Politico, known for its non-conservative stance, released a report on November 5, 2023, that casts doubt on President Joe Biden’s repeated denials of any involvement in business meetings with his son, Hunter Biden. 

Politico’s Report

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The report questions the integrity of the president’s statements amid mounting scrutiny and a Republican-led impeachment inquiry.

The information comes from various sources, including the infamous Hunter laptop and testimonies from former associates, providing a fresh perspective on this ongoing controversy.

Hunter Biden’s Controversy

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Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, has long been at the center of controversy, with allegations of business dealings that involve his father.

This report adds fuel to the fire by challenging the president’s repeated claims that he had no involvement in such matters.

Discrepancies in Biden’s Claims

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Politico’s report highlights several discrepancies in President Biden’s statements regarding his involvement in business meetings with Hunter Biden.

Despite being a news outlet with no conservative bias, Politico raised questions about the veracity of these claims.

The Hunter Laptop

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The report explicitly references an email trail from the infamous Hunter laptop, which suggests a meeting at Café Milano involving President Biden and executives from Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian gas company.

The White House has denied such an interaction, but sworn-in testimony from former Hunter business associate Devon Archer argues the meeting did take place.

White House Response

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In response to these allegations, the White House stated its stance.

A spokesperson stated, “The President was not involved in any business dealings with his son or any other family member.”

Russian Disinformation Narrative

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The report also debunked the claim that the contents of the Hunter laptop were part of a Russian disinformation campaign, a narrative that had been widely discredited.

Politico itself published a letter signed by 51 former intelligence experts who falsely claimed the laptop was part of a Russian smear campaign.

Bobulinski’s Testimony

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The report provides further information that contradicts President Biden’s assertion that he never discussed business matters with family members.

This assertion was challenged by former Hunter associate Tony Bobulinski, who claimed to have discussed Chinese business dealings with the president himself during an encounter in October 2020.

Bobulinski’s Statement

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Tony Bobulinski’s statement is crucial to this report, as he revealed, “At my approximately hour-long meeting with Joe that night, we discussed the Bidens’ history, the Bidens’ family business plans with the Chinese, with which he was plainly familiar, at least at a high level.”

Bobulinski’s Call for Investigation

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Recently, Bobulinski publicly urged President Biden to confront congressional investigations and say, under oath, that he never engaged in any discussions regarding business matters involving his family.

This call for an investigation adds significant weight to the allegations.

The Broader Implications

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The revelations in Politico’s report have broader implications for the Biden administration, as they raise questions about transparency and truthfulness in the highest office of the United States.

Public Reaction

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The report has sparked considerable public interest and discussions about accountability and the need for a thorough investigation.

Potential Legal Ramifications

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These allegations could have legal consequences, as they touch on matters of honesty and integrity, which are crucial for public trust in the government.

The Role of the Media

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The report’s findings also highlight the role of the media in challenging and questioning those in power, regardless of their political affiliation.

The Ongoing Investigation

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The allegations may further fuel the ongoing Republican-led impeachment inquiry and prompt congressional investigations.

The Path Forward

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As the controversy unfolds, it remains to be seen how President Biden and his administration will address these allegations and whether further evidence will emerge.


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Politico’s report, coming from a non-conservative source, has added a new layer of complexity to the controversy surrounding President Biden’s involvement in business meetings with Hunter Biden.

The evidence presented in the report has raised significant questions about the veracity of the president’s statements, warranting further investigation and scrutiny.

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