DIY Carpet Deodorizer

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Stinky carpet got you down?

Most carpet deodorizers you buy from the store are this formula listed below (with potentially a few extra, not so-healthy, ingredients). But guess what? Those store bought ones are going to cost you 10x as much and there’s no guarantee you’ll even like the scent you’re left with!!

So check out this DIY carpet deodorizer that you can make for less than .50!!

DIY Carpet Deodorizer

Note: The essential oil linked below is exactly what I bought from Amazon. Clicking through to make a purchase may earn me a small commission, but this in no way impacts my recommendation of these products or the cost to you.

baking soda carpet deodorizer

What You Need:

  • 1 Box (16oz) Baking Soda (we get ours from Aldi for only 44 cents!)
  • Essential Oil of your choice
  • Tupperware or mason jar

For the warmer months, I love to use a lilac essential oil (lilacs are most definitely my favorite scent!) This lilac EO is the only one I’ve found that actually smells like REAL lilacs! During the cooler months, I switch it up to a nice fall harvest mix.

Not sure which essential oils to use? Check out this amazing (and affordable!) floral set from P&J Trading!

You can use any sort of tupperware to mix the carpet deodorizer. Honestly one box of baking soda covers one carpet, so it’s rare I have any leftover to be stored.

Mix 2 cups (typically one box) of baking soda with 25-30 drops of your essential oil.

If you’ve vacuumed recently, you can just apply the carpet deodorizer to your carpet. Otherwise I like to do a quick vacuum first and then apply the carpet deodorizer. Wait 1-2 hours (or overnight, if you prefer!) and then vacuum.

Your carpets will now be refreshed and smelling great!

Personally I like to do this about once a month, but it’s also great to do if we’re expecting company (like for our annual Halloween party!)

What mix of essential oils will you use for this DIY?

I’d love to know in the comments below!

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DIY Carpet Deodorizer with essential oil, trick to help your rugs be refreshed and eliminate odor!

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  1. I LOVE lavender. So relaxing. I also like citrus bliss, or lemon, orange, grapefruit, lime or lemon grass for a wake up clean smell. I would use breathe if my sinuses were clogged. ? I love eos. This is a great post and wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thanks, Christina! I’m a big fan of lavender, too, and I actually have some drying in my kitchen right now. It’s a MUST in my herb garden.

  2. I just made a fresh batch of this yesterday using a thieves “look alike”essential oil. I kept a cannister from a store bought carpet freshener and refill it with my baking soda mixture. I put the baking soda and oil in a blender and mix the oil in that way. Works terrific. I also use this in my garbage disposal to freshen it up.

    1. Ooh I love the garbage disposal idea! We tend to use just plain baking soda and then some vinegar, but I’ll definitely be mixing up more of this to use in the disposal. Great tip!!

  3. Great tip, Amber! Lavender would be another EO that would work well too. DIY is the way to go with home cleaning products.

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