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I shop at Dollar Tree a lot – maybe not as often as I shop online, but when it comes to creating a Dr. Seuss birthday or frugal Halloween party, Dollar Tree is always my one-stop shop! So let me just tell you – when I found out they were going to soon be carrying greeting cards from Hallmark, I was ECSTATIC!!

dollar tree birthday cards

Now I do want to mention that I am being compensated for this post and the links below may be affiliate links, but this in no way impacts my opinion of this awesome product release.

Dollar Tree Greeting Cards

Normally my thrifty self is all about having the kids create cards, but they’re not always in the mood to color when I want them to color (go figure, right?) So now that I can pick up adorable greeting cards from Dollar Tree, I never again have to force creativity when the kids are feeling anything but! It’s also great that I can pick up a greeting card when I want something a bit nicer (like sending a thank you note) and not have to feel guilty about spending $5 on something most people don’t actually hang onto.

dollar tree greeting cards


There are over 6,500 Dollar Tree stores nationwide and starting today (August 30th) every store will have cards from Expressions From Hallmark ($1 each) as well as cards from Heartline, which is a Hallmark company, and those will actually be TWO for $1!

Personally I kept all the cards given to my children on their first birthdays and I still love pulling them out every once in a while to reminisce. It’s nice to think that I’ll be able to pick up quality cards so others can do the same and I can do it without breaking the bank. As I looked through the cards offered, I was blown away by how great they are given the price. Another great thing about Dollar Tree is that you can even shop online so you can pick up these amazing greeting cards without having to even leave the house! I very much recommend checking out all the different cards offered and maybe buy yourself a coffee with the extra money you’ll save. 😉

Do you shop at Dollar Tree often? What’s your favorite thing there? Comment below and let me know!

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