The current and former presidents both shared very different posts for Veterans Day, with Trump’s post causing an outcry. Here’s the full story.

Divergent Messages

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On November 11, a day dedicated to honoring veterans, President Joe Biden and Donald Trump conveyed divergent messages through social media.

Traditionally known as Armistice Day, this date marks the end of World War I in 1918. 

“Sacred Obligation”

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President Biden shared a message emphasizing the importance of acknowledging veterans and their role in shaping the nation.

He urged the country to recommit to its “sacred obligation” of preparing those sent into harm’s way and providing care for them and their families upon their return. 

“Light of Liberty”

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Addressing a gathering at Arlington National Cemetery, he paid tribute to those who have consistently safeguarded the “light of liberty” globally, expressing profound respect for those who risked everything for a better future. 

“No Higher Honor”

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“As commander in chief, I have no higher honor. As the father of a son who served, I have no greater privilege,” Biden remarked. 

“Selfless Act”

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In contrast, Donald Trump marked Veterans Day with gratitude for veterans’ service, hailing it as a “selfless act” in defense of America’s freedoms and liberty. 

Polarizing Turn

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However, his subsequent social media post took a more polarizing turn, vowing to “root out communists, Marxists, fascists, and radical left thugs” within the country. 

Rhetoric Reminiscent of Historical Figures

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This message ignited controversy, with some likening it to rhetoric reminiscent of historical dictators.

Expanding Immigration Crackdowns

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Some online accused Trump of casually channeling past dictators, particularly concerning reports that Trump might expand immigration crackdowns to include large-scale detainment camps. 

Nuances of Mein Kampf

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Journalist Bill Grueskin remarked that Trump’s message was for readers who couldn’t grasp the “subtle nuances” of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. 

“Enemies Within”

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Journalist Prem Thakker associated Trump’s words with Hitler’s targeting of communists and Jews as “enemies within.” 

Remind You of Anyone?

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Presidential historian Michael Beschloss drew attention to the historical echoes, asking if Trump’s rhetoric reminded people of any earlier figures. 


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Trump’s spokesperson, Steven Cheung, dismissed these claims as “disgusting” and labeled those making such allegations as “racist and despicable.” 

Past Statements Uncovered

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The Biden campaign also referenced past statements attributed to Trump, criticizing his alleged disparagement of veterans and soldiers killed in action. 

Respect Required to Lead

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Biden emphasized the importance of respecting the troops to effectively lead them, implicitly contrasting his approach with what he perceived as a lack of respect from Trump. 

“Looking for Votes”

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The contrasting Veteran’s Day messages from the current and former presidents led to an outcry online.

One user commented, “It’s funny that before this year Trump called veterans and others, even those who lost their lives in service to America, a bunch of losers. Now that he just might not win he’s praising them. My guess is he’s looking for votes.”

“So Disrespectful”

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Other users pointed out that Trump has caused controversy on this issue before, with one widely shared post stating, “Remember when he showed up late for the ceremony at Arlington Cemetery? It was so disrespectful.”

“He Is a Disgrace”

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Another user was more scathing with their criticism of the former president, posting, “Trump is a man who avoided military service at all costs. He is a disgrace to the American way of life and to Veterans in my opinion.”

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