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Our backyard had a mosquito problem, and that’s putting it mildly. When we moved into our house, I had never experienced Tiger mosquitoes, but let me tell you, they’re the worst thing in existence that has wings. They’re huge, their bites actually hurt, they’re day time feeders, and they can get you through denim.

We had always tried to use natural ways to keep the mosquitoes away, but after two summers of extreme levels of buzzing bugs, we finally caved. I wanted to find a way to deal with the mosquitoes that:

  • Didn’t use poison
  • Wouldn’t harm other bugs
  • Would be safe for our kids and pets

In searching for a solution, I found the Ambush Mosquito Trap and decided to give it a try, and I’m pretty happy we did.

Does the Ambush Mosquito Trap Work?

Ambush mosquito trap

I grew up with one of those weird electric bug zapper things hanging on our porch, and I always felt like it killed more good bugs than mosquitoes. That always bothered me, and when I got older, I realized it’s because mosquitoes aren’t all drawn to light the way other bugs are – they want to be near CO2 more than anything. When you’re outside and you’re hot, you exhale a lot of CO2, and female mosquitoes hone in on that to get their dinner.

How does it work?

So since mosquitoes use carbon dioxide to find humans, the Ambush Trap sends a cloud of it up and around the trap. This draws mosquitoes towards it, and a fan inside sucks them in to die. Additionally, the Trap is dark-colored and warmed, both of which also attract the busy, buzzing pests. There’s also sticky paper to ensure that the mosquitoes can’t get out once they’re in the trap.

The trap itself has an attached carbon dioxide booster that provides enough initial fuel for 3 weeks of functioning. You simply need to plug it in and let it run – it catches the mosquitoes automatically. We found an unsettling amount of mosquitoes after only one night of operating, and for a few weeks after that.

Is the Ambush Mosquito Trap effective?

Our experience with the Ambush Trap was extremely positive. We caught a lot of mosquitoes the first few weeks, and then there was a drop-off. The company states that the mosquito breeding cycle takes about 3 weeks to break if you’re targeting the females, and that seems on-par with what we experienced.

Playing outdoors was actually fun again, and of course, we still had a few random bites here and there, but it was nothing like before. It was so bad before we bought the Ambush Mosquito Trap that we could barely be outside for more than 10 minutes at a time or risk being bitten all over.

In my opinion, the Ambush Mosquito Trap works very well at trapping and reducing the number of mosquitoes in our yard. Of course, we take extra mosquito-control steps, such as:

  • Keeping the yard cut weekly (or more, if it’s rainy)
  • Ensuring there is no standing water around (they can breed in as little as 1 inch of water, so clean up your yard!)
  • Landscaping with lemongrass and other mosquito-repellant plants

You haven’t experienced true freedom from Mosquitoes until you have tried the Ambush Mosquito Trap. I have never had so few mosquitoes around my backyard and it’s truly been a summertime game-changer. They also offer free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re interested in ordering one, you can save 10% with my custom code AMBUSHAMBER.

If you hate mosquitoes as much as I do, and you want to take your yard back without poisoning your lawn, the Ambush Mosquito Trap is a good bet.