Less Stuff, More Life

Stuff steals your joy and suffocates your life. Do you believe this? I do. I’m on a mission to become weird. Dave Ramsey says, “Don’t be broke. Be Weird”. He…

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How to Overcome Indecisiveness

Indecisiveness is a beast, isn’t it? I don’t know about you, but I definitely sometimes struggle with making decisions! Like you KNOW what you’re SUPPOSED to do, but not exactly how you go about doing it? Sure it’s easy to say you need to lose a few pounds, but then there’s a chocolate cake sitting in the break room and you’re in a bad mood and….mfftmmf….(that’s me eating cake. We all struggle!)

So today, we’ve got the lovely Amy Shefik from The Fierce Flamingo to talk to us about making decisions and how to tackle the sometimes overwhelming route that takes us from good to better.


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