Glamour Magazine has included a transgender model in its prestigious Women of the Year list for 2023. 

Model From the Philippines

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Geena Rocero, a model hailing from the Philippines, has been named one of the seven women of the year by the magazine.

Rocero’s Remarkable Journey

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In a retrospective of Rocero’s career, Glamour shared her story of how she began in the world of modeling. 

A Mentor Saw True Potential

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It was revealed that her journey began when an adult drag queen, Tigerlily Garcia Temporosa, who acted as her mentor and “community mother,” recognized her talent and potential as a young teenager.

Her Many Successes

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Glamour talked about Geena Rocero’s inspiring transition from a pageant queen in the Philippines to a celebrated model, author, transgender rights advocate, and film producer. 

Rocero’s Fight for Equal Rights

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She has become a prominent voice in the fight for transgender rights, using her platform to advocate for those whose voices have been marginalized.

Overcoming Obstacles

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It’s important to note that Rocero faced challenges and prejudice in the Philippines. 

Challenges on the Journey

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While drag performances have been openly accepted there, transgender individuals do not enjoy the same level of civil rights as they do in the United States.

A New Beginning

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Rocero moved to the United States after winning the “Ms. Gay Universe” pageant in 2000. 

Keeping Everything a Secret

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She embarked on a modeling career without disclosing her transgender identity to employers. However, 14 years later, Rocero decided to come out after undergoing full gender-affirming surgery.

Glamour’s History of Celebrating Inclusivity

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Glamour is not the first media outlet to honor transgender individuals in its Women of the Year awards. 

A Trend of Inclusion

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This trend has been growing, with other outlets recognizing transgender women, such as Rachel Levine, who was named USA Today’s Woman of the Year in the past.

Transgender Models in the Spotlight

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The fashion industry and media have increasingly celebrated transgender models and personalities, breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity. 

Transgender Representation in the Media

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Sports Illustrated has featured transgender models on their covers, and in 2021, Glamour recognized transgender model and activist Munroe Berdorf as a “game-changing influencer.”

Glamour’s 2023 Women of the Year List

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Alongside Geena Rocero, Glamour’s 2023 Women of the Year includes notable figures like Mary J. Blige, Brooke Shields, Quinta Brunson, America Ferrera, Millie Bobby Brown, and Selma Blair, who received the “Daring to Disrupt Award.”

Women of the Year Red Carpet Event

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The Women of the Year Red Carpet event is set to take place on November 7th, with hosting duties handled by Ubah Hassan and Brynn Whitfield of “The Real Housewives of New York.”

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