistently, it’d be nearly $10/hour.

I toyed around with some of the other avenues (including creating this blog) and there’s definite potential with this site. I think once I spend a bit more time with it, to find out exactly what’s worth my time and what’s not, it’ll be a great option to make some extra money.

I would certainly recommend at least signing up for instaGC and checking it out for yourself. The ticker on the side of the site seems to offer further insight into what’s working for the general population and what’s not. Also, make sure you “like” them on Facebook so you don’t miss the bonus points they offer quite frequently!

Like I said, it may not be instant money, but I can see some decent earning potential and the best part – you can do it in your pjs while your kids eat breakfast!

Have you tried out instaGC before? What are your thoughts?


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