A fed-up mother drove Redditors to outrage after she left a bad review for her child’s daycare. The teachers just didn’t think their racist attitude deserved the backlash they got. Here is the full story.

OP has an 8-year-old daughter who spends her after-school hours in a local daycare.

Things were mostly fine as far as OP could tell, until the weather warmed up and the kids started spending more time outdoors.

Black Children Forced to Sit in the Sun Unprotected

Since it was getting hot and sunny, the school provided the kids with sunscreen. But when OP’s daughter asked for some the teachers told her no.

It seems the sunscreen was only for the white kids. The teachers told OP’s daughter that since she was black, she wouldn’t get sunburned.

And then there was the time the daycare went on a field trip. The adults had the black kids sit in the sun but pulled the white kids into the shade so their skin wouldn’t be damaged.

Mother Searches for a Solution

All of that outraged OP, but she decided to try and work through it rather than cause a big scene. So OP went to her daughter’s daycare to talk to the teachers. They said that black people didn’t need sunscreen, but they offered a compromise.

The adults running the daycare told OP they’d let her daughter use sunscreen at school if she had a doctor’s note for it.

So OP got some sunscreen and a doctor’s note and sent them to school with her daughter. She told the girl to use the sunscreen when she went outside.

OP also told her daughter to share the sunscreen with other kids who didn’t have any. But when OP’s daughter tried to share her sunscreen, a teacher took it from her and said she didn’t have permission from the other parents or the school.

Child Becomes Sunburned

So, naturally, with no sunscreen but plenty of direct exposure to sunlight, OP’s daughter eventually got sunburned. She came home with red and peeling skin.

That’s when OP had reached her limit, so she posted a review of the daycare on Yelp. In that review, OP said that the daycare caused her daughter to get sunburned because they were racist. And she also said they had increased her girl’s chances of getting skin cancer.

Ignorant or Racist?

Then OP sent articles to the head administrator of the daycare, explaining how black people can get both sunburned and skin cancer if they don’t use the proper protection.

OP also sent the names of the teachers who had been harassing her daughter instead of protecting her. But the administrator didn’t want to hear anything OP had to say and told her that the teachers were just following orders.

The other woman also repeated to OP that black people have more protection from the sun than white people, so there was no need for her daughter to use sunscreen.

Will Media Exposure Help?

Now, OP is furious with the school, and she’s considering going to the local media with her story. Redditors overwhelmingly agree with OP and think everyone at the school is out of line and acting in a racist manner.

Many commenters say OP should definitely go to the media to expose these awful behaviors, and several urge her to find other arrangements for her daughter.

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