How to Make Money Using Ebates

How to Make Money Using Ebates

Looking for the best ways to earn cashback with Ebates? Look no further! Ebates is by far and away one of the best ways to make money, especially if you shop online like I do!

I mean seriously – how great is it that you can get money for doing something as fun as shopping? And sometimes – when done well – you can even MAKE money using Ebates (especially on Black Friday, when I was basically paid $5 to buy a crockpot, griddle, and waffle iron from Kohl’s!)

How to Make More Money with Ebates

How to earn even more money with ebates and get the cashback you deserve

Disclosure: This post contain a referral link, which means I’ll be receive a monetary bonus should you choose to sign up. For more information on my policies and disclosures, visit this page.

What is Ebates?

Ebates is a site that allows you to earn cash back if you click through their links before shopping. Even better, they’ve recently added an “in-store” option! The best part is that you don’t have to do anything special, you just click through and shop like you normally would.

Does Ebates Cost Anything?

Not a dime. Ebates costs you NOTHING and I can’t think of a single reason why anyone would hesitate to sign up with them.

How Does Ebates Work?

First, create an account by clicking HERE! By signing up through this link, you’ll earn an automatic $10 after your first $25+ shopping trip – not bad for 30 seconds of work, right?

And if you are living an EXTREMELY thrifty lifestyle, unable to make a $25 online shopping trip, make sure you check out these posts:

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How to Make Money Through Ebates

Obviously, if you plan to do some shopping online, go to Ebates first to see if that store is a part of their program. You should also keep an eye out for times when Ebates is offering extra cash back to your favorite stores – they did 16% back at JcPenneys recently!!

Coupon Codes with Ebates

Another great thing about Ebates is that you can combine the cash back you’re earning with any coupons available. They even have coupon codes right there for you – no need to hunt down a mailer you got or sift through e-mails. It’s especially easy if you’re using the Ebates mobile app!

Pick Up In-Store with Ebates

Something else you can do to make even more money back is to choose to “pick up in-store” while still shopping online. I do this all the time whenever I need stuff from Lowes! Not only do I then earn cash back through Ebates, but I can pick up my stuff quickly, rather than having to walk through the store to grab it all myself and risk buying additional stuff I didn’t actually need.

Using Gift Cards through Ebates

If you’re planning to do a lot of shopping, this is my top tip (it’s the best way to save during the holiday season!)

If you know ahead of time that you’ll be shopping at a certain retailer, be on the lookout for discounted gift cards through sites like Even if you don’t do a lot of online shopping, be sure to check out – if you know you spend money on a regular basis somewhere (like a certain gas station!), why not buy gift cards for yourself and save even more?

For example, I recently purchased a $50 Sears Gift Card for $41.90. Then I made a purchase through Ebates for $53, using mainly that gift card and earning myself a nice $4.24 back. So instead of spending the full $53, I’m actually only looking at a total deficit of $37.66. Pretty sweet, right?

How to Make Even MORE Money Through Ebates

First, make sure you’ve got the Ebates extension downloaded for your browser! Just check out the bottom of the Ebates homepage to download. This way you don’t even have to worry about going through Ebates first when you’re browsing your favorite shopping site – seriously, could it get any easier to make money with this?

How to make money with Ebates, make money easily, work from home, make money shopping

Also, if you can behave when using credit cards, another “must do” with Ebates is to have the Ebates Cash Back Credit Card. Just check out the footer on the Ebates homepage for more information, but basically it allows you to earn even MORE cash back (typically an additional 3%). So in my above gift card example, if I used my Ebates card, I could’ve only spent $36.07 on a $53 purchase. LOVE IT!

Finally, you can of course refer your friends to Ebates. By just referring THREE friends, you can earn $75! How awesome is that?

How to make money with Ebates, make money easily, work from home, make money shopping

At the time of writing this post (November 2017), I’ve earned $134 and counting. That’s over a week’s worth of food for my family! All thanks to Ebates and all in exchange for my doing something I would’ve done otherwise.

[Oct 2018 Update: I’ve now earned back well over $1,000!!]

Don’t forget to use my link if you want that extra $10 back on your first purchase!

Have YOU signed up for Ebates yet?

A Very Merry Christmas Indeed!

A Very Merry Christmas Indeed!

Can you feel it? The magic stirring in the air?

There’s something about this time of year – whether you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or just “National Cookie Day” (it’s December 4th, if you’re wondering) – there’s a certain glow that comes with December.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I will earn a set commission should you click through and make a purchase. This in no way impacts the cost to you or my recommendation of this bundle, as it is one I’ve purchased myself!

Part of that glow may be the post-Black Friday/Cyber Weekend sales. Heh I’ll admit it, I *DO* love the sales that come with this time of year. And just because Cyber Weekend is over, doesn’t mean the sales are!!

Unfortunately this sale is now over, but you CAN sign up to become an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles yourself and be the first to know when the next amazing bundle is released! Sign up here!


Six Great Ways to Develop Better Money Habits

Six Great Ways to Develop Better Money Habits

Ideas to save more money can vary from worm-farming to meal planning (though hopefully not at the same time!)

Living a frugal lifestyle doesn’t mean just making a budget, doing your best to stick to it, and calling it a day. There are many different components to living life on a budget and today I bring you my top six ways to save in 2017!

Disclosure: The links in this post contain referral links and I may receive a small bonus at no cost to you if you sign up through my link. My affiliations in no way affect my suggestions or recommendations.

Mind Your ‘Motions

Have to put down $300 in car repairs? Bet that makes your stomach churn.

Are you someone who LOVES to buy Christmas presents for others? Does just the thought make you giddy?

Perhaps you’re like me and you’re okay with not having cable…until The Walking Dead starts and you want to cry because you already cut the cord.

Spending money, no matter the amount, is always an emotional process to some degree, so be mindful of that whenever it comes time to make a purchase – big or small. With big purchases, though…

Maintain the 24-Hour Rule

Making a big purchase is a big decision; for my family, a big purchase is anything over $100, for your family that range may vary. Regardless, whenever considering a big purchase or investment, ALWAYS (and I mean ALWAYS!!) wait at least 24-hours (not doing so is how I made a $2,200 mistake!) While scarcity is sometimes a genuine factor in purchasing, it’s more often than not a sales tactic above all else. And speaking of sales tactics…

A Sale is Still Spending Money

Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming and while there are certain great opportunities to be had to save money (especially if you shop online as much as I do!), there are also innumerable opportunities to spend money you wouldn’t otherwise. Don’t waste time scouring the ads and allow yourself to be sucked into all the “amazing” sales. Use this as motivation to declutter your house and take stock of what you actually need versus what you want. Make a list and STICK TO IT.

Ideas to Easily Save More Money

tricks to save more money

Cash Only Rule

Another thing to stick to is a “cash only” rule. It quickly becomes SO easy to swipe your card and forget you have a budget to follow.

For example, a friend of mine recently signed up for a Discover It Card and if you’ve read some of my other posts, you know that I’m actually a HUGE fan of Discover and the perks they offer, but only if you use it properly. Well…she didn’t. She got lost in the idea of them offering “double cash back” and ohmygoodness yay “extra” money. Then she got her first bill and realized she’d spent nearly TWICE what she normally does on groceries. Eeks!!

So if you’re like her and struggle to maintain a budget when using plastic, switch to cash only. Not only will it help to ensure you stick to your budget, but the physical act of having to hand over cash will make you think twice about whether or not you actually want to spend it.

Want vs. Need

At this moment, I want a warm piece of buttery toast (can you hear my stomach growling from there?) However, what I need is to win my HealthyWage challenge next month and get nearly $1,600 for losing 60lbs in 6 months.

Ok, so maybe you don’t have quite that drastic of comparison when it comes to weighing something as being a want or a need (though clearly you don’t quite understand my love for bread…)

Win money for losing weight

Regardless, if you train yourself to consider all options as being wants vs needs, you’ll quickly learn to keep yourself from spending money frivolously.  A “want” is something that will fulfill your desire for instant gratification; a “need” is something that will ensure you have the ability to go about your daily life.

(*UPDATE* – I won!!)

Get paid to lose weight with HealthyWage

And honestly, sometimes wants can become needs, provided you’re factoring in other components, such as your time…

Make Cents of Time

No, that’s not a misspelling (I was an English major, I promise I usually know how to spell ;-))

I truly mean making CENTS of time. Now we all know that time is money, money is time, but how often do you REALLY take into consideration what your time is worth?

For example, when I first saw this hair straightener for sale, I was hesitant – I didn’t NEED a hair straightener, but if it could save me 30+ minutes any time I wanted to fix my hair, was it worth it? (Heh the answer was YES!! Yes yes yes! Have you read about it yet?)

Some other examples:

Is saving $.05/gallon on gas REALLY worth driving 20 minutes across town to get it? (Probably not.)

Is spending an hour each evening making money online versus watching TV worth it? (Probably so.)

Is hosting a lovely Thanksgiving Day get together for family worth the stress of a crowded, messy house? (Ehhh, maybe if you follow this “cheatsheet”…)

Now I’m not saying that every action you take requires you to stop and think “Is this worth my time?” But again, the better you make this a habit, the easier it’ll be to evaluate.

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Lastly, circling back to emotions now, it’s also important to factor in influences beyond time when it comes to money – will this bring you joy? Or stress? What are giving up or gaining by taking this action?

Living a frugal lifestyle doesn’t mean just minding your cash flow. There are many factors that come into play when you’re living life on a budget and in the end, time always trumps dollars. Heh that’s why I choose to only work 3 days/week 😉

Would you rather – work three 8-hr days/week and make $5k/month OR work five 10-hr days/week and make $15k/month? Comment below and let me know!


Frighteningly Frugal Tales

Frighteningly Frugal Tales

As a thrifty person, I do everything I can to avoid spending money on things that I find superfluous. Well, ok, maybe not everything…

I make meticulous grocery lists that involve buying meat or vegetables on sale and freezing them. I utilize Facebook resale pages to get the most out of each dollar, particularly when it comes to kids’ clothes, and I haven’t had cable for years now, a feat I give credit to both Hulu, and a lack of time to actually watch shows (also called having children).

With Halloween fast-approaching, perhaps it’s time we examined some of the most hair-raising ways that people have been known to save money.

Frightening Tales of Frugality

Now some of those might sound a bit extreme to certain people, particularly if you’re not a spendaphobe like me, and that’s fine. We all find our way in our own terms. That said, there’s a handful of extreme cases of frugality that I cannot personally subscribe to, no matter how useful they might be.

Be warned: this is a course in fringe-frugality; in penny-pinching taken to extremes that would make Scrooge McDuck rethink his ways; in getting blood from a stone and being frustrated there wasn’t more.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Nightmare on Reusing Paper Towels Over and Over Street

This was a story I’d heard a few years ago, on one of those shows like “I’m a Cheapskate” or something similar. A couple, in addition to more practical ways of saving money, had taken to using a paper towel and then carefully “washing” it, and hanging it up to dry in their kitchen. They had little clothes lines running across their sink and over their stove, covered in ghostly white(ish) sheets of paper towels, drying to be used again and again until, having haunted this life well past their deaths, they disintegrated.

I love a good ghost story, but my gosh. GOSH.

The Blob in the Drawer

A story so foul, it’s illegal in ten states (so if you’re in Ohio or any of the Eastern states, click away now!). This one comes to us from the terror that is dorm life in college. It goes that a young man, determined to save as much money as possible, went out and calculated how much money he’d need to spend to have enough porridge for a semester, eating it morning, noon, and night. He then went out, bought enough raw ingredients to make a massive amount, and filled one of his drawers in his dresser with it. He let it dry, cutting pieces to eat as he went along and felt hungry. Not only is this terror story bland and tasteless, but it harbors the hidden scourge of scurvy! The young man fell victim to the lack of vitamin C (or A, or B, or…any others) in his filling-yet-nutritionally-light meals, narrowly avoiding a brush with the hereafter!

spooky stories on saving money

The Indentured Dentist of Dartmouth

A young man, owing to his desire to avoid paying taxes on his income, avoided a job that paid above board, and for a time, it suited him. As the years went on, however, his tax-free cooking job came with a price; his teeth began to rot from years of neglect. With no insurance to speak of, and with the threat of professional dentistry threatening to wipe out his hard-earned savings from years of fringe-living, he did the only thing he could think of and pulled his own tooth. On cold winter nights on the moors of wherevertherearemoors, you can still hear him moaning “taxation is theft!” only with a weird slur because his mouth is horribly infected. HORROR!

Clinking in the Darkness

There once was a man (or probably many) who, upon realizing that a penny from 1909 to 1982 was made of copper worth more than the face-value of the coin itself, sought out to gather them all to his lair. Glowering in the darkness, with water jugs full of heavy, smelly coins, he waits for the day that the United States government allows the pennies to be legally destroyed, for on that day, he will have roughly twice as much money as the pennies themselves currently represent, assuming that day ever comes and that copper retains or increases in value.

The Cloth Wipes Twice

Mark Pettigro met his girlfriend on a frugal living dating service: They fell in love instantly, and eventually she wanted him to meet her family. Mark gladly went to their home, and after a dinner, he excused himself to use the restroom. Upon completion of his tasks in the bathroom, he went to find toilet paper, only to realize that where there SHOULD be a roll of paper of varying thickness and softness, instead was simply a towel, of various colors, none of which it started out with. Horrified, he thought perhaps he was simply overlooking it, and he frantically searched, but to no avail. With a creeping, desperate horror, the realization swept over him; these were people who used cloth instead of toilet paper. His descent into madness was swift and horrible, and he was never heard from again. At least, as far as his girlfriend knows – he still goes to work and stuff, but now has a crushing phobia of running out of TP.

What do you think? Urban legends or frightful reality?

If you’re just starting out on a path to thrifty living, don’t fear these stories – let me help guide you past the ghouls and goblins of debt and wasting time, to the light of debt-free living and financial security with this free guide of 15 ways to make $50!

Give Me That Guide!



Gimme Those Groupon Goods!

Gimme Those Groupon Goods!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine and truthful.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am a HUGE fan of Groupon – like sometimes I need to check myself, so I don’t spend more than I should.

Not only is Groupon amazing when it comes to saving money on deals and coupon codes, but goods in general – YES, please.

Now I’ll be honest, I typically do most of my online shopping on Amazon, but ever since I discovered Groupon Goods, I’ve been hooked on browsing through their amazing deals.

As I hope you know, I’m big on cooking meals that then last for days so when I saw a huge glass tupperware set on Groupon Goods for only $24.99, you know I was hitting “add to cart” faster than you can blink.

And when I saw solar-powered decorative lights for only $9.99 – oh my goodness, yes. We have ZERO outlets outside, which makes for a difficult time when it comes to holiday decorating, so I’m constantly stocking up on solar-powered lights.

Groupon Goods - Save money shopping via Groupon!

Honest-to-goodness, I’ve already made two separate purchases via Groupon Goods today and I’m forcing myself to stop there, as difficult as it may be. If you’ve yet to check them out, get there NOW.

Where is your favorite place to shop online?