The Florida Republican Party’s Freedom Summit was held in the Sunshine State on Saturday, and Chris Christie was met with jeers when he took the stage to address attendees.

GOP Candidates File for Florida Primary

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Chris Christie and his fellow Republican presidential candidates were in Florida this week to file for the 2024 presidential primary in Florida. Each candidate then took an opportunity to address the crowd.

Christie Met With Boos From Crowd

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Former President Donald Trump seemed to have attracted the highest number of supporters, but Chris Christie was met with disappointment when he approached the microphone.

Crowd’s Boos “Will Not Solve One Problem,” Christie Says

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“Now look, every one of those boos, every one of those cat calls, every one of those yells will not solve one problem we face in this country,” Christie told the upset crowd.

Christie Scolds Audience

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“Your anger against the truth is reprehensible,” he said.

Former Governor Says He Is Unbothered

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Attempting to convince the crowd to at least hear him out, Christie told the audience that their disdain did not concern him.

“Let Me Make My Awful Arguments”

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“If your arguments are so great and mine are so bad, then just keep quiet. Let me make my awful arguments and then you can just reject them out of hand,” Christie told the raucous crowd.

“The Problem Is, You Fear the Truth”

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“The problem is, you fear the truth. You want to shout down any voice that says anything different than what you want to hear,” he said. “You can continue to do it and believe me, it doesn’t bother me one bit.”

Loomis Takes Aim at Christie

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Laura Loomer, a Trump supporter and far-right political activist, came for Christie after his speech, hurling insults and choice words at the former governor. 

“You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself”

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“You should be ashamed of yourself, supporting the weaponization of government,” Loomer said.

Christie Snaps Back at Loomis

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After ignoring most of her comments, Christie told Loomer that it was one of the “proudest moments of my career…to be opposed by someone like you.” 

Loomis Is Trump’s “Looney Tune Social Media Attack Dog,” According to Christie

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Christie later took to X to post about the encounter, calling out former president Donald trump in the process.

“[Trump] is too scared to face me like a man, so he sent his looney tune social media attack dog after me. She told me I should die of a heart attack,” Christie said in his post.

Trump Jokes at Christie’s Expense

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Trump did not respond on X, but he did address the event during his own speech at the summit. 

“I Heard They Booed Christie”

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“I heard they booed Christie off the stage today, is that true?” he asked the crowd.

He went on to suggest that Christie is only running for president because Trump “didn’t give him a job in the administration.” Christie has previously said he rejected offers to join the Trump administration.

Trump Points to Polls to Show He Is Not Worried

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Trump seemed largely unconcerned with Christie’s candidacy, looking at the latter’s polling numbers and telling his supporters that he is skipping the upcoming GOP debate because he has a landslide lead over the other candidates.

“Why Would You Debate People?” Trump Asks

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“I mean, they are professional politicians, why would you debate people when you have a 55, 60, 62-point lead?” Trump also opted out of the last two debates.

Crowd Goes Wild for Trump

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While on stage, Trump said he had a 75-point lead in Florida, and his remarks were met with chants of “Trump” by his supporters

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