How Smart Irrigation Can Save You Water & Money

Keeping your lawn looking lush and green is highly achievable and manageable. With this,  it is essential to incorporate proper watering into your lawn care routine. However, it can also be a significant source of water waste. Did you know that the average U.S. household uses nearly 300 gallons of water per day for outdoor purposes? Much of this water can be conserved through the use of new technology in watering systems. Read on as we discuss why you should switch to a smart irrigation system and how it can save you water, time, and money! Please note this is a sponsored post.

#1 Automated Scheduling

One of the smart irrigation benefits is its timer features. Instead of having to remember and manually adjust the water settings, you can set up an automated schedule to ensure your plants and lawn are only getting the water they need when needed. With this, you can casually forget about watering your plants and let the system do it for you. This can be especially helpful during times of drought or other water-restricted periods, as it ensures more efficient use of limited resources.

#2 Sensor Technology

Detectors are one of the significant features of smart watering systems. This helps monitor soil moisture levels and detect leaks in the system before they become a more substantial problem. This also ensures that your plants get enough water without over-watering them or wasting any precious natural resources! Plus, this helps reduce the risk of costly water damage due to leaking pipes or other issues.

#3 Rain Shut-Off

When the wet season begins, there is no reason for you to water your lawn; this would just be misspent water. It’s a good thing that smart irrigation systems are also equipped with rain shut-off technology, which will automatically turn off the system when there is adequate rainfall in the area. This ensures you are not wasting any water on days when Mother Nature takes care of the lawn watering for you!

#4 Remote Access

With many smart irrigation benefits, one of them is to put you in control of and monitor your system from anywhere using a mobile app. This allows you to adjust settings and troubleshoot potential problems quickly and easily, regardless of location. This makes your lawn care job more effortless and efficient.

#5 Environment Friendly

The scarcity of usable water is threatening the world today, and you can help reduce your environmental impact by saving water through smart watering systems. Not only will you be saving precious resources by using automated scheduling and sensors to ensure that you are only using what is needed, but you can also rest easy knowing that your lawn is watered in an efficient and sustainable manner.

#6 Cost Savings

Less water consumption equates to lesser water bills. This smart irrigation benefit is probably the most awaited to be mentioned by homeowners. Because these systems are efficient with their water usage, they reduce the amount of water you need each month. Additionally, most smart irrigation systems come with a variety of extra features that help you better manage your system, which can save even more money in the long run.

By utilizing these six smart irrigation benefits, you can rest assured that your landscaping needs are adequately met while conserving water and money and skipping the hassle of manual watering. So don’t wait any longer– if you want to help save natural resources and keep some extra cash in your pocket, consider investing in a smart irrigation system today! You can get in touch with the experts from Heroes Lawn Care Omaha for the start of your smart irrigation journey. You’ll thank yourself later when those utility bills come rolling in low.

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