Hey, Moms! So we’ve talked before about how to make money as a stay-at-home parent, but have you ever wanted to take it a step further? Have you ever wanted to launch your own company, but the thought of balancing it all as a mompreneur seems rather…well…insane? Good news! Today we’ve got the ever-so-wonderful Emma Bates to talk to us about exactly how she does it (and how you can do it, too!)

How to Become a Mompreneur

Making the decision to start your own business is a big one. I am a firm believer that anyone with a “passion” and a “why” can start their own business. Moms (and parents in general) have the best “why” of all: to stay home with their children!

Starting your own business can seem overwhelming but is actually a great way to control your time, workload and income. There are so many different types of businesses you can start, a completely online business like a blog, create a craft product, watch children, or become a virtual assistant.

Why is passion important?

You could start any type of business you can imagine but if you don’t have passion it will fail. Why? Because you will find any excuse to avoid working!

Passion is what will make you work at nap time and after the kids go to bed. It will push you to complete a project when the rest of your family is playing outside or watching a movie together. Passion is not only wanting your business to succeed but a need to do what it takes to get there.

If you need some help figuring out what you are passionate about ask yourself four questions.

  1. What am I good at?
  2. What do I enjoy doing?
  3. What do others ask me for advice about?
  4. What makes me happy?

Take some time to make a list of a few answers to each question and see where you have overlaps. The final piece you have to consider is what kind of business will fit in with your family’s life. Figure out when you will have consistent time to work and how each type of business will fit in with that.

Focus on your why

I encourage you to write down what you are working for with this business. Sit down with a paper and pencil or make a poster or vision board, something that you can read over and over again. Write down a list of reasons or a paragraph about how this business could improve your life.

You might talk about your spouse or children, how you will feel when you are a business owner, who this business might help or what the money you earn will mean for your family. Take your time on this and really think about what owning your own business will mean for you.

Find a place to post this where you will see it everyday. On your bathroom mirror, on your fridge, or above your desk. This will keep your reasons in your mind all the time and help you focus on what is important about this work.

What’s next?

You have figured out what you are passionate about and why starting your own business matters so now what? How do you actually go about getting this business off the ground?

You will need to create a brand. This includes choosing a name, creating a moodboard and logo, figuring out who your customer is and how you can reach them. You will need to set aside a block of time to plan all this out. Try to find a few kid free hours when you are rested and ready to focus.

Start a bullet journal for your business. Start brainstorming about your business. Create a customer profile page with information about who will buy your product or service. Keep track of resources and connections.

It is so helpful to have all this information in one place that is easy to grab and take with you. I find myself having ideas in the strangest places and love being able to pull out my bullet journal and make a note on the appropriate page.

If you could run any sort of online business, what would YOU build?

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