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Like so many other people right now, I miss some of the small pleasures like getting my skin professionally pampered. I have a skincare routine that I follow, but I’m always looking for ways to enhance it. Because of this, I was excited to try and review the Genesis At-Home Self-Spa kit.

Genesis At-Home Self-Spa Kit Review

While I use a jade roller at home currently, I was intrigued by the “acoustic method” that Genesis created, using sound waves to gently vibrate away dead skin cells. According to Genesis’ acoustic method, these dead skin cells prevent (or slow down) the process of new skin cells getting to the surface, which makes your skin look less youthful.

I thought I’d give it a shot, and with excitement, I jumped into the new addition to my skincare routine.

The Genesis Process

The kit comes with 2 devices – the GenCleanse and the GenAurum. The cleanse is a flat-tipped instrument that looks somewhat like a scraper, and it vibrates at such a high frequency that you really can’t tell until you touch it to your face. The GenAurum is an electronic jade roller, with a t-shaped tip.

Before you use them, however, Genesis instructs you to use your normal facial cleanser, and therein lies the first problem I had – I don’t use soap on my face. Weird, I know, but the only times in my life I’ve ever broken out with acne is when I’ve used any kind of facial cleanser.

Instead, I use jojoba oil, and I hoped I would get the same results. Following my normal nighttime cleaning routine, I applied the jojoba oil and finished up before I turned on the GenCleanse for the first time. I immediately noticed the vibrations on my face, but not in an unpleasant way; it was just obvious that it was doing something.

Genesis Spa Kit Tools

Using the GenCleanse

I ran it across my face and neck and was astonished at the amount of, well, debris that was on the tip. According to the insert that came with the devices, this is dead skin and makeup residue that normal cleansing routines can leave behind. My skin felt smoother for sure, and I was pleasantly surprised at how refreshing the process was.

GenAurum VS Jade Roller

Afterward, I applied my toner and night cream, and then it was time to break out the GenAurum. Like I said before, I use a jade roller but this was a totally different experience. Perhaps it was just the vibration, but my skin felt more toned and invigorated by the time I was done. I’ve been using it nightly since I received the package and I can definitely tell a difference between using the Genesis Acoustic Method and my normal routine.

Softer Skin for the Win

I’ve had the Genesis Self-Spa kit for a little over a week and I can tell the difference already. It’s pleasant to use in general, but my skin feels smoother and firmer compared to what I was doing before. It’s worth noting that I have a full nighttime skincare routine that I’ve used for years, so I’m comparing my results with Genesis to that. For someone who doesn’t have an established nighttime skincare ritual already, your results with the Genesis system would be even more profound, I think.

One thing to note and it might be unique to us, but my husband wanted to try it out. When he put the GenCleanse to his face, he experienced some extremely odd sensations that ran through his head, like a high-pitched buzzing in his ears. We think it might be due to his permanent retainer, but nobody else who’s tried the GenCleanse has experienced it, so it’s possible that he’s just weird.

Genesis At Home Spa Kit

Try It Out

The Genesis At-Home Self-Spa kit is very unique in terms of skincare products I’ve tried, and I would recommend it, especially since getting to the spa might be tricky right now. This kit has definitely upgraded my own skincare routine, and I will continue to use it nightly. Check out the Genesis At-Home Self-Spa Kit today, along with the whole line of Genesis Allure products.