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Finding legit ways to make extra money can be tricky, but it’s important if you’re on a mission to get out of debt. That’s why today we’re going to go over the extra income ideas I used to pay down $10,000 in two months!

How to Find Extra Income Ideas

extra income ideas work from home

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Develop Additional Income Streams

Or rather, that should say: “Develop Additional Income Streams And ONLY Use The Money To Pay Off Debt” but that’s a bit of a mouth…err…eye-full?

Anyway, as it sounds, developing additional income streams is key to getting your debt paid down faster, but it bears repeating.

I hope by now you’ve developed your own budget and I hope you’ve done so based only on your primary income. Please don’t ever use possible or imaginary money when it comes to planning out your financial future!

With that said, including only your primary income in your budget means that any extra money that comes your way can (and should) go directly towards your debt.

Consider this: for most people, one extra mortgage payment per year will pay their house off seven years sooner. That’s one extra payment for seven years of debt freedom. What are those seven years worth to you?

There are a lot of ways to earn some extra money (that don’t involve the removal of clothing or the selling of body parts). A part time job, though not necessarily glamorous, will generate reliable extra income that you can have direct deposited into an account that automatically makes a payment to a bill each month. It’s a great way to not even be tempted to spend that extra money.

Don’t have the time to work an additional job outside the home? That’s okay, neither do I!

Making Money Over the Lunch Hour

If you can write, should be your go-to site to generate extra money quickly and easily. You provide a short writing sample, then they’ll evaluate it and rate it. From there, you’ll earn based on the rating.

I’m at 4 stars and I earn about 1.4 cents/word. It doesn’t seem like much, but if you enjoy writing and can do so quickly, it adds up fast. I’ve made close to $800 since the beginning of the year. That’s a tremendous amount of money for something I do over my lunch hour a couple days a week.

It’s not going to make you rich, but once the articles are written, they become totally passive income. I’ve made about $50 from the seven articles I’ve written and I haven’t even had a chance to write or promote anything since December. That means for the three-ish hours I spent on those few articles, I’ve made $50+. There are people on there making thousands through constant writing and promotion, and you can easily do that, too.

Get Paid to Lose Weight

Are you planning to lose a few pounds any time soon? Check out DietBet! DietBet provides amazing motivation by holding you accountable for your weight loss. There are three different ways to play, depending on where you’re at with your weight loss goals. Thus far I’ve completed “lose 4% in 4 weeks”. I also plan to try for a bigger goal (10% in 6 months) very soon!

I’ve only won $34 from the two games I’ve played but still – $34 for something I wanted/needed to do anyway! Not too shabby!

I’ve also heard good things about but I have not yet personally tried it out.

*Update* – I’ve since tried out HealthyWage and I won $1,600 in December after losing 70lbs, and I’ve already got a guest post up from someone who won nearly $700 after dropping 50lbs!! Check out this HealthyWage review!

Freelance has recently become one of my favorite ways to earn extra income. I keep the site open and if I hear the “ping”, I jump on it! 15 minutes later and I’m $10 richer! is another site where you can apply for freelance jobs online. Writing, design, coding, virtual assistant work – all of these and so much more! You can pick up a variety of jobs fairly easily, with little hassle plus you are in charge of the price. The better you are, the higher you can charge, and there’s thousands of offers on the site all the time. I’ve made $150 from them so far this year and the majority of that is actually from companies approaching ME. It’s great!

As I mentioned, I’ve gone over a few of these and then some in a post on building additional income streams, but these are a few of my favorites. Just from working online, I’ve managed to make nearly $3,000 this year.

Now I’d like to know – do you rely on side income to make ends meet?

If you don’t yet work to develop any side income, why not? What’s stopping you?